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Top 10 Best Kids Drum Sticks Reviews in 2021

Best Kids Drum Sticks

If you are searching for a pair of drumsticks for kids then read on. Children’s drumsticks are shorter and lighter, making them a whole lot easier for children to create their way round a drum set. To be able to learn about the drums, it’s necessary your child has a suitable set of drumsticks using a proper length which enables a suitable grip.

The Best Kids Drum Sticks

1. Vic Firth Drumstick, Other (KIDS)

Vic Firth Drumstick, Other (KIDS)

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Vic Firth is a very favorite musical instrument manufacturing company among musicians, especially among drummers. Their drumsticks are regarded as some of their greatest ones all around the planet.

You’d be delighted to know they also concentrate on tiny musicians in creating. If you’re seeking a set of miniature drumsticks to your child, have a look in Kidsticks from Vic Firth.

Vic Firth Kidsticks is specially created for young drummers to permit them to play on a smaller drum set. Lightweight and brief, they’re targeted towards ages 3 to 8.

The drumsticks are made from hickory timber and supply a high-quality sound. They’re finished off with polished paint. Some buyers have complained that the paint chips away after some time, however it doesn’t impact the sound that it generates.

2. Antner 3 Pairs Maple Wood Drumsticks 7A Drum Sticks for Kids and Beginners

Antner 3 Pairs Maple Wood Drumsticks 7A Drum Sticks for Kids and Beginners

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All these Antler sticks are regular dimensions, despite the fact that they’re created for novices, both old and young. It is 15.6″ lengthy and 0.55″ thick. The package includes 3 pairs, and therefore you don’t need to be worried about putting another order for quite a while. The pairs just arrive from the natural wooden finish; nothing overly fancy.

The tips are produced from exactly the identical timber as the remainder of the stick. Despite the fact that they’re light, the wooden tips give these drum sticks a quieter and warmer sound, particularly when they hit on the cymbals.

Due to their burden, they may also be helpful for performing drummers who perform really gentle songs, particularly once you want that kind of noise involving a brushstroke along with a normal stick hit.

3. Promark American Hickory Drum Sticks for Kids

Promark American Hickory Drum Sticks for Kids

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American hickory has come to be the hottest drumstick wood kind one of the drummers because of its perfect combination of strength, responsiveness, along with a cozy weight variety.

Since the only drumstick manufacturer on the planet to run a sawmill, Promark controls the production process from the woods to the stage, ensuring that each stick was designed to the maximum grade of quality.

4. Pocket Stix 11″ 5A Maple Drumsticks for Kids

Pocket Stix 11" 5A Maple Drumsticks for Kids

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Pocket Stix have been made from high grade maple that’s chosen because of its durability & lightness. Even the 5A drum stick features an acorn suggestion and is 11″ long, making them perfect for kids just starting to play with the drums, so as their dimensions and weight is ideal for their younger hands to utilize.

Additionally, it is an excellent addition to almost any beginner drum collection. They optimize the highest high-quality sound of this drum set.

5. ROSENICE 7A Maple Drum Sticks Drum Accessories Multi Color for Kids Children 5 Pairs

ROSENICE 7A Maple Drum Sticks Drum Accessories Multi Color for Kids Children 5 Pairs

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This product is nicely made from superior material for lasting and functional usage. Strictly based on the global quality of drumsticks, medium thickness, moderate length and medium weight may satisfy the needs of several sorts of audio. It’s the ideal present for children and music fans.

6. Vic Firth American Custom SD1 Jr. Drumsticks (SD1JR)

Vic Firth American Custom SD1 Jr. Drumsticks (SD1JR)

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The American customized lineup is made up of the number of models conceived and engineered by Vic Firth performer and instructor. The very first manufacturer to use the notion of a rounded striking surface into drumstick layout, Vic developed another original that finish the line together with jazz players in your mind. A scaled-down version of this SD1 General. Great for a young pupil’s hands.



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These movement actuated light-up drumsticks will include a burst of colour to any operation! Any player is sure to turn heads using a pair of them in their stick bag. These rods are motion activated and respond as they fly through the air and make contact with your drumset or practice pad.

RockStix2HD would be the flagship product produced from the visual audio technologies manufacturer PowerStix. PowerStix is a UK group of engineers and designers producing light-up drumsticks which are the authentic originals and the finest that money can purchase.

The kids drum sticks are acceptable for all levels of players, while you are a newcomer wanting to spice up training sessions, or even a specialist looking to attract the X variable to displays or YouTube play-through movies!

8. KASEMI Drum Sticks Non-Slip, 5A Wood Tip Drumstick (2 Pair)

KASEMI Drum Sticks Non-Slip, 5A Wood Tip Drumstick (2 Pair)

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Great drum sticks are terrific tools to help the drummers to overcome beautiful drum sounds. Made from top quality cloth, this oval-shaped wooden tip provides a very clear cymbal ring. Designed with mobile and lightweight dimensions, this particular drum sticks is not hard to hold. What is more, it’s durable and amazing, and lets you utilize it for quite a very long moment. What exactly are you waiting for? With this amazing drum sticks, nice drum seems will continually around you!

9. Mugig Drumsticks, 5A Wood Tip Hickory Drum Stick for Kids

Mugig Drumsticks, 5A Wood Tip Hickory Drum Stick for Kids

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American Hickory has a huge variety of commercial applications and is undoubtedly the most popular sort of timber for substance drumsticks that is harder and thicker than maple. The noise must be more rapid and much more lasting. Turned from select Hickory and also including a profoundly back-cut Water drop bead, this particular drumstick can provide you with a great deal of response and volume without having to work too difficult.

Mugig traditional 5A drum sticks would be the selection of top players in all sorts of genres. Whether you play jazz, rock, country, pop, or even any musical styles, there is a pair of Mugig Drumsticks designed to suit your own taste.

Mugig drum stick head adopts a drop-shaped layout, which can be bigger than the touch surface of this round head, and also the noise is uniform and gentle. They’re definitely the most popular selection for new drummers, youthful drum pupils & professional band owing to its durability, resilience, and comfy feeling.

10. On-Stage Maple 5A Wood Tip Drumsticks

On-Stage Maple 5A Wood Tip Drumsticks

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To play with lightning speed you want sticks which are more powerful, straighter and last longer… and we all discovered that a high-quality wood that’s ideal for that! On-Stage Sticks are atmosphere kiln dried, shaped, sealed and sanded and are prepared to create some thunder. Maple sticks can be obtained with a wood or nylon tip in an assortment of distinct sizes. Offered in bricks of 12 pairs of sticks.

Founded on a guarantee of affordability, innovation and durability, On-Stage Stands goods are used daily in studios, showrooms, and also on stages everywhere. Today, amateurs and professionals throughout the world place their faith at On-Stage Stands.

How To Choose The Best Drum Stick For Kids

  • Material: Pick the right material. Drumsticks can be found in many different materials such as hickory, maple, laminated birchwood, nylon, carbon metal and Japanese walnut. Each material has its advantages like hickory provides great flexibility and higher resistance to impact making it a fantastic alternative for drumsticks. For children, maple is a fantastic choice as its lighter and thicker compared to its counterparts. On the flip side, it’s stiff with minimal resistance to impacts.
  • Shape and Size of the Tip: The form and size of these tips have an effect on the way the drums are performed. A number of the most common shapes are oval, barrel, acorn, plus ball. Smaller tips generate a vibrant sound while bigger tip makes a deeper tone. In the same way, different shapes produce a different sort of sound, for example, ball tips make a sweet sound while the barrel tip makes a dark sound.
  • Thickness: The thickness of this drumsticks also affects the sound, and thickness is generally depicted by its version number. A’ sticks are somewhat skinnier than B’ sticks. It’s the reverse for amounts because a greater number means thinner sticks that can make 7A thinner than 5A. But, it may be wrong as every manufacturer has its own range.


Above are drum sticks that are great for kids. Typically, drumsticks are normally the very last consideration when buying accessories and drums. Since they are frequently an afterthought, the majority of people today wind up purchasing unsuitable drumsticks, particularly when choosing them out for children. There are a few sticks which are specially created for kids, and you can find some others that simply happen to work for kids and teens due to their qualities. Our guide provides you with the 10 best drumsticks that your kids are going to enjoy and the reason why they’re the ideal.

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