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Top 8 Best Noiseless Strat Pickups of 2021

Best Noiseless Strat Pickups

If you’re a die-hard guitar player, you’d definitely have undergone playing with the Stratocaster pickups, also you’d have fallen in love with all the sharp strike and bite from the single-coil strat pickups. Yet, you would definitely have experienced similarly the annoying hum given away by strat pickups as they’re rather sensitive to your electrical devices.

Electric guitar pickups, clearly, play a vital part in the way the guitar could sound. Hence, they’re crucial. But if you do not need to go annoyed with that buzzing noise, then you may too pick the noiseless pickups. You’ve got a couple of choices when it has to do with noiseless strat pickups, and also all your choices normally differ significantly in regards to sound quality.

The Best Noiseless Strat Pickups

1. Seymour Duncan STK-S4n Classic Stack Plus

Seymour Duncan STK-S4n Classic Stack Plus

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The Seymour Duncan STK-S4 includes a brand new patent applied for design to eliminate hum and sustain conventional single coil tone. Recommended for country, pop, surf, rockabilly, blues, ska and classic rock. This radical layout welcomes tunable”negative hum” to the pickup circuit. Every unit is individually factory pre-tuned to offer you the best standard single coil sound with no hum. Accessible for bridge, middle and neck positions.

For many well-balanced instruments. Works equally well with maple and rosewood fingerboards. Three-conductor cable enables dividing for accurate single coil style. After three STK-S4s are split, the center pickup is RW/RP letting hum-cancellation when combined with the neck or bridge pickup. Gamers comprise Nuno Bettencourt / Dramagods.

2. Fender Strat Hot Noiseless Pickups, Aged White, Set Of 3 Electric Guitar Part

Fender Strat Hot Noiseless Pickups, Aged White, Set Of 3 Electric Guitar Part

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The popular noiseless neck pickup tone is punchy and warm with a bluesy feel, although the bridge pickup screams at high gain. The clean tone is very clear and very complete. Features beveled edge alnico v magnets and enamel coated magnet wire. Available as a pair of 3 or independently. Personal pickups don’t include mounting hardware.

3. Fender Original ’57/’62 Strat Pickups

Fender Original '57/'62 Strat Pickups

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If it has to do with upgrading an older version guitar, it’s critical to provide a little thought to shifting from the Strat pickups. This product is capable of feeling vibrations and hums the strings create. Yet, not every single pickup is created exactly the same. In reality, the Fender N3 Noiseless Strat Pickups are intended to perform greater gain better compared to other versions. It is going to also remove that ungodly hum.

The Fender N3 Strat Pickup is very simple to install. The incremental instruction manual and wiring structure is contained in the bundle. When you get the pickups, you’ll have the ability to go right ahead and install them onto your own guitar. Simply follow the directions and you need to have the procedure done in 60 minutes or less. The installation procedure doesn’t demand any sort of soldering, that will make the job even simpler and faster.

4. EMG SA Active Single Coil Guitar Pickup

EMG SA Active Single Coil Guitar Pickup

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The SA is an active single coil pickup filled using an Alnico V bar magnet which has an unmistakable Strat audio: bright, airy, and using a rich bottom end. With inner shielding and a very low impedance preamp, you receive a virtually noiseless pickup without sacrificing an actual single coil tone.

The Alnico V bar magnet permits for the lead to stay balanced through large string bends which makes for a superbly manicured tone. The creamy midsize warmth generates sublime blues tones which are clear, powerful and expressive. Experience why players all over the world rely on EMG single coil pickups at the studio and also on the stage.

5. Fender Generation 4 Noiseless Stratocaster Single-Coil Pickups

Fender Generation 4 Noiseless Stratocaster Single-Coil Pickups

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Together with the newest Gen 4 Noiseless Stratocaster pickups we have attained the power equivalent of cold fusion–genuine vintage-style Fender tone together with noise-free functionality. A quantum jump in pickup engineering, these would be the pinnacle of the pickup layouts, providing crisp, clear cleans in addition to gigantic overdriven tones which are exploding with pure rock power.

Using their tight low end, obviously set high end and punchy mids which may power through almost any combination, the Gen 4 Noiseless Stratocaster pickups tap into a brand new universe of sonic superiority from Fender.

6. DiMarzio DP419 Area ’67 Hum Canceling Strat Pickup White

DiMarzio DP419 Area '67 Hum Canceling Strat Pickup White

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The vivid, clean Strat sound with no hum. The DiMarzio DP419 Area’67 is a hum canceling pickup which includes the chime of’60s pickups, and its own 2 and 4 positions are bright, light and quack-happy. The Monterey Pop Festival of 1967 has been a watershed event in American songs. If it was finished, the entire world had felt and heard that the sound of a Strat at the hands of a master.

Single-coil electrical guitar pickups at 1967 were also bright and very tidy. And needless to say, they all hummed. DiMarzio has caught this traditional clean and bright sound but fully eliminated the hum with patented Area technologies. They also decreased magnet pull by 40 percent for enhanced sustain and clarity.

7. Seymour Duncan STK-S6 Strat Noiseless Custom Stack Plus Pickup Black w/Strings

Seymour Duncan STK-S6 Strat Noiseless Custom Stack Plus Pickup Black w/Strings

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A noiseless variant of Seymour Duncan’s favorite SSL-5 Custom Staggered for Strat pickup, the Custom Stack Plus can provide you all the additional drive and output without dropping that special Stratocaster voice. The low notes are somewhat tight and excruciating but also the high end is concentrated without being too bright, and the mid range has a slight vocal quality which adds an excess layer of saying for your audio. And it is dead silent.

Back from the 80’s Seymour Duncan patented a distinctive bottom coil which truly injects negative float into the pickup circuit. Alnico 5 rod magnets are utilized for authentic classic tone, and also the tappable 3-conductor cable is used for if you need to change to one coil style with reduced output and more chime. At the end of the manufacturing procedure they fine-tune every individual pickup for optimum noise cancelation, and every pickup is wax-potted to get squeal-free operation.

This pickup is designed to resemble a conventional Strat single coil, and it functions good from the throat, center, or bridge places. The Custom Staggered for Strat is currently hand-built at Santa Barbara, CA.

8. Wilkinson LIC Black ST Strat Vintage Voice Single Coil Pickups Fits Stratocaster

Wilkinson LIC Black ST Strat Vintage Voice Single Coil Pickups Fits Stratocaster

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Another terrific product once it concerns the very best noiseless strat pickups is that the Wilkinson Noiseless Strat Pickup. These are a terrific set of pickups for people on a budget. We’ll fully admit here, those noiseless pickups will likely not be about precisely the exact same level or caliber like any Fender or Seymour Duncan pickup we mention. But they really do perform and get the job finished.

Therefore, if you’re seeking affordable audio, these Wilkinson pickups will be the thing to do. They aren’t as noise-free since the aforementioned goods, but also for the price that is alright. Overall, these strat pickups are all surprisingly great for what they’re worth. We think it’s unfair to prejudge them without at least trying them first.


Purchasing among the best noiseless Strat pickups is certainly a fantastic approach to boost the operation and sound of your electric guitar. Obviously, you will first have to work out exactly what type of music you would like and how much you are prepared to spend. As soon as you’ve completed this, you will have a much easier time locating the ideal pickup for your distinctive circumstance. Simultaneously, it’s essential to be certain that you do your research and then browse through the detailed reviews supplied previously. If you would like to invest your money sensibly, utilizing this info is crucial.

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