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Top 10 Best Tuba Mouthpiece Reviews in 2021

Best Tuba Mouthpiece

This guide can allow you to find all you have to know to discover the best tuba mouthpiece on your own instrument. We’ve taken the opportunity to seriously analyze the mouthpieces which are on the market and we reasoned the Cecilio Standard Tuba Mouthpiece is the one which stands out the most. It’s highly versatile and on account of this mid size rim, it may be used to reach a higher selection of notes. Players will see a better intonation when using it. It can help you create a high sound volume.

The Best Tuba Mouthpiece

1. Conn-Selmer, Inc. Tuba Mouthpiece (120S)

Conn-Selmer, Inc. Tuba Mouthpiece (120S)

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  • The brand is currently based in Indiana and it’s specialized in generating quality orchestra and band instruments. This version out of them is a normal mouthpiece, using a narrow bell form. It’s a great choice both for novices and more experienced gamers.
  • The rim could be thought of a mid sized one since it’s acceptable for many players and enables everyone to approach a wide dynamic variety.
  • Despite this, however, players who have bigger lips can struggle with using it and ought to search for a bigger diameter bit. Its size makes it light in weight.
  • Comparing to other mouthpieces, you’ll observe an improvement in the tuba’s tone when applying this. You do not need to lose itso modest, so you ought to look at obtaining a pouch to keep it.
  • Users will have the ability to play a whole lot louder with more simplicity, and also the high quality mouthpiece will boost the scope and quality of the intonation.

2. Yamaha Tuba Mouthpiece

Yamaha Tuba Mouthpiece

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  • Yamaha is one of those well known brands from the music industry and that’s a result of the fantastic high quality products it has been producing for decades.
  • And if you’re unsure on what mouthpiece to select, you may be certain that this version from the business is almost always a fantastic pick. It is a mouthpiece acceptable for many players, due to its normal cup and thickness.
  • It is possible to receive this version if you’re not certain about what style to approach. It will permit you to test unique procedures and it’ll offer a fantastic platform for one to understand.
  • You also ought to be aware that the rim of the piece is semi-flat rather than around, as you may anticipate. Some players choose to not use this type of model.
  • But, that does not signify that the mouthpiece is uneasy while in use, as it offers a fantastic grip.

3. Blessing MPC24AWTB Tuba

Blessing MPC24AWTB Tuba

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  • The Blessing firm has a top reputation among tuba mouthpiece manufacturers for producing quality components at a reasonable price. This mouthpiece fits into that description. It is created based on input from famous professional players and established both in the united states and Germany. That means you won’t need to be worried whether it matches your tuba, wherever you reside.
  • According to its own description, this mouthpiece includes a deep cup depth. A cup that is heavier will normally make a darker tone and also certainly will ensure it is a great deal easier to play low notes.
  • On the flip side, the participant should work a whole lot more difficult to achieve high notes. However, this comes with experience. Talking about expertise, you may want to expand your musical experience and get yourself among the very well-known clarinets out there.
  • To compensate this, the rim shape is a broad and horizontal one, allowing the player to have a simpler time to achieve those large tonalities. In addition, it provides a few excess space for those lips to break and the outcome is much more endurance.

4. Cecilio Standard Tuba Mouthpiece

Cecilio Standard Tuba Mouthpiece

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  • This is yet another fantastic addition to almost any tuba player’s collection, and that’s a result of the smooth low tones it could supply. The version is silver plated, something which is a frequent practice in the business.
  • It’s a profound cone, meaning the tones coming from it’ll probably be darker, and more acceptable for those seeking to achieve lower notes.
  • The rim size is quite big and is curved, making matters difficult for novices, but supplying a fantastic option for the expert players.
  • Using a round rim, the participant can control the notes which come out. But, using it for too long can lead to the player becoming tired quicker.
  • Taking a look at the internal details, the mouthpiece provides a few fantastic curvatures, that form a U shape. This makes it somewhat easier to achieve higher sounds.

5. Faxx Tuba and Sousaphone

Faxx Tuba and Sousaphone

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  • This is a metal mouthpiece garnished with silver which has an adequate price tag in the event you’re searching for a metal mouthpiece rather than a plastic.
  • The curved rim makes it comfy for playing the tuba while the ample cup permits you to generate rich and full sounds.
  • Some state that the grade of the mouthpiece is comparable to those produced by famous brands, together with the benefit of conserving quite a couple of dollars.
  • Whether that is the case or not depends upon in the event that you choose to give it a go and if this mouthpiece is exactly what you are seeking to find.

6. Denis Wick DW3186-3L Heritage Tuba Mouthpiece

Denis Wick DW3186-3L Heritage Tuba Mouthpiece

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  • Adding a round rim along with a generous cup, this tuba mouthpiece will let you procure a fantastic clarity of your sounds and a superb tone with a very low quantity of work.
  • The mouthpiece is made from metal, acquiring the rim garnished with gold whereas the rest of the mouthpiece’s body is plated with silver.
  • The neck ensures a speedy and exact reply, which means you will surely not be disappointed by this mouthpiece. Nonetheless, it may signify a challenge to your finances, being advocated to get some tuba abilities before investing in such a mouthpiece, knowing for certain whether this item can allow you to provide the desired functionality.

7. Jean Baptiste MP18C Tuba Mouthpiece

Jean Baptiste MP18C Tuba Mouthpiece

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  • Would you prefer a reasonable tube mouthpiece for rehearsal sessions and practicing your tuba abilities? Then do check this mouthpiece outside since it could provide the type of performances that you need without placing pressure on your financial plan.
  • Made from metal and plated with silver, the mouthpiece is watertight and capable of supplying great sounds.
  • It’s the sort of mouthpiece perfect for novices and beginners, who are only working their way around the tuba. So, rather than investing a lot of right from the beginning, have a mouthpiece that’s available before you start creating your tuba playing fashion.

8. Blessing MPC18TB Tuba Mouthpiece

Blessing MPC18TB Tuba Mouthpiece

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  • First up is our best choice the Blessing MPC18TB Tuba Mouthpiece. This tuba mouthpiece is based on layouts recommendations from professional players. These players happen to be Buff Dillard, Robert Dorer, and Dominick Farinacci a number of their best.
  • In our view, if that mouthpiece is great enough for a few of the tuba’s best players, then it is probably good enough for you. If you’d like a few of their best tone accessible for your tuba, then search no farther than the Blessing tuba mouthpiece.
  • The Blessing MPC18TB is devised in Florida by Terry Warburton and constructed in Germany by Lausmann so that you know you are getting a one of a kind top excellent mouthpiece.

9. Glory Standard Tuba Mouthpiece Silver Plated 22

Glory Standard Tuba Mouthpiece Silver Plated 22

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  • Next up is the Glory Standard Tuba Mouthpiece, the ideal selection for virtually any tuba player.
  • The attractiveness mouthpiece is just one of the most ordinary tuba mouthpieces you may purchase, and it can manage any sheet music that you throw at it.
  • The Glory Standard tubing mouthpiece has a cozy feel, it is silver plated, has exceptional tone and tone and it is frankly a fantastic alternative for any experience level of tuba player. Furthermore, it’s among the less expensive mouthpieces on our listing.

10. Adam ATU18 Adam Mouthpiece Tuba 18

Adam ATU18 Adam Mouthpiece Tuba 18

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  • The ATU18 Adam Mouthpiece is a fantastic selection for any tuba player who would like to update their tone without costing too much.
  • This mid-century tuba mouthpiece gets the appearance and texture of top-end tuba mouthpieces.
  • If you’re searching for an enhanced tuba tone without a huge price tag, then the Adam mouthpiece will find the task finished.

How to Choose a Tuba Mouthpiece

  • Price: Although not necessarily representative of quality, the cost is an important matter to consider when buying a tuba mouthpiece. Plastic mouthpieces are available for $25 or less, while mouthpieces that are plated in silver or gold may be more expensive than $300. If you are just starting out, do not spend too much about a mouthpiece, particularly since you’ll probably be trying out more than just a few before you find the one which’s ideal for you. If you are on a strict budget or aren’t positive if you’re likely to stay with the tool, buying a used tuba mouthpiece can save yourself money, though it is not suggested for sanitary purposes.
  • Playing Mode: Did you know the dimensions and dimensions of the rim, cup, throat, and backbore all have an impact on the sound that is created by your tuba? Broad, round mouthpieces have a tendency to be comfier, permitting the tuba to be performed for longer amounts of time, whereas narrow and sharp rims are far more precise. If you’re searching for a dark, rich tone, opt for a mouthpiece with a huge cup. Alternately, little, shallow cups may brighten tone and alleviate fatigue. If it comes to the backbore, tight backbores can create a fantastic sound, while broad backbores are a lot more mellow. If you are uncertain which type of sound you’d love to create, try a couple of unique mouthpieces until something sticks.
  • Silver or Gold Plated?: Though pure brass mouthpieces can be found, many tuba mouthpieces are plated in either gold or silver on account of how many people have a mild allergy to pure brass. Silver-plated mouthpieces are somewhat less costly than gold, and obviously, kill any germs. Should you decide on a silver mouthpiece remember that silver tarnishes easily, making regular care and upkeep of utmost importance. If you are allergic to silver or favor gold, it is a fantastic selection but includes a high cost. At length, plastic mouthpieces are a favorite choice among outdoor performers, as they are lightweight, highly durable, and will withstand very cold temperatures. If you are in a marching band, this is probably the ideal option.
  • Mouthpieces for Beginners: If you are new to playing the tuba, or are buying a tuba for a little child, begin with an extremely small cupped mouthpiece. As it is smaller in nature and simpler to generate audio, it is the perfect selection for people who don’t have a great deal of expertise. In case you have experience playing a different brass instrument or happen to be playing the tuba for some time, it could be easier for you to test out a larger cup. An alternative is to navigate our website and decide on a mouthpiece that is recorded as being Best Rated or a Best Seller. As with any additional purchase, read testimonials and educate yourself before making the last choice.


Updating your tuba mouthpiece is an economical and practical approach to repair your tuba tone. Besides beginning a fresh & more intensive exercise regime, an excellent way to boost your tone would be using a fresh tuba mouthpiece. In case you’ve got a dire need for enhanced tone, then I trust with our list you can pick the best tuba mouthpiece for you.

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