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Devialet Phantom Speaker Reviews in 2021

Devialet Phantom Speaker Review

Devialet’s Phantom takes the concept of a wireless speaker into space. In this review, we break down the Gold Phantom’s sound, design, packaging and accessories. See our list of the best wireless and Bluetooth speakers to see how it stacks up against others. We’ll also share our thoughts on whether or not the Phantom Reactor 600W is worth the price.

A speaker with the highest sound quality is Devial Gold Phantom. It’s a wireless mic, but we won’t go through the nuances. Will you want it, even if you have the funds to purchase it? And let us know about it. We look forward to hearing from you.


Devialet Gold Phantom is a portable speaker that also has Bluetooth support. There is no difficulty in setting up, and it is easy to manage. for serious audiophiles, multiple Gold Phantoms can be integrated as a cinema sound kit as many as 16 separate zones at the user’s request by using the cost-option Dialog. Additionally, there is a wireless optical socket for legacy equipment, and an ethernet jack for those who prize predictability over minimalism.

In other words, no beating around the bush, the unit that exerts 1.2 tons of pressure when holding 30kg of lateral woofers happy is known as Heart Bass Jamming Implosion. When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, the Gold Phantom is pretty easy. There is no ambiguity about it. The only thing that you have to look out for is that it doesn’t match is the Silver Phantom’s volume – it is not as loud at 14Hz at the bottom and 27kHz.

You can change the audio settings on the Gold Phantom or play your favourite online music using the included WiFi streaming app. And you’ll also get a 3-month free trial of Tidal. The design and technology are worth much more than the bass boost.

The Design

Devialet Gold Phantom is unlike any other Bluetooth speaker on the market. All 22-carat gold-plated alloy constitutes an enclosure. A tweeter and a decorated midrange driver are positioned in the front of the speaker. With this odd nature, the Gold Phantom should offer a well-defined dispersion, but it doesn’t.

Actually, the dispersion is large when two Gold Phantoms are combined. It’s more difficult to move around at 11.4 kg, but is light enough to get down to the ground and to 22.0 lbs. On the strength of its egg-like nature, it recalls the classic 1985 sci-fi movie, Cocoon. This asteroid may be an egg for an undiscovered species of alien life. we’ve deviated from the main issue Customers have the choice of trees, geckos, or, for wall-mounting trees.

Accessories & Packaging

When you break open the seal on the Gold Phantom, you will find that it splits into two distinct parts. in the center is the speaker, which is wrapped in white cloth, and rests on a plinth inl Although there’s nothing out of note in this packaging, it fits the overall egg design: you really do feel like you’ve got an egg from an organic source. As a result, there are only a few additional options for accessories. For all you know, that could be the only cable you need. There are some add-ons you can choose from, including an excellent remote, but you will have to pay an additional fee for these. We think that this should be easy for those who are willing to spend $400 on a single speaker, but we know this is on the high side.


Devialet looks mysterious as an object, but becomes dramatic when it starts to do its thing. Sonically, it’s the low-frequency speed, punch and manoeuvrability that’s initially most impressive. It hits startlingly hard, offers tremendous tonal and textural variation even down at the limits of its extension. Visually, the Devialet is like no other device outside the Phantom range. It has ballet-slipper poise to go with the iron-glove impact.

What Does the Devialet Gold Phantom Sound Like?

Ok, that is a good question. What sounds like a million dollars and is is: the million-dollar question.

The level is at 4,500 watts and at 108 decibels. It’s insane how much sound is generated by the Gold Phantom. The sound is rich and complete. The bass will vibrate the air on the other side of the room even though you’re standing 10 feet away. The Naim Sònido is another costly loudspeaker.

The Gold Phantom’s titanium tweeter remains capable of producing a perfect pitch, even in extremely high sound pressure situations. Viewing the fine print and delicacy of the Gold Phantom is stunning. There is no audible distortion at any volume. The audio doesn’t lose clarity, sound remains beautiful, even after thousands of hours of playback.


Devialet’s Phantom Gold Phantom is one of the best Bluetooth wireless speakers on the market. The 600W Phantom Reactor is a good choice for a third of the price. Devialet set the bar high with the Phantom variety, and the Gold Phantom has no equal.

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