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Top 10 Best Cello Stands Reviews in 2021

Best Cello Stands

Cellos are hefty instruments also it can be quite annoying to need to set the cello back into its case every time you perform. You might also want people to view your amazing instrument each time they encounter.

No matter why you desire a cello stand, they’re fantastic accessories which make keeping your device very straightforward. No longer trying to balance your own cello as you attempt to set a soft case on it or hiding your cello out in a closet somewhere.

Cello stands create keeping your cello as simple as placing your cello on the stand. Below you’ll get a listing of our favourite cello stands you could use to showcase your cello.

The Best Cello Stands

1. Stagg SV-CE Adjustable Foldable Stand for Cello with Hook for Bow

Stagg SV-CE Adjustable Foldable Stand for Cello with Hook for Bow

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  • This is an easy and functional stand intended for cellos and smaller double basses.
  • The stand consists of a metallic base with an ABS support, so a solid operation without sharp protruding edges which may damage your device.
  • If not in use, it conveniently folds to a very compact dimension that makes it ideal for travel.
  • Whether you are playing on period, concert band, jazz band, or honing your abilities in your home, this stand provides a secure and trustworthy cradle for your own instrument.

2. Peak Music Stands Cello Stand (SC-20)

Peak Music Stands Cello Stand (SC-20)

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  • If you’re interested in finding a solution that protects your instruments on all fronts, then this particular classic Music cello stand is our choice for you. This cheap choice sports each of the features.
  • This stand is a semi-permeable steel framework using bendable supports to maintenance cellos of total dimensions and characteristic fast clamp levers for simple adjustments.
  • You can make certain folding neck and arms aid will cradle your device perfectly. The arms are coated with tough rubber around the sides which make contact with cello to save the device from scratch.
  • The design is lightweight and compact and provides low profile so that your device may be the middle of focus on size being 23 x 4 x 4 inches.
  • This stand folds up much smaller to easily be placed away into a container or case and is exceptionally travel-friendly and weighs about 2.4 lbs.

3. Hercules DS580B Auto-GRAB CELLO Stand

Hercules DS580B Auto-GRAB CELLO Stand

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  • Auto-GRAB CELLO Stand is Hercules’s signature stand, a renowned name and a superb product which combines performance and style in one.
  • Its distinctive auto grip system grips the cello or bass safely and securely retains the pegbox.
  • Hercules has introduced especially formulated foam rubber which covers the thighs to guarantee the device on all contact points.
  • The well-though stand includes relaxation grip for convenient altitude adjustments. It supports equilibrium, endpin expansion and includes bow hook for effortless storage and retains the two cello and bow useful.
  • It weighs 2.2 kg and is user friendly and provide maximum security, which makes it your ideal partner on busy phases and offering part of mind that your cello won’t be bashed.
  • The narrow and slim layout is very sturdy, sturdy and flexible as height is adjustable for different sized devices with its dimensions being 7.2 x 28 x 4.9 inches.

4. Ingles Adjustable Cello and Bass Stand

Ingles Adjustable Cello and Bass Stand

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  • This amazing Ingles Adjustable Cello and Bass Stand permit you to maintain your bow and instrument, using its endpin long, always prepared to play.
  • Folding almost level for storage, it also includes 2 height-adjustable cushioned arms to support the device’s underside and a third using a security bar to affix the neck.
  • The bow hangs out of a padded hook from harm’s way, contrary to the tool and away from the ground. Grip knobs for effortless modification to the height of stand.

5. Boston Cello Stand

Boston Cello Stand

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  • The Boston Cello Stand is a very fundamental, quality cello stand which is going to do the task of encouraging the cello and is simple to transfer.
  • It’s employed in several music shop showrooms across the globe and has been recently featured in Strings Magazine.
  • Incredibly lightweight, the Boston Cello Stand gets capturing your device extremely simple.
  • It’s well-padded to secure your cello and is equally as easy to carry as folding and moving.
  • No more fighting with all the latches on a conventional cello case. Simply select up your cello and perform!

6. Zither Wooden Cello Stand with Bow Holder – Handcrafted Solid Mahogany Wood Floor Stands

Zither Wooden Cello Stand with Bow Holder - Handcrafted Solid Mahogany Wood Floor Stands

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  • The Zither wooden cello stand is an elegant stand which will definitely stick out in almost any home.
  • The stand is made of mahogany working with the natural colour of the timber for a statement.
  • Once handmade, the timber is polished with natural oil.
  • This stand is very durable and has a 48″ clearance, so ideal for almost any full-size instrument.

7. Ornate Carved Wooden Cello Stand

Ornate Carved Wooden Cello Stand

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  • This cello wood-beamed stand really turns your device into a decorative and sculptural bit whilst at the same time giving you complete playing advantage.
  • Your device no more has to be taken out of a case and then put into storage every time you would like to practice or play; your own cello is prepared to play in a moment and it supplies a stunning display in your home.
  • The stand is not anything short of ornate: It’s beautifully and professionally made. Carved scrolls maintain the instrument securely set up, whereas lush velour liner and cushioning cradles your device without harm.

8. Vio Music Cello Wooden Stand Burgundy Velvet Plush Cushions

Vio Music Cello Wooden Stand Burgundy Velvet Plush Cushions

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  • The Vio Music cello stand is really a simple wooden cello stand that’s well-padded and incredibly supportive to encourage a full-sized cello.
  • Why is this much better than the Strad cello stand above would be that this wooden cello stand has a bow holder.
  • Not quite as elegant as the Strad stand, however, this Vio Music stand makes up for this with reliability.

9. String Swing Cello Hanger – Holder for Acoustic and Electric Cellos

String Swing Cello Hanger - Holder for Acoustic and Electric Cellos

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  • Cellos are far more than simply an instrument, they’re wall artwork, and String Swings knows it perfectly well.
  • The hanger is great for cellos offering variously sized headstocks while customized protective padding gently and securely supports the tools, perfect frame for hanging cellos including acoustic and electric.
  • This good piece of structure is really a budget-friendly option that delivers ease of access for the ease of storage and practice without compromising the performance and doesn’t occupy a lot of floor area as in the event of freestanding cello stands.
  • These may be fitted and placed large enough permitting your device to be stored using the endpin left stretched.
  • The hangers are produced in the USA using American steel and are a favorite selection of cellists offering maximum structural integrity and security.

10. A-Frame Adjustable Folding Cello Stand Support for Violin 1/8-4/4 Cellos 

A-Frame Adjustable Folding Cello Stand Support for Violin 1/8-4/4 Cellos 

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  • We provide you with the best instrument stand for Cello. It’ll be the ideal part for Cello players that need stable functionality.
  • This cushioned Folding Cello Stand for 1/8-4/4 Cellos provides strong support for performance or practice anyplace anytime. It’s firm, folded conveniently, simple to use, a new kind of music accessory.
  • It’s constructed from premium excellent fabric, durable in use. It could hold all of the dimensions of their Cello. It’ll be a must-have accessory to your everyday use. It’s absolutely of excellent quality and at a great price.

Buying Guide For Cello Stand

Locating the perfect cello stand may be challenging as you wish to find one which has the ideal aesthetic however is tough enough to maintain your cello. You ought to try to find the next two attributes when locating a cello stand to purchase.

  • Material: Would you desire a metal or wooden stand? Choose the material that you would like to match your house or music area.
  • Durability: Be sure that your cello rack is sturdy enough to encourage your cello regarding both weight and size. You need to discover a cello that fits on your cello and may hold this up. You do not need your cello to fall when it’s standing up.


Whichever cello stand you wind up picking, be sure to test it before you anticipate it along with your precious instrument.

Fold and unfold the travel cello stands to ensure yours will not collapse when you place the cello on it. Many cello stands are extremely similar with the primary differences being weight and pressure rating.

Both of these traits finally help determine the purchase price of this cello stand that is the reason why cello stands with greater pressure ratings and less weight are inclined to be more expensive.

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