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Top 10 Best Rca Cables For Car Audio Reviews in 2021

Best Rca Cables For Car Audio

RCA cables are not a thing of the past just yet. They are actually still quite helpful, particularly when linking car parts. By way of instance, just recently we purchased our self a head unit for my car and found I can use an RCA cable to link it to my own equalizer. Pretty soon, we found myself pouring through a lot of sites, attempting to track down the best RCA cables we can find.

We ended up putting my hands on and testing about 10 distinct cables from that we picked my top five selections for this year. You may find our reviews for each under.

The Best Rca Cables For Car Audio

1. Fospower (3 Feet) 2 Rca M/M Stereo Audio Cable

Fospower (3 Feet) 2 Rca M/M Stereo Audio Cable

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  • The first set of RCA audio cables on our list is fabricated by FosPower. Both of these M/M cables are gold-plated, including 24k golden protection within the high-quality copper core.
  • The superior construction and core materials guarantee excellent sound quality, and that’s why these cables give the ideal sound in this budget. The cables are maximally shielded so as to reduce external noise and avoid any sort of undesirable interference.
  • Thus, you’re left with higher quality, clear sound that can make your driving experience considerably more entertaining. Let’s not forget that these cables feature a fully molded connector that improves the durability and versatility of their wires.

2. Riteav Rca Audio Video Cable

Riteav Rca Audio Video Cable

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  • Next up is the RiteAV RCA audio cable, featuring gold plated wiring. Unlike the previous version, these stereo sound cables are a lot simpler. They’re well-made and so are highly durable so that you do not need to fret about malfunctions or interference.
  • Remember that the set also has a movie RG59 cable, which may not be required for automobile installments but it’s always great to have a flexible addition so that you may use the identical cable for different functions also.
  • In general, there aren’t any distinctive characteristics worth mentioning when it concerns the RiteAV RCA audio cables. They’re easy and get the business finished.

3. JSAUX RCA Stereo Cable

JSAUX RCA Stereo Cable

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  • The following pair of cables on our list would be the JSAUX RCA stereo cables, featuring dual-shields and gold plated wiring. The cables are slightly longer than the next thing on the record, with a complete length of 6.6 ft.
  • What is great about this collection of cables is they are incredibly flexible and may be used with various types of speakers. The cables provide Hifi stereo functionality with the maximum quality sound output.
  • If you’re wanting to truly spend the sound in your vehicle to the second level, these are definitely the cables that you should go for.

4. KabelDirekt RCA Stereo Cable

KabelDirekt RCA Stereo Cable

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  • Last but not least, the next product on the list is that the KabelDirekt RCA stereo cables, that will also be the most expensive choice for today. These cables come in a number of lengths so that you may pick from 3 feet, 6 feet, 15 feet, 20 feet, all of the way up to 25 feet.
  • As one of those expert series cables, these RCAs offer you unmatched sound quality which you won’t purchase from any other product on the marketplace. As a result of this high quality metallic casing, dual shielding, and durable parts, the cables will endure for years and supply impeccable sound quality.
  • A few of the characteristics of this product include 24k gold plated connectors and extremely well-made protection. Besides quality and durability, the cables offer HQ audio transfer with no interference or static.

5. Seismic Audio Premium Red 1 Foot Dual Rca Male Audio Patch Cable

Seismic Audio Premium Red 1 Foot Dual Rca Male Audio Patch Cable

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  • The Seismic Audio Premium 1 Foot Dual RCA Male Audio Patch Cable is just another superb choice to think about, particularly for single setups which are close enough that the 1-foot cable may associate easily. Like every good RCA cable, it is fantastic for both skilled and home audio surroundings, though it’s arguably better suited to much more compact setups to get a more dependable link.
  • The cable includes both left and right grip, and with man wires on each conclusion, it is possible to hook this up into TVs audio equipment easily. With this, you are supplied clean and crystal clear audio that ensures you listen to every whisper, mumble and low-bass boss audio so that you are suitably ready to fight it out and finish the level.

6. Amazonbasics 3.5Mm To 2-Male Rca Adapter Audio Stereo Cable – 4 Feet

Amazonbasics 3.5Mm To 2-Male Rca Adapter Audio Stereo Cable - 4 Feet

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  • When all else fails we could always look to Amazon’s own to get a great deal along with also the AmazonBasics RCA Adapter is not any different. Here, you are getting flexible connectivity for tablets tablet computers, and MP3 players into devices such as tailgate speakers and a lot more, while the right and left input guarantees balanced and clear sound.
  • Together with dual-shielding, your audio is guarded along with the corrosion-resistant plating retains this cable lasting through several nights of you dance into your living room after everybody’s gone home. The link is safe without feeling overly tight although the plugs feel too fat for you to grip correctly.

7. Monoprice 1.5Ft Premium 2 Rca Plug/2 Rca Plug M/M 22Awg Cable

Monoprice 1.5Ft Premium 2 Rca Plug/2 Rca Plug M/M 22Awg Cable

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  • Both channel Monoprice 1.5feet Premium 2 RCA Plug shields from RFI and EMI interference for uninterrupted clarity and superior results if you would like to play your favorite record or flow the hottest ultimate picture. The smooth link is just like a flowing river of noise in your ears, while the company connection ensures listening.
  • The connectors are gold plated for long life while the color-coded rubber rings make it easy to slot into the right port. We found additional cables are slightly more flexible, and this alternative isn’t quite as long as many others, except for a very simple bedroom or home studio installation, it is best. Our guide to the very best portable Bluetooth speakers comprises more great products which are compatible with this cable.

8. RCA Cable, iXCC 6ft Dual Shielded Gold-Plated 3.5mm

RCA Cable, iXCC 6ft Dual Shielded Gold-Plated 3.5mm

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  • Interference-free sound is a high feature for this cable, as is your safe match when plugging in. As with other cables within this class, iXCC’s includes a narrow 3.5millimeter jack, meaning regardless of which kind of situation you’ve got on your telephone or a different device, you won’t need to struggle it to plug, but it is going to stay put.
  • IXCC’s six-foot long cable is a fantastic selection for installing in close quarters because the cable is smaller in diameter than comparable models. The connectors feature easy-to-grip covers, but they are not as bulky as any other alternatives, which makes it a lot easier to maneuver them around.

9. Mediabridge Ultra Series Subwoofer Cable

Mediabridge Ultra Series Subwoofer Cable

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  • Using its high quality construction and materials, you can expect high sound performance from this well-constructed cable. At the exact same time, the cable is more pliable due to the PVC coat, so if you are plugging in eternally or moving items around frequently, this cable can resist the strain.
  • Mediabridge’s gold-plated RCA cable includes broad spectrum coaxial cable, which means that you might observe an updated audio encounter versus other alternatives. Sound quality is precise and deep, and the gold-plated connectors ensure a tight match.

10. Audioquest – Red River (Rca, 1.0M)

Audioquest - Red River (Rca, 1.0M)

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  • The building of this cable is what is notable here: AudioQuest uses long-grain copper, among the maximum quality materials available. And while AudioQuest has a fantastic reputation for notable products, they are constantly enhancing their materials and building procedures, meaning that this RCA cable will surely deliver.
  • For crisp sound with quality that is unmatched, AudioQuest’s RCA cables are a fantastic option. This cable uses insulated tubes to protect the conductors, also employs a triple-layer noise dissipation system. The end result is very clear and unaltered audio with no interference.

Buying Guide For Rca Cables For Car Audio

  • RCA cable types
    When moving through the numerous products available on the market, you will see that there are two main types of RCA cables: composite and component cables. The difference between these two categories resides in the quality provided and the signal kind they carry. A composite cable includes three lines out of which two are used for audio and one for video. If your needs call for a sound cable, this is the kind you might want to take a closer look at. The various cables you’ll find on the market are often clearly described as far as the signal they guarantee is worried.
  • Connectors
    The RCA connector is one of the most significant items to consider and, while connectors are almost similar in terms of shape and size, the material used for their construction varies and that is what warrants attention. The material employed for the ends of this cable determines the quality of the signal. The most common materials used for the connectors contain copper, silver, gold, and nickel, and they vary as far as their conducting capabilities are concerned. In this matter, the material with the highest rate is silver and also the one with the cheapest is gold.
  • Shielding, length, and other attributes
    One of those problems that can occur with sound signals is interference. A quality cable ought to keep such unwanted noise at bay and here is where the protecting used comes into sight. Many cheap RCA cable versions have several layers of shielding to decrease interference. However, high-end versions come with stronger insulation to maintain all kinds of interference at bay. Whether your budget allows for a costly or a cheap RCA cable, you also should pay attention to the length of the cable you have set your eyes on. Consider the distance between the systems that you would like to connect and choose accordingly. Reading an RCA cable review is almost always a fantastic idea before you hit the purchase button.


We have come to the conclusion of the list of the 10 best RCA cables for car audio. As always, we decided to incorporate many different goods in different price ranges that will assist you find the best choice that matches both your budget and your needs.

Gook luck finding the very best cable and enjoy the wonderful car sound which you’re going to create with this addition for your audio system!

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