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Top 6 Best Lighted Keyboard Piano of 2021

Best Lighted Keyboard Piano

Are you looking for the best-lighted keyboard piano? There are many different options available to people, but it can be difficult to determine which one is right for them.  To find out more, please continue reading this article.  We will discuss 6 of the top options on the market today and what they have to offer.  This way you can make an informed decision that works best for your needs!

List Of  6 Best Lighted Keyboard Piano Reviews 

1. The ONE Smart Keyboard Pro, 88-Key Digital Piano Keyboard

The ONE Smart Keyboard Pro, 88-Key Digital Piano Keyboard

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The ONE Smart Stage Piano is not just an instrumental that you would use for accompanying or learning, but also is built with technology that will allow you to be the next concert pianist. The keyboard features 88 hammer-action keys, responsive touch polyphony keys, and 128 note maximum polyphonic ability. This product offers realistic sound with a high expressive playing experience while enabling a beginner musician to start playing in minutes. Whether you’re looking to learn from modes such as light-up sheet music integrated video lessons, piano games, or crash courses — this Smart Wheel Touch Response digital stage piano has got it covered.

With The ONE Smart Stage Pianoboard Pro, developing your playing skills will be fun and easy! Connect the 88-key home digital piano and free app, The ONE Pianoboard App. Complete with an entire learning system just like a human teacher to teach you how to play piano from beginner to professional. This 88-key smart digital piano keyboard also connects to your computer via USB-MIDI output for use with educational software or virtual instrument plugins.

Record mode enables you to record and then listen back when you perform on this versatile instrument. Listen in amazement as it responds off of what sounds great for both by ear performances, too! With perfect velocity sensitivity, total realism in key response due its realistic natural grand hammer action keys that don’t jam, and interactive sound control (volume/wah/vibrato) you will be an experienced pianist in no time!


  • 110 built-in tunes with the inclusion of 150 fantastic rhythms
  • Lighted keys that Allow You to play tunes directly from the start of your piano lessons

2. Yamaha EZ-220 61-Lighted Key Portable Keyboard Package with Headphones, Stand and Power Supply

Yamaha EZ-220 61-Lighted Key Portable Keyboard Package with Headphones, Stand and Power Supply

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Pick up the Yamaha EZ-220 61-Lighted Key Portable Keyboard Package with Headphones today, your needs are secure with this all-in-one solution.

Innovative touch-sensitive lighted keys make for a catchy and fun playing experience! Play along to any of the 392 high-quality voices or 100 accompaniment styles at any time. The built-in songs include not only great music from places around the world but also easy learning melodies that come preinstalled on your keyboard. With a power supply included and a durable stand to bring you hours of portable practice, this package is simply top-notch when it comes to professional exploration!


  • 61 touch-sensitive, lighted keys
  • Total of all 392 high-quality instrument voices and 100 accompaniment styles

3. Casio LK-280 Lighted Key Premium Keyboard Pack

Casio LK-280 Lighted Key Premium Keyboard Pack

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The Casio LK-280 Lighted Key Premium Keyboard Pack with Headphones is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to play the piano. The premium acoustic instrument includes an integrated speaker system so you can enjoy playing live anytime, anywhere. This keyboard also features 600 total onboard Tones 384 Rhythms and Reverb plus Chorus Digital Effects which allows you to not only entertain yourself and people around you.

The Casio LK-280 Lighted Key Premium Keyboard Pack with Headphones is the perfect gift for music lovers of all ages. From beginners to seasoned players, this keyboard has something for everyone and includes a built-in library of 152 songs! The included power supply will make it convenient and easy to play anytime without worrying about running out of battery or needing an outlet but can switch over to battery use if you prefer.

If your friends don’t want piano lessons but are interested in playing music with you, simply connect any MP3 player to the input ports on this instrument! It also doubles as an air controller when used through Apple Camera Connection Kit. With so many features – including a 5-track recorder – there are always reasons


  • 61 touch-responsive lighted keys
  • USB interface to use music applications or change the keyboard to a stereo speaker system for MP3 player

4. Best Choice Products 61-Key Beginners Electronic Keyboard Piano Set with Lighted Keyboards

Best Choice Products 61-Key Beginners Electronic Keyboard Piano Set with Lighted Keyboards

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This electronic keyboard is designed to be beginner-friendly with a simple design and many teachable features. This 61 key unit boasts an LED display, light-up keys, and 3 teaching modes that help young musicians practice the basics to more advanced pieces at home or anywhere life takes them. The piano has 256 different timbres and rhythms so students can create versatile music in any style they prefer–whether it’s classical melodies or hip hop bangers. Be sure to also try their recording function for easy playback! Start your musical journey today with this best choice product!

Don’t think you’re the only one with the musical knack! If your little ones have been practicing even more than usual, they might be getting ready for a great birthday or holiday present. The Best Choice Products 61-Key Beginners Electronic Keyboard Piano Set is perfect – all the products they need to start their musical adventure are right in this handy set.

With an H-style keyboard stand, music stand, padded stool and more, it makes for a fun way to sharpen any budding musician’s skills from home without breaking too much of a sweat on mom and dad’s bank account. At over 36″ long by 12″ wide by 3″, everything is sure to fit easily into bedtime storage so practice can start back up again faster than ever. The 61-Key Electronic Keyboard Piano Set comes fully assembled so it can be enjoyed right away, making this a great first step for the little one who has everything to get started on something they’ll truly treasure.


  • Display, light-up keys, recorder with playback function, and 3 teaching manners (One-Key, Follow, and Ensemble) permit for ideal exercise for novice to advanced players
  • Play a recital with built-in speakers, headphones, a rhythm programmer, and audio player function that help to discover the perfect audio and re-create classic music pieces

5. The ONE Smart Piano Keyboard with Lighted Keys, Electric Piano 61 keys

The ONE Smart Piano Keyboard with Lighted Keys, Electric Piano 61 keys

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The ONE Smart Prii piano is perfect for anyone and everyone looking to learn how to play the piano. With the built-in professional lessons videos, tons of games that will help you learn at your own pace, and three different lighters so you can follow him on keys even more easily. Add some innovative technology in there too like a high note polyphony of 128 meaning it has multiple notes being played. Home, studio, or wherever your dream sound needs come true this portable electric keyboard makes playing music easy!

The ONE Smart Piano Keyboard with Lighted Keys is the best way to learn piano. With 128+ instrument sounds available via mobile app setting, The ONE Smart Piano can reproduce any sound from grand piano to violin. It allows you not only to access every button on a standard acoustic or electric keyboard in its keyless design but also have all different kinds of instruments produced by this little device from a drum set to folk instruments. If you’re a pro looking for a new toy, purchase one today and become the envy of your friends!


  • Magical LED Lighted about the keys of the 61 keyboard piano-Follow that the LED light and you’re able to play the piano in minutes.
  • Abandoned the Conventional complicated button functioning on the electronic piano keyboard and restricted content storage space

6. ION Audio PIANO APPRENTICE 25-note Lighted Keyboard for iPad, iPod and iPhone

ION Audio PIANO APPRENTICE 25-note Lighted Keyboard for iPad, iPod and iPhone

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Are you ready to pursue your dream of playing the piano? This lighted keyboard and teaching app can get you there in no time! ION Audio Piano Apprentice is a 25-key, touch-sensitive keyboard that connects with any iPhone or iPad for easy play. The keys light up to follow the notes on the staff and let beginners know when they hit each note just right.

For an even more immersive experience, make use of the free teacher app which provides audio instructions from professional pianists who will teach you how to read music quickly. An optional AC adapter makes this convenient device completely self-powered so it’s perfect for on-the-go practice sessions anywhere! If learning new skills has always been your hobby, then take a step into the future with this innovative educational toy!


  • 25-note lighted keyboard using touch-sensitive mini-keys
  • Follow the lighted keys and Learn to play the piano immediately

How To Choose Best Lighted Keyboard Piano

Most keyboards have some basic things in common. They are pretty much the same with regards to their range of keys, number of voices, sound quality, and display quality. However, there are many differences between these products that will make one of them stand out from another if you know what to look for. With this article, we intend to provide you with enough information to make your purchase much easier.

Weighted keys

One of the more important features to look for is weighted keys. This feature allows you to have a much better feel when compared to non-weighted keys. Also, the music you create with your keyboard will sound more authentic as it can replicate the real piano. Weighted keys are great because they give you tactile feedback with every touch, making it easier to trigger the right keys at the right time without worrying about sounding out of tune.


Some of the standard features that are included in keyboards are multi-functions, built-in speakers, MIDI connections, USB ports and sustain pedal. You should always check whether these features are included or not because you might have need of them at some point. For example, if you want to plug the device into your TV so that you can play it on a larger screen, having a USB port would be very helpful.


Another feature that is worth paying attention to is the display. There are models that have touchscreen displays that are incredibly easy to use and intuitive. They make it much easier to do things like adjusting the volume, choosing which instrument you want, and changing the accompaniment patterns. Piano keyboards with displays are more expensive than those without them, but they can help you significantly improve your experience and musical skills.

Keyboard Weight

The weight of a keyboard is not something that most people look at, but it is an important factor to consider. If you play the instrument for hours every day, your hands will get tired much faster than if you played for just a few minutes once in a while. So, keyboards that are heavy (around 12 lbs) are great for serious musicians who like to practice often. However, they might not be that great for beginners because they are not comfortable playing.


If you live in a small apartment, then obviously you will be looking for something compact and portable. Keyboard pianos today come in many different sizes, so finding one that is the right size should not be too hard. Just make sure it fits your needs, and you’ll be fine.

What to Expect From a Piano Keyboard

The thing that makes them different from each other is their sound quality and how professional of an instrument they are. Some pianos offer more features than others, but if you just want something simple then there’s no reason for you to pay too much money for the extra bells and whistles. The most important thing is that your keyboard is reliable and easy to use. It should serve your needs without crashing so you can concentrate on playing music instead of troubleshooting the device every 5 minutes. Also, make sure it offers great value because pianos tend to be very expensive so getting a good deal on one would be nice.

Lighted Keyboard Piano FAQs

1) How does a lighted keyboard piano work?

The most common operating principle for keyboards with displays is the LCD screen. They are easy to use because there is limited functionality, so you can easily navigate through all the buttons and adjust settings without much hassle. Also, they have anti-glare properties which makes them perfect for playing in bright environments where it would be difficult or uncomfortable to see a standard display.

2) What is a good budget for a piano keyboard?

Today there are many options available on the market, so getting an idea of how much they cost should not be too hard. However, you’ll want to keep in mind that lower-priced models tend to only offer basic features while more expensive ones will boast touchscreen displays and advanced features.

3) How many keys are there on a lighted keyboard piano?

Most models come with 88 keys which are the standard for keyboards, but some have less just so they can be easily portable. Keyboards that have less than 88 keys are usually compact and lighter too. It’s safe to assume that if you see a model with more than 88 keys it will be heavy and not meant for traveling.

4) What are the benefits of having an illuminated keyboard piano?

If you are serious about playing music then your instrument needs to be functional in any situation, even when there’s no good lighting available. Having proper visibility is especially important when performing live because nobody wants to stand behind a during a show that has poor lighting.

5) How do I make sure that my piano keyboard is durable?

This comes down to the brand more than anything else, but there are other things you can look into as well. For example, you should go for a model with an aluminum frame if possible because they tend to be stronger and less prone to corrosion (when it starts chipping). Also, getting one with an easy-access battery compartment makes it so you don’t have to disassemble the whole thing just to change the batteries.


The best-lighted keyboard piano is The ONE Smart Piano. It has a variety of features and comes in different colors to meet your needs. If you want an affordable, yet high-quality instrument that will last for years then this may be the perfect choice for you!

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