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Top 10 Best Drum Throne With Backrest For Back Problems

Best Drum Throne With Backrest

You can experience back problems for a number of reasons, and lots of drummers suffer from this illness. When you’ve developed back issues throughout your drumming career or you are carrying out a sports accident, it’s well worth getting the best drum throne for back problems to reduce the problems. It is possible to also do this as a pre-emptive step if you believe that may experience back pain when drumming.

The Best Drum Throne With Backrest

1. Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat Style Large Cordura Drum Throne with Backrest

Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat Style Large Cordura Drum Throne with Backrest

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Should you will need the excess service, then the 9608MB is truly a fairly great deal. The throne is really less expensive than buying another member of this series along with also a backrest individually.

As a matter of fact, you might say this is the best drum throne with backrest and also most likely the greatest drum throne for spine issues. But, there’s a lot more to this than one feature.

Beyond this, there is not a reason to purchase this throne within another member of this sequence. There are not many features that distinguish it from other models in the show past the backrest. It comes with the wonderful hardware the manufacturer is well known for, in addition to the memory lock mechanics.

2. MAPEX Drum Throne (T770)

MAPEX Drum Throne (T770)

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The MAPEX T770 Drum Throne features a quad-leg foundation. Although this is definitely beneficial concerning stability and support, it may also be a drawback. As you might remember in the Ahead Spinal G Throne we looked at earlier, a few drummers locate a quad-leg layout to become overkill. Four legs may occupy too much space, particularly on a little stage, which means you ought to bear this in mind in case you are looking for a drum you are able to depend on for live performances.

Under the seat’s vinyl covering lies a high-quality foam cushion, which means optimum comfort even after a few hours of drumming. Additional assistance is provided by the flexible backrest, which is raised and lowered depending on your tastes. The seat itself may also be corrected. This is accomplished via its easy-to-use steel spindle height adjustment method. The throne’s memory will make it possible for you to install your hardware in the most effective way possible.

3. Bolt Drum Throne Adjustable Motorcycle Style with large Backrest Seat Comfortable Drum Set Percussion Stool

Bolt Drum Throne Adjustable Motorcycle Style with large Backrest Seat Comfortable Drum Set Percussion Stool

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The BOLT Drum Throne with big backrest is height adjustable from 19″- 29″, Weight Limit: 550 pounds. Whatever your weight and height, this particular drum throne is an ideal fit! It is made from top quality PU leather, steel and quality foam substances.

Contoured Motorcycle Style Vinyl Seat cushion helps prevent leg fatigue during lengthy jam sessions and supply comfort for hours of drumming, in the garage into the gig, whereas sturdy foundation welds and hardware together with double-paned offer unmatched stability. Super-lock Cast seat fastening machine and also superb foot strong base rubber feet.

4. Tama 1st Chair Ergo-Rider Drum Throne with Backrest

Tama 1st Chair Ergo-Rider Drum Throne with Backrest

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Tama’s Ergo-Rider Throne gives complete ergonomic comfort and support. The hybrid a round chair along with a saddle-style chair, it features the maneuverability of the former, as well as the playing help of this latter. Front cutaway allows unimpeded thigh motion even through the fastest double bass patterns.

The angle and height of the backrest unit are all flexible, providing you with the help you want regardless of the way you sit. And now there is another user-friendly feature that it is possible to fold the backrest itself on the chair without disassembling it to get easier transportation. The backrest unit can also be sold individually (HTB5) and matches all 1st Chair thrones.

5. Percussion Plus ADT330 Hydraulic Throne with Back Rest

Percussion Plus ADT330 Hydraulic Throne with Back Rest

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A saddle chair drum throne with a backrest has got to be every musician’s dream. This comfy Percussion Plus ADT330 cushioned saddle-style seat together with the cushioned backrest provides you with the comfort and support you want for those tiring and long gigs!

A cozy stool having a wonderful backrest to maintain the drummer or even keyboardist comfy when enjoying their songs. The double-braced layout makes it long durable and rocky, along with the hydraulic elevator helps you set only the correct height. Order yours now and save your spine and back-side in the distress!

6. MAPEX Drum Throne (T775)

MAPEX Drum Throne (T775)

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Together with its 17″ x 4″ saddle-style padded top and adjustable backrest, the T775 throne would be the pinnacle of comfort and support. The sloped leg openings of the biomechanically shaped chair provide a free selection of movement while the increased center and rear border help the player to keep balance. The accession of a 4th double-braced leg creates this throne exceptionally stable.

The sloped leg openings of the biomechanically shaped chair provide a free range of movement while the elastic backrest provides necessary support to your backbone player to place and forget their perfect snare height. Including a 4th double-braced leg radically increases stability and support, enabling players to use the backrest without sacrificing equilibrium.

7. Ahead Drum Throne With Backrest

Ahead Drum Throne With Backrest

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Ahead drum throne with backrest is designed for players that need the greater degree of comfort and support an ergokinetic enthusiast supplies. This drum thrones are all medically-tested along with scientifically-proven to encourage the drummer natural body geometry and movement as they perform while the split-seat, the spring-assisted design enhances flexibility and mobility.

8. Pearl D2500BR Drum Throne with Backrest

Pearl D2500BR Drum Throne with Backrest

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The D-2500BR features a brand new motorcycle-style cushion with cushy tuck-and-roll cushioning for ultimate comfort and encourage. The slender backrest allows free arm motion and adjusts forward/backward along with up/down for ideal lumbar support.

Just one Knob Bolt allows the backrest to attach and remove easily for fast installation and effortless transfer. Even the D-2500 has been backrest”prepared” and shares all of the features of this D-2500BR but without the backrest.

9. DW Drum Workshop CP9120AL 9000 Series Heavy Duty Air-lift Throne w/ Tractor Seat

DW Drum Workshop CP9120AL 9000 Series Heavy Duty Air-lift Throne w/ Tractor Seat

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Mixing the workhorse features of DW’s 9000 line of thrones, the DW Drums Heavy-Duty Air Lift Throne includes a more solid quad-leg folding foundation and simple pneumatic height adjustment which enables incremental placement. Drummers who desire the backrest Will Need to buy it individually, further including the price of the model

10. Roc-n-Soc Nitro Throne – Best Drum Throne for Back Problems

Roc-n-Soc Nitro Throne - Best Drum Throne for Back Problems

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When you suffer from back issues, you probably already understand that prolonged drumming sessions may critically exasperate them. Even the Roc-n-Soc Nitro is among the comfiest drum thrones available on the marketplace.

This throne’s contoured seat cushion was especially designed to eliminate back and leg fatigue, even through marathon drumming sessions. Its ergonomic design means that you may perform with for hours on end with minimum if any, discomfort.

A flexible drum throne, the Roc-n-Soc Nitro may be put to almost any height between 18 and 24 inches. Likewise, its chair boasts a free-spinning layout, which allows the drummer total motion. Any possible negative effect brought on by the higher freedom of motion is counteracted from the throne’s nitrogen gas shock absorber.

How To Choose A Good Drum Throne


Even when you’ve got a lot of money, there is no need to invest hundreds of bucks onto a professional-quality throne in case you are just starting out. Drum thrones intended for professionals and seasoned players have a tendency to get a great deal of attributes and, consequently, may be tricky to navigate when you don’t have any previous drum throne encounter. Meanwhile, experienced drummers should not go with a newcomer’s throne in an effort to save money. Many thrones made for beginners lack the padding and range of movement required to be useful in a specialist setting. Even though a pro-quality throne can cost much upfront, so it is going to provide you all that you will need to produce the cash back and also turn a profit in a few gigs.


The argument is made that some caliber drum throne ought to be mobile, however there are a number of scenarios where it is not actually vital. If you are looking for a drum that you’re able to keep on your record or rehearsal area, as an instance, it does not just have to be mobile. In actuality, a milder drum throne is usually preferable at a recording session because a lightweight choice could be prone to tremors, and also the perfect drum mics would choose up effortlessly.

A lightweight drum throne is valuable as it comes to live performances since it could be moved from venue to venue easily. In the same way, some songs schools ask their students to deliver their own drum throne to classes. Because of this, we encourage novice drummers to decide on a version which could be folded and taken with minimal effort.


You always need to research the dimensions of any drum throne you consider buying before deciding if it’s ideal for you. Obviously, bigger guys need bigger thrones, which explains the reason why brands such as Gibraltar and Ahead have made thrones with wider seats and strengthened foundations. Smaller drummers must avoid thrones with oversize chairs as the excess space is only going to make it even more challenging for them to find comfortable. Also remember that the accession of a backrest can impact the size of your favorite throne. To have a good idea of the distance a throne could have left following a backrest was attached to it, then dock an inch or two from its existing width. In case the distance that remains appears too tight, then you will either need to starve yourself to not utilizing a backrest or look for a throne with much greater dimensions.

The maximum and minimum height of any given throne can be significant. Taller guys require a throne which may be extended up of 25 inches. If you are looking around for a throne which may be employed by a kid, but you need to attempt and discover a model which may be lowered to 18 inches or less.


If you’re interested in finding a fantastic stool to allow you drumming to a finest, I strongly suggest that you to get one of these drum thrones with a backrest which was shown to be sensible and high-quality ones. You want to play the tools when you’re 100% comfortable. This way, you and the audience you’re playing for will delight in the performance without distractions.

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