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Top 10 Best Music Mat For Toddlers Reviews in 2021

Music Mat For Toddlers

Floor pianos, piano mats, or music mats for toddlers may be a lot of fun because they allow toddlers to jump and dance while making music.

Piano mats have been very popular over the past decade, to the point that arcade games have been created to fulfill the demand of enthusiastic children trying to demonstrate their dancing skills.

This floor piano mat is designed for toddlers and younger children to encourage them to let go, lose their inhibitions, learn about music, and have fun!

The Best Music Mat For Toddlers

1. MOZOOSON Music Mat Toy for Kids Toddlers Age 1-8 Years Old

MOZOOSON Music Mat Toy for Kids Toddlers Age 1-8 Years Old

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  • Get your baby started with this rewarding musical toy. Through the support of vision and hearing, Mozooson Melody Mat helps move along child’s development for physical and non-physical aspects. As a result, it is an excellent way to have fun while providing good stimulation for the babies who are about 1-8 years old. Every mat comes with vibrant colors that make any room come alive in awe – desirable not only for kids to enjoy but adults as well!
  • This toddler dance mat comes with 8 special instrument sounds, 19 keys of play, five unique modes for unlimited creativity, and it even doubles as a typing pad! The durable design is built for hours in motion and will keep kids entertained from day one. It’s perfect for parent-child bonding as well as independent playtime.
  • The mat includes 10 demos, but also features vigorous lights and the joy of catchy music. This soft mat is shaped like a keyboard so kids can see their fingers on the keys and it even touts intelligent energy outlets.
  • Whether you’re traveling or at home, the Mozooson is perfect for keeping your kiddo happily entertained. They’ll love playing on this one-of-a-kind musical mat made from high quality materials that are safe to chew on so they can have an endless supply of new sounds to explore. With 4 different voice modes designed for training ears and hands alike – it’s also ideal for helping foster creativity in childhood development!

2. LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Mat

LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Mat 

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  • Introduce your toddler to the world of music with this innovative and interactive vinyl mat. The Learn & Groove Musical Mat features several play modes in which children can identify numbers, assert claps & beats, dance among new friends like Sir Ding-aLing Dog or swing past the cyber bunny!
  • This toy encourages toddlers to get up and move as they learn through song. With dozens of phrases and songs that will never sound the same way twice, these musical mats are designed for a changing mind–and is completely compatible with other Leapfrog learning toys.
  • With two measuring boards for each player, you can teach them numbers as well as musical tools and the names of different animals while having a creative time! Does your child’s hops get a little too close to that other mat? No problem!
  • The distance estimation on the board will show whether they are dangerously close according to safety standards so you always have peace of mind. When it comes to song time, there are nine children’s songs in all and one more for free play – even if they’re not feeling game enough just yet. Clear instructions make it possible for kids to learn movements like samba steps without any pressure

3. Zoordo Toddler Dance Mat

Zoordo Musical Mat for kids

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  • With an on/off switch and battery compartment, the Zoordo Musical Mat for kids is a great learning instrument for your little one. This mat plays different sounds depending on where you press the button or how close to the surface you are standing. Children playing with this mat can either explore modes by pressing different buttons or measure distances from one side of the mat to another.
  • When children want to stop exploring, it automatically shuts off after two minutes without a child touching it- achieving energy efficiency! With this bright musical mat, children can learn about animals with all sorts of props: when they push any button on their map will cause that critter sound to play in addition to creating other cool piano effects- such as silly fruits we know kids
  • This big size infant favorites musical toys could touch and measure on has music sounds to reward the child’s movements. The wide-open mat allows children to head into it as well as fondle admiringly. For babies learning how to crawl, this will provide them with an excellent way of strengthening their hands, toes, feet coordination abilities through lap and footstep inspires crawl position build up!

4. Renfox Kids Musical Mats For Baby Girls Boys

Renfox Kids Musical Mats For Baby Girls Boys

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  • Renfox Kids Musical Mats are versatile and will offer your baby hours of joy, entertaining their sense with 9 black keys, 8 instrumental sounds, 5 different styles to choose from. No matter which pattern you pick the result is something so magical. The toys in a doll house seemed appealing before but now they’re impossible to resist for any child who loves music and wants to explore every sound and melody.
  • The mattresses stimulate children’s natural kicking movements, a great way for them to learn by listening and touching each button. Let them enjoy as it they were playing an actual piano or a synthesizer keyboard while developing their motor skills.
  • The mat is non-toxic and it’s easy to wash your baby with it if they happen to spill milk on it, leaving you worry free about accidents. It also has an on/off switch below in the left corner of the scoreboard so you can selectively turn off this instrument when not in use or when playtime is over. You can adjust volumes by simply adjusting a volume knob as well!
  • You don’t have to worry about packing the entire toy box for a long vacation, because this portable toddler dance mat is small enough to stuff in any suitcase. Your kids will love not only playing with it during that hot summer break, but also when school’s back in session! Mix lots of colors and shapes on the keyboard and see what they can create!

5. Kidzlane Floor Piano Mat: Jumbo 6 Foot Musical Keyboard Playmat For Toddlers And Kids

Kidzlane Floor Piano Mat: Jumbo 6 Foot Musical Keyboard Playmat For Toddlers And Kids

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  • Get in on the piano action with Kidzlane’s Floor Piano Mat. Designed for 3 year olds and up, this innovative playmat has 10 built-in classical tunes that are designed to play when you press your toes down on its colorful notes.
  • The Floor Piano Mat is also equipped with 8 different sound settings to help children learn about popular instrument types like drums or xylophones. With interactive cards of instruments, they can explore every type as much as they want! By integrating music into their daily childhood activities, children will naturally begin playing piano at an early age — without even realizing it!
  • The Kidzlane Floor Piano Mat is the perfect gift for any boy or girl who loves music. It’s super soft, so even if they fall off the edge they won’t get hurt. This toy doesn’t need batteries which makes it a great stocking stuffer. The mat measures about 32 inches by 48 inches so it’s big enough to be shared with friends!
  • Made out of high-quality material and supremely easy to clean, this children floor piano mat is bound to make playtime sparkle more than ever before!

6. Kidzlane Durable Piano Mat, 10 Selectable Sounds, Play and Record, for Kids 2 to 5

Kidzlane Durable Piano Mat, 10 Selectable Sounds, Play and Record, for Kids 2 to 5

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  • The Kidzlane Durable Piano Mat provides hours of creative, imaginative playtime in music-filled fun. No batteries needed! Kids can pick a sound and get down to business practicing scales, chords and songs all on their own piano mat.
  • We hate the hassle of losing pieces and missing keys so this versatile piano has 10 selectable musical instrument sounds for lots of song time entertainment possibilities.
  • This durable toy stands up to thrashing around from kids, travels well with it’s lightweight size, toddlers will arrive at concert ready when they take this easy going light weight baby along for the ride.
  • The auto shut off feature ensures peace at home since tired little fingers don’t have to remember any more which buttons turn off the noise while mommy tries desperately

7. Vimpro Musical Piano Mat For Kids Toddler Girls Boys

Vimpro Musical Piano Mat For Kids Toddler Girls Boys

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  • This musical mat is perfect for kids to learn how to dance with an easy-to-use musical piano. You can detachable the soft non woven cloth onto any surface and it’s foldable, which is a compact size. Easy packing when traveling or at home in your child’s playroom or makeshift music room!
  • No fall possibility as well! Just watch little ones make their steps upon this amazing mat. Joyful memories captured on multiple surfaces – Any parent would love the ability to share their children’s first few steps with family and friends without having them travel long distances across country borders.
  • It provides 8 different tools to enjoyable and educate your child (8 star keys are for musical instruments such as violin, piano accordion, horn coke bottle) with accompanying music tones. Your children will be in pleasure the whole day and have an chance to amass knowledge through sound understanding!
  • The Vimpro Musical Piano Mat is the perfect children’s toy for learning about colours and piano keys. With a mobile mat that transforms from black and white into ten brightly coloured squares, kids are able to identify colours and simultaneously explore pre-school skills of hand-foot coordination all while having fun.
  • The Vimpro Audio Piano Mat has been specifically designed to help with child development, such as mind power, memory, confidence, patience, socially among others. Our audio toy also boosts imagination by encouraging creativity!

8. Magicfun Kids Musical Mat For Kids Toddler Girls Boys

Magicfun Kids Musical Mat For Kids Toddler Girls Boys

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  • The Magicfun Kids Musical Mat is a great way to provide your baby with entertainment while also teaching them about the sounds of instruments and encouraging creativity with imaginative play.
  • The mat includes 10 piano function keys, 5 distinct play modes, 8 special tools sounds such as piano, violin, accordion, horn, xylophone, saxophone, guitar and flute. Let imagination run wild! A perfect gift for kids’ birthday or Christmas.
  • A high quality flooring keyboard mat made from soft cloth that’s sensitive to touch. Providing many different ways for children to develop their musical skills while giving enjoyable time in playing.
  • The Magicfun Kids Musical Mat is the perfect gift idea for kids ages 3-5. There are so many features to captivate young minds and get them up on their feet (literally!).
  • It’s not only beneficial in providing an outlet of creative expression, sensory stimulation, and physical exercise- it’ll also grow their hand-feet coordination along the way too. Sounds like a mighty good time all around

9. V Convey Fold-able Toddler Piano Mat

V Convey Fold-able Toddler Piano Mat

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  • The V Convey fold-able Toddler Piano Mat is brilliant for indoor or outdoor play. The mat comes with a piano interface that can be turned off so you don’t hear any audio of your choosing while your kid plays.
  • The accompanying app has 5 tunes and allows kids to create their own music by composing and recording different sounds like ducks, birds, puppies, cats and frogs!
  • Not only can it help young minds explore new worlds musically but it also helps foster creativity whilst allowing toddlers explore different sensory experiences – crawling on the fabric mat or sitting/dancing on top of it… Genius!
  • There’s no need to worry about storage with fold-able toddler piano mats!
  • They’re waterproof and easy to clean, so you can get down on the floor and play while keeping your child safe. Or sit them up for a marvelous time playing by their lonesome.
  • An original gift set is also available because we know children always appreciate having something new to show off when friends come over.
  • The audio mat has screws and bracelet included, but 3 AA batteries are not include. Boat freight is prohibited due to atmosphere gases.

10. Wostoo Music Mat For Kids Toddler Girls Boys

Wostoo Music Mat For Kids Toddler Girls Boys

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  • The Wostoo Music Mat For Kids is a home-practice instrument mat for infants and young children. It features 8 sounds, including guitar string plucks, piano keys, flute melody, oboe melodies and more! This music mat for kids also includes 9 black keys featuring accompanying notes to the main instrument.
  • Constructed from non-woven cloths over PVC polyester fabric with water-based glue. Stimulate your child’s creative mind by adding the musical interest of this cute piece to their toy collection today!
  • The piano mat has 5 different modes labeled on the front: demonstration, one-click annotation, play, playback, and record. Pressing the demo button will play an adorable melody for your child to enjoy.
  • The touch sensor trackpad lets you listen to melodies that map out when each key should be pressed so kids can learn how to play a song by pressing the keys they “know” they’re supposed to press–they’ll never know what it’s like not knowing which key goes where!
  • Insert 3 AA alkaline batteries (not included) in order turn this musical toy into your little ones favorite way of learning about music!

What To Look For In A Floor Music Mat

1. Water Resistance

Although water is a natural enemy of most electrical equipment, there is no need to be concerned. Durable piano mats have been developed to be water resistant, mostly on the contact surface. This is the primary area of the mat on which the user may interact. The water-resistant surface of the piano mats makes them easy to clean. This is not to say that you should let the piano mat to get damp, since it is merely resistive to the keypad’s surface. Due to the vulnerability of the control device to water, it should be well secured.

2. Stability

The piano mat is slim, flat, and wide, allowing it to cover a large area on the floor. There is a couple of inches of space between the ground and the surface of the piano mat. This provides stability and protects the customer from falling or tumbling. Additionally, this element instills trust in the safety of children who jump upon it. Additionally, the mat adheres very well to the floor, ensuring that it does not slip when kids jump on top. The variation in height between secrets is minimal; this reduces the chance of a person getting tripped over while playing with a key.

3. Price

Not to be outdone, piano mats have been developed with aggressive prices starting at only $5. All you have to do is visit your local shop or order online and have it delivered directly to your home. Additionally, you may attempt to locate those that are on sale in order to get them at a much reduced price. This is the ultimate gift for your son or daughter. They may use the mat to exercise their limitless creativity.

4. Ease of Use

The piano mat has been designed to be user-friendly. It’s as simple as turning it on and walking over the keys. Additionally, it has options for customizing the audio output on the management unit. Depending on your choices, you may create animal sounds, melodies, demonstrations, or even tones. Additionally, the keys may be responsive to your feet’s touch, allowing you to play any song at your own pace. This allows your children to express themselves creatively while also teaching them how to create balance and rhythm using the leaps and measures on the piano mat.

5. Audio Quality

The sounds are generated in such a way that the output is of excellent quality and less obnoxious. One or more speakers installed in the control unit at one end of the piano mat may do this. The audio quality of this piano mat is also determined by the brand. Some have programmable sound, while others do not. External speaker ports are included on a few. This implies that you may change the level to be louder when using bigger speakers or quieter while using the headsets. Several of them have an integrated realistic sound, demo music, and replay function to enhance your child’s experience.


1. What is the best piano mat for toddlers?

Kidzlane piano mat is regarded the best piano mat for toddlers due to its unique characteristics. This unique playmat comes pre-programmed with ten classical songs that you may play simply placing your toes against the vibrant notes. Additionally, the playmat has eight sound options that may assist youngsters in learning about popular instruments such as drums and xylophones. It is constructed with high-quality materials and is very simple to clean.

2. Is a piano mat good for a toddler?

Yes! A piano mat is an excellent toy for children to keep them moving. Children like running, jumping, stomping, and dancing on piano mats, whether they produce authentic piano sounds or entertaining noises like animal sounds.

3. What age start piano lessons?

It is recommended that piano lessons begin between the ages of 6 and 9. While older children may have a more difficult time learning to play the piano, kids as young as six years old may still pick up the keys. Children as young as five years old may explore the piano, depending on their age. Mozart started playing the piano at the age of three.

4. How do you use a boogie woogie mat?

  • Arrange your Boogie Woogie Mat on a clean, dry floor. Remove any tiny, easily damaged items from the play area. Indoors, on a level surface, the Boogie Woogie Mat may be utilized.
  • The Boogie Woogie Mat may be worn with or without no-slip socks. It does not have to be slippery in the heat.
  • This is an excellent exercise! Take a twenty-minute rest every twenty minutes. If you or your companion begins to sweat, take a water break. Dancers must maintain proper hydration!
  • It is recommended that you keep the Boogie Woogie Mat in its original packaging. No quarters should be folded into the mat. Ensure that no heavy items are affixed to the top.


Understanding the relationship between children and music — particularly the impact of music on the brain development of toddlers — is critical. The critical point is that your objective should be to instill a love of music in your child, not to turn him or her become the next greatest music sensation. The listening experience should be enjoyable for both you and your child, introducing him to different rhythms and sounds.

We hope the variety of products mentioned here gives you some ideas for selecting the best musical mat for your beloved kid. With an affordable price, you may now buy at least one of those items for your home. It is well worth your money as a long-term investment in the children. You may purchase it as a present for any occasion to convey your heartfelt affection for them.

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