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Top 9 Best Semi Hollow Body Guitars Under 500 of 2021

Best Semi Hollow Body Guitars Under $500

The semi-hollow body guitar is a great way to get the rich, full sound of an electric guitar without having to shell out thousands of dollars. The best part about these guitars is that they are very versatile and can be used for many different styles ranging from jazz to rock. Semi-hollow bodies also tend to have more resonance than your average solid body because the wood isn’t as thick and dense. This means you’ll find yourself able to create a much wider range of sounds with these types of guitars than what you would normally be able to do on a solid-bodied one. If you’re looking for one that won’t break the bank but will still give you professional-level quality, look no further! We’ve put together this list which features

What’s a Hollow Body Guitar?

A hollow-body guitar is a stringed instrument that produces sound through the vibration of its strings, which are set between high-density metal plates. The original version of this style was built in the 1930s and has since become one of the most desirable guitars for many musicians to play. This type of music has been around for decades and it can be heard in some very popular songs by artists such as Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison. They can still be heard today on several different types of recordings, although you will mainly find them in jazz music as well as country and blues genres.

The use of a humbucker or “dual” magnetic pickup allows these guitars to produce a unique sound that consists mostly mid-range, but still has a smooth sound. On the other hand, hollow body electric guitars are perfect for playing country music and blues. The mid-range feature of these instruments gives them a distinctive voice that is different from solid-body electric guitars.

It is also possible to modify one of these guitars in a variety of ways depending on one’s budget and taste in order to produce a unique instrument that will give you the exact sound you’re looking for in your music. For many connoisseurs, this type of guitar is the epitome of the vintage era when it comes to stringed instruments. It has an elegant look and feels while producing fabulous sound quality.

What Are The Advantages Of A Hollow Body Guitar?

The first advantage is the sound. The rounded shape of these guitars produces a great midrange tone that is ideal for playing many different types of music. This type of guitar is also perfect for recording, especially if it has been modified with the addition of some extra equipment.

The second advantage to this particular style of instrument is its versatility by allowing you to choose from an array of different designs and features that are available on the market today. You can purchase one that comes equipped with anything from electronics to accessories such as slide bars or tremolo devices, all depending upon what you are looking for in your new guitar. Many professionals will modify their instruments according to their own personal preferences which gives them a unique sound and look overall.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Hollow Body Guitars?

While this type of instrument is great to play and the sound quality is second to none, it does have a couple of disadvantages. If you wish to take your guitar anywhere with you without carrying around a large case, then this style of guitar may not be the one for you because these guitars have no hard shell design, nor are they equipped with metal hardware, unlike many solid-body electric guitars. They also don’t produce as much volume as their counterparts which means that you will need an amplifier in order to hear your music at its best when playing live.

However, if the volume isn’t really an issue for you (for example, if you perform alone) or if you plan to use this instrument mainly for recording purposes, then you will definitely want to take a look at one of these guitars and what it has to offer. With such a large selection available on the market, it is possible to find one that meets your specific needs without having to spend a small fortune in the process.

List Of 9 Best Semi-Hollow Body Guitar Under $500 Reviews

1. Ibanez Artcore AS73 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar

Ibanez Artcore AS73 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar

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The Ibanez Artcore AS73 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Tobacco Brown gives you a guitar with beautiful looks and great sound. It features a set mahogany neck for solid playability, and an all-maple body for brightness and sustains. The bound rosewood fretboard provides lasting durability and a smooth feel, while the ART1 bridge ensures accurate intonation.

2. Dean COLT CBK Semi-Hollow-Body Electric Guitar

Dean COLT CBK Semi-Hollow-Body Electric Guitar

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The Dean COLT GN Slash in Maple is for players who like the traditional single-coil sounds and need a more comfortable playing experience. It has an arched top with plenty of room to spin it when you’re on stage, and its famous double cutaway design lets you reach all 24 frets easily. The Rock maple neck emerges from its grainy natural wood state into a polished finish that’s both lively and warm, perfect for rockers with speedy tempos. For musicians who play rhythm guitar mainly, this guitar is set up so their thumb can tap out chords besides the pickups while your fingers put down some solo licks at the higher registers.

3. Squier by Fender Classic Vibe 70’s Telecaster Thinline Electric Guitar

Squier by Fender Classic Vibe 70's Telecaster Thinline Electric Guitar

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Keep your Thinline Telecaster just the way it is. Part of Fender’s Classic Vibe series, this Squier by Fender Classic Vibe 70s Telecaster maple-finished guitar has the perfect blend of look and sound. With all new pickups for easier tweaking than ever before, designed completely by Fender themselves, this Vintage Tinted gloss neck finish will be sure to give you that satisfying comfortable feel on every strum. Perfect for any beginning or intermediate guitarist looking for their first or next guitar who also want a more vintage tone with some modern twists thrown in!

4. Guild Starfire V with Guild Vibrato Tailpiece Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar with Case

Guild Starfire V with Guild Vibrato Tailpiece Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar with Case

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The Guild Starfire V Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar is the perfect choice for professional guitarists who demand the finest in craftsmanship and tone. With an arched laminated mahogany top and back, and laminated mahogany sides, this guitar delivers a rich, resonant sound with excellent sustain. The 3-piece mahogany/maple/mahogany neck ensures rigidity and stability while providing a smooth playing surface. The Indian rosewood fingerboard offers a warm, lustrous tonality and superb fretting-hand feel. And with its Guild Tune-O-Matic bridge with rosewood base and Guild vibrato tailpiece, the Starfire V provides optimum intonation and allows players to achieve their signature sounds.

5. Ibanez 6 String Semi-Hollow-Body Electric Guitar

Ibanez 6 String Semi-Hollow-Body Electric Guitar

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The Ibanez 6 String Semi-Hollow-Body Electric Guitar features a fanned fret set-neck design for easier access to the upper registers, paired with the ART-B II bridge guitar tuned stability system. Whether you are new to electric guitars or have been playing for years, this guitar has a perfect blend of comfort and playability.

If you want to get your hands on some really serious tone, check out our new lineup of Ibanez guitars. The Ibanez 6 String Semi-Hollow-Body Electric Guitar won’t disappoint!

6. Ibanez AG75BS Artcore Hollowbody Electric Guitar

Ibanez AG75BS Artcore Hollowbody Electric Guitar

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Looking for a guitar with classic style and modern features? The Ibanez AG75BS Artcore Hollowbody Electric Guitar is a perfect choice. With its mahogany neck and bound rosewood fingerboard, this guitar delivers a killer tone and playability. And thanks to its large frets, you’ll be able to make the most of every note. Whether you’re playing jazz or blues, the AG75BS is up for the challenge.

7. Guild Starfire II ST Hollow Body Electric Guitar

Guild Starfire II ST Hollow Body Electric Guitar

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The Guild Guitars Starfire II ST Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar will help you show off your skills in a big way. Its uniquely hollowbody design gives you an incomparable tone that’s unlike anything out there, and we’re confident it will make your performance even better than ever before. It starts with mahogany intricate neck and the Guild Tune-O-Matic bridge with Stopbar tailpiece, ensuring plenty of sustain and stability for all your performances. And its dual LB-1 Little Bucker pickups provide everything from clean acoustic tones to warm lead tones for pure playing pleasure. If you’re looking for unparalleled quality in semi-hollow body guitars, this is the one to get!

8. Dean Guitars 6 String Dean Shire Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar with Piezo

Dean Guitars 6 String Dean Shire Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar with Piezo

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Looking for a guitar that is both professional and stylish? Look no further than the Dean Shire Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar. Featuring a maple body, maple top and maple neck, this guitar delivers a bright, clear tone that is perfect for any style of music. The rosewood fretboard provides a warm, mellow sound, while the chrome hardware ensures that your guitar will look great onstage or in the studio.

9. Hagstrom Tremar Viking Deluxe Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar

Hagstrom Tremar Viking Deluxe Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar

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The Hagstrom Tremar Viking Deluxe Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar is the perfect choice for any musician looking for an instrument that is easy to play. With a thin neck and contoured body, this guitar is designed for comfort and style. The custom pickups produce a warm, rich sound that will make you fall in love with playing music again. Whether you are a beginner or a professional musician, the Hagstrom Tremar Viking Deluxe Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar is the perfect choice for you.

How To Choose Best Semi-Hollow Body Guitars Under 500?

In order to choose the best semi-hollow body guitars under 500, look out for some important features that you need to consider. The first thing you have to make a decision is how big of a guitar do you want. If you are a beginner and new to playing the guitar, then the very first thing I would recommend is going with the smallest size of guitar possible. The reason for this is because smaller-sized guitars will be way lighter in weight which means they won’t put as much strain on your fingers as larger-sized guitars would.

When choosing small-sized guitars, there are two different types of designs available – solid bodies or hollow bodies. Hollow bodies tend to produce more richness and tone of their sound while being great at recording purposes. On the other hand, solid bodies have a more punchy sound.

If you’re more advanced and you’ve been playing the guitar for a while now, then you can choose between different sizes of guitars. In this case, it is also important to look at two main designs which are going to be either Solid-Body or Hollow Body. While there are quite a few differences between these two guitar types which we explained above, one of the most significant differences in these guitars is definitely their weight.

Hollow body guitars will be a lot heavier than solid body guitars because they need to have hollow space inside of them that allows a bigger amount of resonance from string vibrations to escape through the body.

If we were to recommend one guitar design over another, we would go with a solid body due to their weight being lighter which means they are much easier to handle when playing live. You will definitely have more fun playing them for extended hours without becoming tired as fast as you would if you had played hollow body guitars. If this sounds interesting, consider paying attention to our list of best semi-hollow electric guitars for under 500 dollars.

Another thing that is very important when choosing semi-hollow body guitars is that it has the same string spacing as full-sized modern or classic guitars – 1 11/16″ at the nut and 2 1/8″ at the 12th fret.

What this spacing will do great for you is to ensure that you’ll be able to play chords and riffs just like you would on any other guitar but with much more comfort and accuracy than if your guitar had narrower string spacing, which can prove very hard and annoying even for experienced guitar players.

It should also have a 24 3/4″ scale length because it is a standard among electric guitars today. If your guitar doesn’t have this scale length, then playing lead parts such as solos or fast-paced riffs could become really uncomfortable. It’s also important that lower strings vibrate freely to produce clear tone without buzzing which can happen when you go with guitars that have a longer scale length.

You should also pay attention to the guitar’s neck profile and the shape of the neck itself. If your guitar features 24 frets, then it is a good thing but they shouldn’t be too high because if they are, that would make reaching them very uncomfortable for you which is going to prevent you from being able to play your favorite songs when playing lead parts or solos.

As for the fretboard material, rosewood is still considered as one of the best ones out there due to its ability to keep its tone over time while having enough density so it won’t feel soft in your hands when playing fast-paced riffs or solos. Most brands will use maple for fingerboards which can be more durable than rosewood but can lose their tone faster.

Who Should Buy a Hollow or Semi-Hollow Guitar for this Price?

Anyone who is struggling to find an affordable solid-body guitar will be able to use one of these models. While they are not as durable as traditional solid body guitars, they do provide great value for money which cannot be said about the rest of the guitars on our list.

If you’re looking to replace your old guitar that was stolen or if you haven’t bought a guitar yet but want something that’s affordable and can help you learn how to play it then this will definitely do the job for you. They are pretty solid in their construction even though some models feature bolt-on necks instead of setting necks due to price point. Most brands also use the same hardware on these types of guitars so there won’t be much difference between finding models with one bridge type or another.

They also have a very nice sustain and can be used in any genre of music from blues, jazz to classic rock. However, if you’re a metalhead then this will probably not cut it for you because they don’t produce the heavy tones required by metal bands. While some brands do use electronics over these guitars which makes them suitable for playing different types of styles, most notable pickups should be set to clean tones only while playing though speakers because their output is not strong enough to compete with high gain lead guitar tone on the amplifier. So if you’re more into heavy music then consider looking at our list of best electric guitars under 1000 dollars as that’s what we have selected specifically for metalheads out there.

Items to take into consideration when trying to find the best semi-hollow electric guitar under 500

Scale Length 

this is a measurement of string length from the bridge saddle to nut. The scale length affects playability and tone, so you need a set that’s going to be comfortable for you as well as provide clear ringing notes. If you have smaller hands then consider going with a 24-inch scale which will definitely work better for lead parts while remaining comfortable enough for playing riffs with low action. However, if your hands are big enough then the 25-inch scale might suit your needs better because it will most likely provide more room between strings and fretboard edge. In terms of tone, most brands tend to go with a 24-inch scale since they’re using stainless steel for strings in order to recreate that silky smooth feel when playing chords.

Body Type 

there are two types of body construction when choosing a hollow-body electric guitar, semi and fully hollow bodies. Semi-hollow bodies have been around since the 1930s when Gibson SG was released which features solid center block running through the entire length of the body while the rest of it is carved out from wood just like Leo did with Les Paul. Fully hollow bodies on other hand go one step further by carving whole body out from wood besides using center block for reinforcement between neck and bridge just like Fender Telecaster after mid 50s model. While both models achieve a similar tone they differ in many ways so you really need to figure this part out before buying anything. Semi-hollow models come in two major types, single-cutaway and double-cutaway while fully hollow usually doesn’t have any cutaways since the extended edge of the guitar provide enough access to the highest frets.

Single Cutaway vs Double Cutaway

Single cutaway is the most common type used by all brands because it’s much cheaper to produce than other one while still providing same functionality or even better access. While you might think that not having a cut away will allow you play everything, this is simply not true as there are spots on fretboard where traditional body shape prevents players from reaching certain notes without high-fretting technique which can be quite hard to get used to for beginners. On top of single cutaway design makes it impossible to play solos with ease which is just not possible with body designed this way.

Double cutaway bodies are much better when it comes to playing solos because they can provide access to higher frets without any raising action or pressing strings down too hard. They also tend to be more comfortable due larger edges that allow you grab hold of guitar easier while standing in front of it, especially if the guitar has f-holes which create additional space between body and edge. The problem though is that single cutaway models cost significantly less than double cutaways so there’s no real reason for choosing second type unless you really need extra comfort while performing on stage.


We hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful in your search for the perfect semi-hollow body guitar. Thanks to our research, we’ve discovered that many people prefer a Fender because of their quality craftsmanship and affordability. If you’re not sure which brand is right for you, please feel free to contact us at any time! Let’s get started on creating an action plan to help grow your business today!

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