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10 Best Marine Speakers of 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Best Marine Speakers

Marine speakers need to bear salt water splashes to punish storm. They must also tolerate strong winds and UV rays. Transplanting your car’s old audio system to your yacht isn’t a smart idea. Marine speakers have tougher things, and with good cause.

They can withstand a variety of conditions, from salt water to punishing rain to harsh winds. All this will do significant harm to normal speakers, so you want marine-grade items on board your boats. The right selection of marine speakers will improve your boating enjoyment. The best marine speakers can help your water day much more fun.

Most vessels come with a well-built marine stereo system. But if you want to hear about the engine, wind and waves, you’ll need to have a decent selection of speakers. We showcase 10 of the market’s best marine speakers. With these speakers, you’ll enjoy amazing music on your boat in no time.

What Is The Best Marine Speaker?

1. Fusion, 6″ Marine 2 Way Loudspeaker

Fusion Entertainment was created in New Zealand in 1998 by people who liked 3 elements, cars, boats and music. Garmin-owned, they are becoming a world-renowned producer of premium audio and marine goods. IPX65 portable speakers for marine and potentially dangerous conditions. German CURV sound-enhancing equipment, with a peak performance of 200 watts.

They’re quick to fit at just 6 inches in width, and you’ll need a seven-cm deep. You get 3 distinct grille choices to complement your boat’s paint. This have all the fittings and consistency to be regarded as Best Value Marine Speakers. They will beat at a price point, which is very competitive for consistency. Price would beat at the price limit.

Fusion’s full spectrum marine speakers are specially designed for the marine world. Built to survive the harsh marine climate and meet international UV stability and Salt/Fog tolerance requirements. 3 Separate grid choices are offered to ensure smooth integration with your boat’s aesthetics. 6″ 2-way headphones, 200 watts max. ‘Curv’ manufacturing uses a woven fiber matrix pressed to create a lighter and tougher cone.

2. Rockville Pair 8″ Black 2 Way 600 Watt Marine Speakers

Kicker’s marine speakers are built outdoors, on board a cruise, or maybe outdoors at home. Integrated LED lighting function, but not wired, requiring some additional work to install. 50 Watts RMS per tube, each with a six-inch and a half-inch tweeter. Fitting is simple, although there is no blueprint and grills are not reversible. They are priced at what we deem a high price point given what they are. But the only real characteristic we can verify is loudness. That doesn’t make them especially appealing to us.

3. BOSS Audio Systems Marine

Boss Audio MR50W marine speaker system features 2 circular 2-way speakers in weather-proof casings. Each speaker has a polypropylene cone surrounded by treated fabric. They have 80Hz to 20,000Hz frequency response and 89dB impressive sensitivity. System is rates at 150 watts, not as high as it should be, but it has an excellent volume that does not distort sound output.

Polypropylene is a resilient, robust commodity. Treated fabric is an outstanding surrounding fiber. It’s sturdy and works well with the cone, offering proper help for excellent excursion and much better sounds to the whole speaker.

4. Pyle 6.5 Inch Dual Marine Speakers

Pyle marine speakers are economical in design in price and quality. 150 Watt speakers have the ability to get your music heard. Waterproof and regular 1-year warranty. If you need 6.5 inchers, consider these. They can tolerate light spray and light splashes, but something hard can damage them. The cones are made of rubber-surrounded polypropylene, offering superior sound clarity with no distortion. The speaker’s voice coils were built from aluminum, providing strength and stability to provide the highest audio quality they can.

Waterproof marine speaker can survive hard water and other outdoor conditions. The speaker has a circuit magnet for a complete audio spectrum and optimum stereo speaker audio system. The output is 100 Watts RMS/200 Watts peak. It has 85Hz-20Khz frequency response, 4 Ohms and 4. Ohms. It’s a weatherproof speaker made of polycarbon cone surrounded by butyl rubber. It also has heavy duty molded ABS plastic basket and grill structure to combat sun damage.


The JL Audio MX650-CCX-CG-WH marine speakers are high-end speakers which could enhance the sound quality of your boat’s sound system. These speakers feature oversized 1.25-inch woofer voice coils and a mix of 6.5-inch woofers and 0.75-inch dome tweeters. Most boaters adored these speakers and gave them high ratings. Owners claimed they were very noisy and worked well with a variety of head units and tuners. A few boaters expressed dissatisfaction with the unnecessary plastic covering, which muffled speaker volume.

M3-650X-C-Gw M3 coaxial systems have superior performance at a lower cost than our top-of-the-line M6 versions. At pace or at anchor, the music comes out loud and clear thanks to the long excursion woofer build and outstanding power handling. The high-frequency duties are handled by a 0.75-inch pure silk dome tweeter that has been specially treated to survive the aquatic atmosphere. We suggest amplifiers with a constant power output of 75-100 W per channel for the best audio efficiency.

6. JBL MS6520B

The speakers have an RMS power of 60 watts and a peak sensitivity of 180 watts. The front of woofer cone can be covered with a grill-mounted tweeter. UV and corrosion-resistant polymers are used to make the baskets and grills. These speakers have an IPX5 score, which means they can tolerate a low-pressure jet spray for an extended period of time. They’re perfect for those looking for an great speaker at a mid-range price. The JBL MS6520Bs aren’t the cheapest speakers we tested, but they get a lot of bang for your buck. They provide with all of the required mounting hardware.

Balanced dome tweeters and JBL Plus OneTM woofers Rubber surrounds, a one-piece cast-polymer basket, a sealed magnet, and waterproof engine systems The IPx5 rating is for maritime use. Waterproof motor systems that can withstand long periods of exposure to the sun and salt. Rubber surrounds are much more durable than foam and have superior edge protection. Weather-resistant tweeters have a steady high-frequency response as well as improved high- and mid-frequency power handling. Vocals, cymbals, brass pipes, and pianos have a more lifelike feel. Excellent results at a reasonable price.

7. Sony XSMP1611 6.5-Inch Dual Cone Marine Speakers

Each speaker in the XSMP1611 has a 612″ low-frequency driver and a 1″ tweeter. Bass response is excellent, with a clear mid-range and crisp lows. Sony provides all you would need mount these marine speakers on your yacht, making them simple to install. The front grille is paintable, which is ideal if you want your speakers to fit together for a more pleasing appearance. The speakers are still surprisingly noisy, so you can turn them up for a boat party now and then.


The NOAM NUTV4 is an all-in-one device that includes everything you’ll need to get your waketower sounding great. Each speaker puts out 100 watts RMS and 200 watts max. Each component is planned to operate in tandem with the others, so you won’t have any problems installing the NOAM N UTV4 on your boat if you following the user manual. With four, “The N4 Marin drivers don’t have a lot of bass, but they really do have a good low-end punch.

With a good crisp treble tone, the mid-range is clean and simple. Play/pause, track skip next, track skip previous, volume up, volume down, and a power/Bluetooth pairing button are all included on the NBTA4-R Bluetooth remote control. Since the controller is fixed on the dash, you can keep your phone or Bluetooth computer dry while still listening to music.

4 piece collection “2-Way waketower mountable speakers, waterproof marine grade construction. Connect your music player to the remote’s Inline AUX input or use the smart Bluetooth remote to monitor the functions of your computer. Water-resistant all-around device that can be used in any weather.

9. Polk Audio DB521 5.25-Inch Coaxial Speakers

Cutting-edge technology has resulted in a speaker that is both efficient and capable of reproducing music faithfully. At any volume, the Silk/Polymer Dome tweeter and Mica Cone woofer provide smooth roll off and rapid reaction. Rubber surrounds improve bass response while still extending the speaker’s life in all circumstances.

Polk Audio’s DB521 2-way marine speakers are capable of delivering 275 watts per pair of speakers. They are IP55 certified and have been checked for water, soil, UV, salt, and even humidity resistance. Polk engineered the DB series as a Dynamic Balance speaker, which dynamically adjusts the bass, mid, and treble levels to match the music you’re listening to. The speakers have a diameter of 4.76″ and require a mounting depth of at minimum 2.01″ to be mounted on a boat.

These enticing speakers have a peak capacity of 300W and can easily accommodate 100W on a constant basis. The frequency range is 55Hz – 22kHz, and there is a wide range of sound since the frequency range is 55Hz – 22kHz. Our first option for marine speakers is 5.25-inch 2-way marine certified speakers. With a wattage of 275 watts per pair, they have a very broad volume range. Clear and crisp audio with deep bass are generated by a Silk-Polymer Dome tweeter and a high-quality Mica Cone woofer.

10. Kenwood KFC-1653MRW 6.5″ 2-Way Marine Speakers

The crisp and crystal highs are described by a 13mm dome tweeter that has been porcelain/enamel treated (PEI rated). For a 2-way class set, they have a strong frequency response. They deliver the same infamous killer Kicker tone, which is full-range, defined, and deep. The weatherproof woofer, like the Rockville’s, is 6.5 inches long and injection molded from Santoprene. The tiny 13mm Dome tweeter distinguishes the crystal peaks, while the powerfully accommodate the lower frequencies.

Water-resistant cone woofers and 1″ mounted dome tweeters are used in the Kenwood KFC-1653MRW 6-1/2″ speakers. They’ll sound fantastic if you’re out on the boat or resting at the beach area if you feed them up to 50 watts RMS (150 peak). PEI is a form of polymer film that creates a large soundstage for better imaging.

Buying Guide For Marine Speakers

How to choose marine speakers?


Since peak wattage indicates higher figures, manufacturers sometimes omit the RMS. RMS is more critical, particularly if you’re using externally powered speakers. If your marine speakers can only withstand 75 Watts, they may be damaged.


It’s important to consider where you put them. They’ll need to be able to be seen if they’re on a cruise. The installation location is critical, and it can be determined by the amount of available space.

Magnetic shielding

Your compass can be affected by magnetic devices on your ships. Your measurements would be distorted if you put a magnet too close to your compass. If speakers are too close to the compass mounting point, they will even disturb your readings. Check with the maker of your boat to see if the speakers are magnetically shielded.


You won’t get this level of sound just because a speaker is powered at 180 watts. You can get the additional boost you need with a marine-rated amplifier. Because as sound is amplified, using an amplifier would also help in making the sound audible.

Why should you buy marine speaker?

Maritime Caravans, campervans, and off-road vehicles like quads all benefit from marine speakers. Waterproofing techniques are excellent weatherproofing techniques.

They’re also great for pool surround speakers and spa and sauna installations. Many versions on the market are waterproof to the point that they can be fully submerged in liquid. To be considered appropriate, they must check off a number of essential boxes.

Both circuitry mounting and other metals should be made of a rust-resistant material, which is usually stainless steel due to its low cost. However, some of them are water resistant, and if you have enough money to spare, there are several ones on the market that are fully waterproof.


If you plan on keeping your boat for a long time, you’ll most likely need to upgrade the stock speakers. Depending on your budget, all of the speakers mentioned in this guide can provide excellent performance. We suggest choosing one of the ten marine speakers mentioned above, but if you choose another style, bear in mind the speaker selection requirements we discussed earlier. It will assist you in purchasing a marine speaker that would do what you want it to do while staying under your budget. If not, you might only buy one because it looks good, but it might not work as well as you had hoped.

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