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Top 10 Best Kids Acoustic Guitar Reviews in 2021

Kids Acoustic Guitar
  • Whether you have a future rock star in your hands and you wish to help them realize their dreams or your kid is simply dipping their toe into the world of guitar and also you do not want to splash out on a pro-level guitar just yet, there is a world of guitar choices out there to pick from which can suit all budgets.
  • We know that attempting to find the best children acoustic guitar for the child can be a bit difficult at times, but it does not need to be together with our useful guide. We compiled a collection of our favorite child’s guitars which will be comfortable to perform, promote a positive playing experience in order they would WANT to play with it.
  • All these will be the top 10 best Kids acoustic guitar which will not break the bank, will seem great and will encourage your future musician to keep playing for several years.

The Best Kids Acoustic Guitar

1. Martin Lx1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

Martin Lx1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

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  • Short of scale and size, the CF Martin Little Martin acoustic guitar is anything but lacking in features! The Mahogany Pattern HPL (high pressure laminate) textured finish also sports a solid Sitka spruce top with hand-rubbed complete for a fashionable look, together with a Rust Stratabond neck and Solid Morado or East Indian Rosewood fingerboard.
  • The little martin is little in everything aside from the way it sounds. Capable of competing with any ordinary sized acoustic guitar, this new friend is ideal for kids who take their music seriously. The great starter for any child who is studying to perform classical, country, rock’n’ roll or jazz songs.
  • The Little Martin does not have a problem being used at gift shows, sounding and looking just as good on stage as in your home. It’ll be a pleasure to follow the sounds of this young one because he gets a better week from the week. The only way your child could ever outgrow this guitar would be by becoming larger, and even then, the quality enables her or him to give it to his child several years later.

2. Yamaha FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

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  • The 800 Series comes with a brand new scalloped bracing layout; a perfect acoustic structure that maintains the sturdiness of the greatest board, while bringing more out of the natural sound of this instrument.
  • Every facet is crafted to create a much better guitar. From painstakingly cured and dried woods to amazing hand-sprayed finishes and comprehensive quality control, each and every FG was designed to be a lifelong companion.
  • The numerous color versions available on the marketplace is going to continue to keep the guitar personalized to the child’s wants, while the packages it’s offered as part of will end up being cheap to the parents.

3. Cordoba Guitars Protege C1 ¾ Size Acoustic Nylon String Guitar

Cordoba Guitars Protege C1 ¾ Size Acoustic Nylon String Guitar

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  • The C1 3/4 is a smaller body size nylon string Spanish style guitar with a 615mm or 24.2″ scale length (3/4 dimensions ). It belongs to the Protégé by Cordoba lineup, a series of top quality instruments created to provide aspiring young guitarists using a comfy first guitar that is simple to learn about and play.
  • It’s an excellent solution for a kid to learn how to play the guitar. The guitar takes wear nicely, while the comfortable dimensions along with the nylon strings don’t make any wear around the kid. Your offspring won’t want to drop his guitar and certainly will at some point end up dancing around the house with this, enjoying with music, desperado style.

4. Stagg S300 3/4 Bk Standard S Electric Guitar – Black

Stagg S300 3/4 Bk Standard S Electric Guitar - Black

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  • Any very small rock-star is bound to fall in love with the Stagg S300. Styled especially into the likes and needs of kids, the guitar provides color choices that cater to the needs of any kid. The small dimensions and the C shape neck design permit the child simple access to the fretboard and some other sound they wish to learn or want to make.
  • The guitar is constructed of solid alder and rosewood, which makes a sturdy contraption that could withstand the tests kids will place it through. The guitar is remarkably affordable, although not being a part of a package. With this, the guitar seems amazing as a result of the 3 single coil pickups. The tonal range is complete and well expressed, letting the child explore the sonic world with no constraints.

5. Peavey Captain America 3/4 Rockmaster Electric Guitar

Peavey Captain America 3/4 Rockmaster Electric Guitar

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  • If you’d like your child to learn to play an electric guitar, but you have not convinced them then you will barely find anything more appealing than Rockmaster Captain America from Peavey. I guarantee you, this fella will inspire your child to spend every free time using this instrument. As you have guessed from the title, it includes Captain America painting onto its own body, which can be a very fun spin for guitarists (if you are a marvel lover yourself, then you can get yourself a full size one two).
  • This solid guitar has a basswood body, maple neck, and rosewood fingerboard. When it comes to pickups, we’ve got a single humbucker here. Controls comprise 1 Volume and 1 Tone knobs, which can be greater than sufficient for your little buddy. Captain America is one of the best choices you may get for your kid.

6. Taylor Swift Signature Baby Taylor Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural


Taylor Swift Signature Baby Taylor Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural

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  • The Taylor Swift Signature includes a bigger scale which makes it a fantastic travel guitar and one that’s the best size for kids. The Baby Taylor includes an X-braced solid Sitka spruce top with laminated dark sapele back and sides. The top includes artwork that reads’Love, Love, Love’ round the soundhole, in addition to Taylor’s signature directly above the bridge.
  • Because the Baby Taylor is a streamlined guitar, it will not impress you in terms of quantity, but its voice is amazingly excellent. The construction leads to a well-balanced sound with a warm, rustic tone. This guitar might not be the best option for children with no experience that is experimenting with guitars, but it is a fantastic solution for young, inspired guitarists.

7. Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar for Children and Beginners, (Green)

Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar for Children and Beginners, (Green)

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  • With the 3-string Loog Mini guitar along with its accompanying program, a youngster can leap into playing tunes -not only exercises or scales – daily one.
  • This provides small rockers a feeling of accomplishment that arouses them to keep moving. Together with Loog, children are playing, studying and having fun from the very start, obtaining skills that remain together forever.

8. Luna Aurora Borealis 3/4-Size Acoustic Guitar – Teal Pearl

Luna Aurora Borealis 3/4-Size Acoustic Guitar - Teal Pearl

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  • Roman goddess of the dawn who made the stars and set them out at nighttime, Aurora brings the sunrise to start every day. Luna Guitars’ Aurora lineup delivers the ideal start too. A child guitar line that pairs affordability with Luna’s feature easy-to-play design features, the Aurora guitars provide young players the ideal instruments on which to learn.
  • Sized for relaxation, petite cutaway bodies provide true sound. The necks are adorned with Luna’s signature moon stage fretmarkers. Audio holes also are embraced with a crescent moon rosette, providing the Auroras the exact same look and feel that grace Luna’s full-size models.

9. Hohner HAG250P 1/2 Sized Classical Guitar – For Toddlers

Hohner HAG250P 1/2 Sized Classical Guitar - For Toddlers

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  • Hohner welcomes you to the world of playing guitar. The Hohner HAG250P is a handmade classical guitar using an Agathis top rear and sides. This timber match-up makes a crisp texture to the total sound of this instrument. The smaller scale of the instrument (considered 1/2 sized) is specially designed with the younger player in mind and so is highly suggested for the players which are beginning between the ages of 5-9.
  • This instrument also comes equipped with light gauge nylon strings for easier fingering as not to discourage the first-time player. Hohner has a very long tradition of supporting music education. While being in business for more than 150 years Hohner has appreciated producing instruments to assist people of all ages to express themselves through music. Most recently Hohner has joined forces with GAMA, a company devoted to bringing the joy of playing guitar to college systems nationally.

10. Happytime Kids Emulational Guitar Musical Toys Guitar with 6 Strings Musical Instruments Educational Toys for Kids Children Adults

Happytime Kids Emulational Guitar Musical Toys Guitar with 6 Strings Musical Instruments Educational Toys for Kids Children Adults

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  • The Guitar Is a Good way to promote parent-child interaction, develop children’s awareness of audio, develop intelligence, and coordinate with eyes and hands
  • With this amazing Kids Guitar from Happytime Toys, your child will love the ability to strum away for their favorite tunes, learn fundamental notes and rhythmic patterns, and put on a show for their favorite audience–you along with their partner
  • This Kids Guitar Is the Best introduction for the aspiring little musician in Your Children life

Buying Guide For Kids Acoustic Guitar

Purchasing the right size guitar for your child is crucial. Having one that is too big can be impossible to play. Whereas the one that is too little can make it difficult to understand how to perform correctly.

A typical adult-sized guitar is approximately 40 inches long. Kids, of course, want one smaller than that. Here you can see measurements below:

  • A kid that’s 3 ft 3 inches to 3 feet 9 inches requires a guitar that’s 33 inches.
  • Kids between 3 ft 10 inches and 4 feet 5 inches ought to have a 34-inch guitar.
  • From 4 ft 6 inches to 4 feet 11 inches, a guitar measuring 36 inches will match.
  • Finally, kids with a height of at least 5 feet may have an adult size guitar.


  • Getting your kid interested in music and guitars early on is 1 way to raise the chances of it getting a lifelong hobby. Learning how to play the guitar is great for strengthening excellent motor skills.
  • Just make sure you purchase the ideal dimensions and ask your little one if they like a particular color. This could help to keep their interest going for longer. Our best pick for the best children guitar is Happytime Kids Emulational Guitar — it is fun, colorful and an excellent choice as a first guitar for a toddler.

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