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Best Violin Brands For Beginner in 2021

Best Violin Brands

If you are looking to purchase your first violin, then you have come to the right place. We will be going over some of the best brands for beginner violins that you can buy.  It might seem like a daunting task with all of the options out there, but don’t worry! We will break it down into easy-to-understand criteria so that choosing what is best for you is simple.  We also encourage anyone who has any questions about these violins or anything else related to purchasing an instrument to contact us directly at LAoperaring.  Now let’s jump right in!

What Are the Best Violin Brands?

The violin is one of the most popular stringed musical instruments. It is often used in classical, jazz or folk music, but it can also be seen in rock and roll bands like Nirvana (remember their MTV Unplugged show where they played with a cello). Not everybody has the skills to play this instrument; however, not everyone who dreams about playing one needs to master it either. For those that are just beginners or intermediate players looking for an inexpensive but still satisfying violin, these brands will provide top-quality violins without having to pay too much money for them:

Franz Hoffmann

The Franz Hoffmann violin is crafted out of quality tonewoods, which are usually used for violins that cost over 1000 dollars. They offer three different models: the Student, the Special and the Standard. These violins have a warm tone with plenty of volume to fill larger auditoriums with wonderful music. These instruments are made by hand in their Massachusetts factory. The craftsmanship involved in making these violins guarantees superb sound quality and durability that will last for years to come without any issues whatsoever. The necks are adjustable according to the needs of the player, so they will give you optimal comfort, even if you have never played before or if you have large hands.

These violins come at a very affordable price, especially considering their quality. Franz Hoffmann violins will bring out the best of your musical skills and help you create masterpieces that will leave others breathless with emotion.

Fritz Kreisler

The Fritz Kreisler violin is named after a famous Viennese composer from the early 20th century whose works are still played by many musicians today. These violins have a bright sound that has plenty of volume, which makes them ideal for beginner players who want to play in large auditoriums or at rock concerts. The tone is different from most instruments of this type because they have maple necks – not everything on these violin brands is made of spruce wood as one would expect from such an instrument. The fingerboard is made of maple, which helps in giving the tone that extra brightness. The tailpiece is nickel-plated steel, while the fingerboards are made out of maple for added quality.

It is important to mention that they also offer violins for intermediate players with carved spruce tops, solid maple necks and ebony fingerboards. These instruments are priced somewhat higher than their counterparts with maple fingerboards, but they are still very affordable when one considers the quality they provide. These violins have a warm sound that is better suited for solo playing or practice sessions without any distractions or noise that would disrupt your concentration.

Pearl River

The Pearl River violin has earned its popularity due to being crafted out of- you guessed it – high-quality tonewoods including maple and spruce. They have a beautiful sound, with a clear tone that is perfect for beginner players or intermediate ones who do not want to spend too much money on an instrument but still get a quality one for a great price. The fingerboard is made of ebony while the pegs are hand-carved from rosewood. This particular violin brand has been carefully crafted in China over the last 40 years, earning its spot as one of the best violins for all levels of play. Their affordable prices add to their popularity among professional musicians and amateur ones alike.

Pearl River offers different instruments according to your level of skill: they have Intermediate, Advanced and Professional models available with different tonewoods and sizes.

Jasmine by Maxwell

The Jasmine violin from Maxwell features a traditional construction style with the body being made from maple wood that gives it a great sound along with a warm tone with a lot of volume that is ideal for playing classical pieces in large auditoriums or at home when you have no neighbors, allowing you to play as loudly as you want without disturbing anyone around. The neck is carved out of imported European spruce while the fingerboard is made of ebony. The ebony is often used on high-end violins because it helps in improving quality and reducing string resistance, providing more power to your music. Naturally it also looks very appealing since the deep black color adds a certain elegance to these instruments.

The quality of the Jasmine violin from Maxwell is top-notch considering the price it has and it will help you in understanding what a real musician feels when he plays his instrument, which inspires him to create masterpieces that make others feel similar emotions through their music.

Jasmine violins come at an affordable range because they are handmade instruments crafted out of all natural wood that makes them suitable for anyone who wants to improve their musical skills or just play for fun. They have been made based on the designs used by many famous violin brands over the years, but with some additions from modern technology that helps in making these violins even more attractive and durable than before.

A violin can be a great investment for anyone who wants to take his music skills to the next level or just have fun with it. You can find a Jasmine violin from Maxwell at your local store, where you will be able to test its sound and playability in person before making a decision on whether this is the right instrument for you or not.

It has been crafted out of maple wood which gives it an attractive look along with a warm tone that is perfect when playing classical pieces. The fingerboard is made of ebony while the neck is carved from imported spruce so you know it provides great quality and reliability, allowing you to fully express yourself through your music without worrying about anything else. The affordable pricing makes these violins accessible even to people who might be forced to practice with a low-quality instrument otherwise. They have been designed after the designs used by many famous violin brands, but with some additions from modern technology that help in making these violins even more attractive and durable than before.

If you are looking for a true heirloom quality violin capable of inspiring you to create masterpieces on it, then Jasmine violins from Maxwell might be exactly what your heart desires. You can find them at your local store, where you will be able to test their playability and sound before making a decision on whether this is the right instrument for you or not.

Kennedy Violins

The Kennedy violins are crafted with the finest tonewoods available in the world. They also come at affordable prices that make them accessible to most people who want to take their music skills to the next level or just play for fun.

Kennedy violins feature hand-carved spruce tops with maple backs and sides, which is a combination used by many famous violin manufacturers around the world. This provides these instruments with an unmatched sound quality and unmatched playability. If you are looking for a heirloom quality violin for your child, then Kennedy violins might be exactly what you need because they have been made based on simple designs that will allow your little one to easily learn how to play this instrument without feeling overwhelmed by all the options available to them.

These violins are crafted with Ebony fittings, just like the best violin brands in the world use. This improves their playability because it allows for easy bow control and provides added durability, which is always something you should be looking for when investing your money into an instrument that will help improve your music skills over time.

Kennedy violins also come at affordable prices because they are handmade products crafted here in America by highly skilled luthiers who know how important it is to offer people an opportunity to develop their musical skills without having to worry about breaking their piggy bank first. You can find these violins at your local store, where you will be able test their quality and overall sound before making a decision on whether this is the right instrument for you or not.

If you want to support an American business and develop your musical skills at the same time, then Kennedy violins might be exactly what your heart desires most. These violins can help you reach new heights in music without having to worry about anything since they have been crafted using materials that provide unrivaled quality and durability. You can test them before deciding whether or not this is what you need, but we can assure you that if you choose Kennedy, it will be one of the best decisions made in your life.

Eastman Strings

Eastman strings are handmade string instruments that offer great quality for money, which is always something you should be looking for when making an investment like this one. For example, the quartet of violins available at your local store will set you back $4,000 if you decide to go with it. Eastman comes with superb craftsmanship and they look exactly like the more expensive models without breaking your bank account in order to get them into your home. They come with ebony fingerboards attached to highly polished maple necks that provide them with extra durability and stability, giving any violinist an opportunity to express themselves through their music without worrying about damaging the instrument itself because of some common mistake made while practicing or performing on stage. These violins look and sound extremely well, for less than half the price of the best violin brands in the world. If you want to buy a string instrument that will help develop your musical skills without putting too much strain on your bank account, then Eastman is clearly what you should be looking at.

Eastman violins also come with solid spruce tops and highly figured maple back and sides. These materials make them look like the real deal while still coming at affordable prices that allow people to try out their latest products before making a final decision on whether this is exactly what they need or not.


Cecilio violins are some of the best violin brands that money can buy. These are handmade string instruments made with high quality materials that provide them with an unmatched playability and appearance. Cecilio violins are great for students, especially those who are still learning how to hold a bow properly, because they come with simple designs that will allow any average person to start playing this instrument almost immediately.

This is possible thanks to the ebony fittings attached to their fingerboards which also improve their overall durability over time.

These violins look like the real deal, even though you can find them at affordable prices all across America. They have solid spruce tops and highly figured maple back and sides, just like most expensive models out there on the today market, which is why it can be so difficult to tell them apart. This may look like a simple thing to do, but you have to keep in mind that most customers who are trying to purchase violins do not necessarily know what they will be getting when they open the package, especially if their budget is low enough for them to get an affordable model of this kind.

This is precisely why Cecilio violins are one of today’s best violin brands because they come with woods that provide an even sound throughout every string on the instrument while also being very stable at the same time. The materials used allow them to produce a sound that comes as close as possible to those produced by expensive custom-made models without any major issues whatsoever. Even the most demanding of buyers will be more than satisfied with Cecilio violins.

Violin Brands to Avoid

It is best to avoid any violin that costs less than $200 because you are most likely getting a product made with low-quality materials, which will not provide you with much in terms of performance or durability. You should also avoid violins which come with rubber instead of ebony fingerboards. While it may seem like this would be something great to have, these fingerboards can wear down fast and they do not make the instrument play any better. All in all, if you want to get your money’s worth out of an investment like this one then you should look into buying Eastman Violins or Cecilio instruments since you will end up making the right choice without having to sacrifice too much money for it.

The price is definitely the most important factor to consider when you want to purchase a new string instrument of this kind. However, that does not mean that this is the only thing you should keep in mind before taking the final decision. It’s good to remember that a cheap violin will never sound as great as a high-end one because of several reasons. First of all, cheap strings are often harder on your fingers and make it difficult for you to express yourself properly through music. For example, Eastman violins look and sound extremely well while being very affordable at the same time. These violins are handmade with quality materials to provide you with a great value for your money. You can also find them in online stores these days, which makes it even easier to purchase the one that you want without having to spend too much time looking into different alternatives at local shops.


If you are a beginner violinist, the choice of which brand to buy can be overwhelming. Between violins from Yamaha and Stradivari, there is an expansive range of price points, shapes, sizes and finishes available. We hope this article has given you some helpful insights in choosing your first instrument. Now it’s time for us to say goodbye! Be sure to contact us if we can help with any other questions or concerns about your decision-making process when buying a new violin. Thanks for reading!

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