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Top 10 Best Volume Pedal For Swells of 2021

Best Volume Pedal For Swells

To enable you to get control over the sound of your musical device, the expression pedal was produced. For their own part, the guitarists have taken good advantage of technologies to handle to adapt this sort of impact to their advantage. Playing the guitar whilst altering the volume with the perfect hand has become increasingly difficult as time passes. Thus the arrival of this volume pedal, and it can be among the most useful accessories for a musician.

Within this guide we’ll be having a peek at the best volume pedals for swelling which are available right now, and that means you’ll have the ability to discover a volume pedal that’s fantastic for you. From the time you finish reading this guide we expect you will have a great comprehension of each of those volume pedals that we’ve listed here now.

The Best Volume Pedal For Swells

1. Ernie Ball VP Jr. P06180 250K Potentiometer for Passive Electronics

Ernie Ball VP Jr. P06180 250K Potentiometer for Passive Electronics

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The Ernie Ball VP Jr 250k provides all of the exact excellent features as our initial volume pedal when reducing your footprint. Even the VP 250k Jr is completely voiced for passive signs and comes with a compact, yet rugged design comprising aircraft grade aluminum housing that’s virtually indestructible. Directly behind the input jack under the footplate is a micro taper button that offers both distinct volume swell rates.

2. Dunlop Guitar Volume Pedal

Dunlop Guitar Volume Pedal

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Control your own volume and FX parameters without any crowding your pedalboard. Saving space does not mean skimping on strength or functionality-the DVP4 Mini Volume (X) Pedal does all that the bigger DVP3 does in half the size, and it is just as solidly constructed with a lightweight aluminum chassis, competitive non-slip tread, and our patented Low Friction Band-Drive to get a smooth variety of movement and consistent, dependable performance.

For greatest precision and comfort, the DVP4’s rocker pressure is totally flexible. The AUX output unites tuner and expression performance into a single jack which could be toggled using a switch in the pedal. While employing the DVP4 within an expression pedal, then you may use an inner pot to set the minimal amount of this parameter you are controlling together with the rocker.

3. Hotone Soul Press 3 in 1 Mini Volume/Wah/Expression Effects Pedal

Hotone Soul Press 3 in 1 Mini Volume/Wah/Expression Effects Pedal

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The Hotone Soul Press is a 3-in-1 pedal at a smart compact dimensions. The device includes Wah, Volume, and Expression modes.

WAH: Wah mode is for most of the cry babies out there–we are speaking about the legit vocal sweep and verdant harmonics of this wah’s timeless age.

VOLUME: When musicians around the world agree on a single thing, it’s their common hatred of their”volume sucking” caliber of passive volume pedals. Soul Press’ Volume style is an energetic volume layout, which keeps your tone pristine. Nice tune the base end together with the volume range controller.

EXPRESSION: Expression pedal style may be used with no battery or external power source. It’s compatible with the majority of electronic results and joins with a normal stereo 1/4″ jack. This mode supports keyboards as well as other instrument which use expression controller.

4. BOSS Volume Pedal (FV-500H)

BOSS Volume Pedal (FV-500H)

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For 14 years, the famous BOSS FV-300 functioned as an industry-standard volume pedal. The tradition continued with the FV-50 collection, but now the bar has been raised with BOSS’s FV-500H pedal. This tank-tough diecast pedal is designed to fulfill the requirements of their toughest customers. The pedal provides a brand new stylish design, a road-tough construct, and a comfortable, smooth action. Additionally, it offers an Expression output for use with expression-compatible amps, effects, and even synthesizers.

Much like all the other versions in the FV Collection, two distinct pedal variations Enable You to Select the Best type for your Particular application:

FV-500H -mono, high-impedance, inst. level

FV-500L -stereo, low-impedance

5. Ernie Ball 40th Anniversary Volume Pedal (P06110)

Ernie Ball 40th Anniversary Volume Pedal (P06110)

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Since its introduction in 1977, the Ernie Ball Volume Pedal was the major choice for musicians throughout the planet. The Ernie Ball 40th Anniversary Volume Pedal includes a small edition masterpiece black aluminum chassis with upgraded graphics for a slick look both on and off point. A redesigned ultra durable Kevlar cord enhances potentiometer grip for exact volume control and a remarkably easy foot sweep.

Inspired by the rugged look of this first, the bicycle’s streamlined extruded aluminum casing is almost indestructible. Celebrate 40 years of quality, functionality, and reliability using this new anniversary edition volume pedal just by Ernie Ball.

6. Electro-Harmonix Expression Pedal with no moving parts

Electro-Harmonix Expression Pedal with no moving parts

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Expression / CV PedalExceptional controller, also instantaneous skip switching that’s totally silent. Increase or reduce the expression sweep range using all the range dial. Reverse the direction of this pedal’s output with the reverse controller. Includes a 6′ extended 1/4″ TRS cableUltra rugged. No more footswitches, gears or stand to break

It doesn’t work with a potentiometer, optics or magnetism to sweep expression-enabled controllers

The end result is a reactive expression pedal that offers accurate control over the saying or controller – voltage competent Results and instruments

7. Quick Lok VP-2622 Volume Pedal for Keyboard/Guitar

Quick Lok VP-2622 Volume Pedal for Keyboard/Guitar

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Stereo volume pedal using two input and two output 6.3 jacks. Even the VP/26-22 is Acceptable for the management of two devices at the same time – a guitar or keyboard instrument

Constructed using two 6.3 mm (1/4″) jack input sockets for connection with the tools and an additional 2 6.3 mm (1/4″) jack outlets for connection to the amplifier

Heavy metal foundation for a secure and secure usage. Features high-performance custom made potentiometer to get a long-term life. Topical potentiometer allows for direct sensitivity alterations.

8. Donner 2 in 1 Viper Mini Passive Volume Expression Guitar Effect Pedal

Donner 2 in 1 Viper Mini Passive Volume Expression Guitar Effect Pedal

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The New Volume/Expression two in 1 pedal out of Donner Company using the title of Viper, and it can be an analog circuit layout pedal. 2-Mode Volume/Expression results in the entire tough plastic small stomp box, and it strong and incredibly lightweight, which offers advantage for guitarists. You never worry about head to play with heavy pedal that just volume manner or only expression mode

The Viper provides both a superb Expression response together with Volume function and all at a tiny footprint design, and automatically finds and catchs output source (EXP / Vol) purpose. Works with pedal or battery power distribution, extensive array with bass guitar and other musical devices. Smooth taper responds to different parameters with accuracy. Everything you could do exactly plug and play.

Because you may see, that the Viper has a superb name layout: Green body, lovely LOGO layout. Very compact footprint and even lighter and shorter than the usual typical Expression pedal or Volume pedal. Made from tough plastic lightweight casing and also incredibly hardy and nicely made. This unit includes PASSIVE Volume and Expression modes, it operates without power adapter or battery.

9. Dunlop GCB80 High Gain Volume Pedal

Dunlop GCB80 High Gain Volume Pedal

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This passive volume pedal allows for dynamic management. This passive volume pedal allows for dynamic management. Ideal for both Pedal Steel Players and other volume-control applications. Features: Heavy die cast housing constructed for durability, 1 million cycle audio taper potentiometer. Doesn’t need batteries or external power supply. 10″ x 4″ x 2-1/2″ 3.5 is a licensed dealer of Dunlop products.

10. Mission Engineering VM-PRO Volume Pedal

Mission Engineering VM-PRO Volume Pedal

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The VM-PRO simplifies lots of the usual problems using volume pedals which result in tone sucking and mismatching difficulties whatever your device. The VM-PRO functions with many guitars such as electric, electro-acoustic, baritone or bass. Additionally, it works with a number of different tools such as electronic keyboards, steel guitars, and instrument microphones like harmonica and horn mics.

The VM-PRO includes high quality onboard buffers. These buffers help to maintain the frequency response when using long cable runs and a number of effects. Put simply: No tone suck! If you have ever experienced decreased top end and an overall reduction of glow from your device plugged into a pedal board, and then a fantastic excellent buffer at the beginning of your signal chain will provide help.

The Mission buffer is still a top of the line audiophile standard circuit, also being incorporated right into the volume pedal, so you can prevent needing to use another device, reducing the cable count and conserving weight and space in your own pedal board.VM-PRO was created for flexibility, also contains switchable choices which enable you to tune into your particular requirements. It is possible to put the volume pedal anywhere in the signal chain without mismatch problems, and that means that you may place it first and use it to get swells and clean/boost controller, continue as a master volume, or anywhere in between.

How To Choose Volume Pedal For Swells

For a newcomer, that has maybe never used a volume pedal earlier, it may feel very confusing to attempt and find out which one that you wish to purchase. Some first-time buyers can just choose a cheap one and hope for the best, though some may want to learn what attributes they ought to be searching for. Here we have listed some things which you’re able to keep an eye out for, and also needless to say, decide if they’re important for you personally or not.

  • Size: Volume pedals come in various dimensions, and you will need to be certain you have sufficient space in your pedalboard to your brand new quantity pedal. If you do not have a lot of space, then start looking for a miniature pedal.
  • Quality: Much like everything else, it is great to have a volume pedal which includes both a high quality casing, in addition to functions perfectly. Start looking for a pedal which includes aluminum casing in case you are likely to use it a great deal, but plastic could be fine if you just play once every so often and do not have lots of gigs planned anytime soon.
  • Price: We understand, it is dull, but you get exactly what you purchase. It is like getting a donut in McDonald’s or even Dunkin’ Donuts, the cheap one is the same as a bad copy. However, the ‘bad’ donut can fill your craving for a donut and may be the only thing to do if you can not afford a greater donut. Ok, we will quit talking about donuts today, otherwise, we are going to have to go and find a few, but you get the point. The more you spend, the greater the item. It is not accurate for all sorts of goods but if it has to do with volume pedals along with donuts it is definitely correct.
  • Extra Features: Despite the fact that it may look like all of the volume pedals are exactly the same at first glance, a number of them stand a little additional. It may be designer details such as exactly what they seem, or the way the surface where your foot moves is (the less slippery, the greater ), but in addition, it can be anything else, such as getting another effect, by way of instance, overdrive at precisely the identical pedal, which is fine if you do not currently have an overdrive pedal.


We had a wonderful time checking out each of the very best volume pedals for swells, and we all trust you had just as much pleasure reading through our recommendations. If you have any query or comments in relation to our own recommendations now then don’t hesitate to leave a message. We’d really like to hear from you!

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