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Top 10 Best Electric Cellos Reviews in 2021

Best Electric Cellos

Electric cellos are a wonderful choice for any cellist who wishes to try out something apart from the conventional acoustic cello.

Electric cellos could be quite enjoyable to play with, but they are more difficult to see in music shops so we’ve opted to review the best electric cellos here. Looking to get an electric cello could be harder than buying a normal cello because there are several unique styles.

Whereas sound quality is also a significant element for acoustic cellos, it’s not quite as crucial for electric cellos because the audio is amplified anyhow. Rather than just sound quality, we assessed each electrical cello on the following criteria.

The Best Electric Cellos

1. Yamaha SVC-210SK Acoustic-Body Electric Travel 4/4 Cello

Yamaha SVC-210SK Acoustic-Body Electric Travel 4/4 Cello

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  • The SVC210SK is red-brown and black, with all the shadings maintained with darker cellos. Its sheen is a bit more shiny, with a smooth feel that’s slick under tempting and touch on sight.
  • Even a traditional-beige bridge holds the strings up, preventing them from slipping or falling in on the device.
  • Ebony fingerboard and tailpiece contrast nicely with the items brown hue, whereas the headstock and tuning pegs are silver and brown, entirely containing a cello that stays nicely within an orchestra.
  • The cello has a retractable, silver standing peg, which is adjusted to offer height for individuals of formidable size.
  • Collapsible arm and knee rests are located around the cello’s sides, permitting players to rest the electrical outfit on themselves because they want a standard cello.

2. Yamaha SVC50SK Silent Compact Cello Outfit

Yamaha SVC50SK Silent Compact Cello Outfit

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  • A super-lightweight electrical cello, the Yamaha SVC50SK weights just 41.6 pounds making it a wonderful option for traveling musicians.
  • Made with all the high quality famous from Yamaha, the SVC-50 delivers the natural feel and resonance of an acoustic cello.
  • The further torso aid makes carrying this cello throughout festivals exceptionally comfy.
  • Though that is marketed as an”outfit,” just the tool is supplied so you will have to purchase a bow along with other accessories.

3. NS Design CR6 Cello

NS Design CR6 Cello

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  • This incredible piece of gear is virtually a novelty, instead of practicality.
  • Its six-stringed layout is slender, being composed just of their centre, vertical human anatomy of their typical acoustic cello.
  • Its ebony fingerboard has been indicated with finger positioning indicators, and so that customers can hit notes correctly.
  • The instrument’s colour is really a light-brown, sparking ideas of a tree’s skin.

4. Cecilio 4/4 CECO-1BK Black Metallic Electric Cello with Ebony Fittings in Style 1 (Full Size)

Cecilio 4/4 CECO-1BK Black Metallic Electric Cello with Ebony Fittings in Style 1 (Full Size)

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  • Very similar to another Cecilio models previously, the CECO-1BK has been created from hand-carved maple wood with a dark metallic varnish.
  • They’ve got an ebony fingerboard, pegs, and tailpiece with mother of pearl inlay plus four detachable nice tuners.
  • These electric cello outfits are also quite generous. Along with the electrical cello itself, the more Cecilio outfit includes a well-padded lightweight soft-case, bow, and rosin, aux cable, and headphones.
  • All of Cecilio electric cellos arrive with a one-piece guarantee against manufacturing defects.
  • This is an excellent total electric cello for almost any novice just starting out that does not have each the electrical equipment needed.

5. Leeche Handmade Professional Solid Wood Electric Cello 4/4 Full Size Silent Electric Cello-White

Leeche Handmade Professional Solid Wood Electric Cello 4/4 Full Size Silent Electric Cello-White

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  • The Leeche Handmade Professional Solid Wood Electric Cello is a rather well-manufactured product using a high fidelity sound along with a higher sensitivity to this nuance of enjoying your cello. It’s acceptable for both beginners and professionals.
  • The”Shadow” pickup process is fantastic quality and is intended to have no digital sound. It rivals the exact substantial caliber of this Yamaha pickups that a lot of the best Cellos utilize.
  • This version can also be very good value for money, also has a wise appearance with good plywood. It’s simple to prepare and link to PA systems as well as headphones to listen to your practice and playing in silence.
  • Another advantage point is that the appearance of the electric cello. It is amazing, and the timber is available with numerous unique finishes and colours so that you can pick the look you desire.

6. Yamaha Silent Series SVC-110SK Electric Cello

Yamaha Silent Series SVC-110SK Electric Cello

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  • This cello version includes a realistic string tone sound because of this redesigned resonating chamber.
  • Although it’s an electric cello, it’s capable of replicating an entire acoustic sound that reproduces the tone of this classic and conventional cello providing you with an outstanding musical experience.
  • Having a 4/4 size, the layout is a really tasteful one owing to the beautiful curves that follow the line of a timeless cello.
  • It includes a soft case for security through excursions, headphones to perform with it quietly at any time of the day, an additional cable, chest support, along with AA batteries.
  • The spruce wood frame, maple wood throat, and bridge are all handmade carefully to some lasting construction. The hardwood it is manufactured from gives it amazing resonance.
  • You’ve got 3 distinct options to play with the instrument with all the built-in reverb and, even while enjoying, the vibrations have been picked up via a Piezo sensor.

7. Stagg ECL 4/4 WH Cello – Electric

Stagg ECL 4/4 WH Cello - Electric

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  • This version is good for any cellist searching for an electrical instrument that suits right into a tight area. This lightweight cello, which weighs 16 lbs, also offers a good structure made from maple wood.
  • The cello has a stereo mini-jack for a CD/MP3 player, along with an output for headphones if you wish to practice quietly at any given hour without being disrupted.
  • It has an active preamp, an under-saddle pickup, and bass and volume controls for reproducing sounds that are accurate.
  • Additional attributes are the amplifiers as well as the port used to plug it into PA systems.
  • The glossy white body provides you along with your cello a bonus of elegance that comes together with the complete reach tone that it creates.
  • In addition, it comprises a bow that’s excellent if you’re just beginning and you do not have a gig bag for security. This tool is both visually and exceptionally striking.

8. NS Design, 4-String Cello – Electric, Sunburst (NXT4ACOSB)

NS Design, 4-String Cello - Electric, Sunburst (NXT4ACOSB)


  • The NS Layout NXT4ACOSB certainly deserves its place on the record, and it looks absolutely great. The design is complex and totally tiny.
  • This instrument is as miniature as you can, and this also provides a massive degree of freedom on point, letting the cellist proceed effortlessly.
  • This cello isn’t affordable. It is created for the professional end of this current market, however, it has some wonderful qualities to warrant the price. The NS pickup machine features a wonderful tone and picks all frequencies up brightly.
  • It’s a handmade tool created in the Czech Republic and it will include accessories such as a tripod design audio and just a gig bag.
  • The circuitry and timber are equally fantastic and dependable, with minimal undesirable sound.

9. Stagg ECL 4/4 BK Electric Cello

Stagg ECL 4/4 BK Electric Cello

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  • Stagg is a renowned brand dependable for producing high excellent string musical instruments for all playing levels.
  • The Stagg ECL comes at a gorgeous colour and shape which may draw the interest of individuals. The tailpiece, head, and fingerboard feature a black colour design which makes this particular cello an exceptional object of the artwork.
  • The beige bridge which is included with the cello is a typical one, which combined with all the fingerboard and tailpiece, makes it simple for individuals to comprehend the instrument for a cello.
  • The tool also offers room for one to join and stream audio to an amp, employing a quarter-inch cable linked to the output porthole.
  • The Stagg ECL includes a box to the side accessories such as headphones can be attached. The Stagg ECL includes an active pickup along with a battery cartridge which may be manipulated to charge the pickup.

10. Headway “The Band” Cello Pickup System

Headway "The Band" Cello Pickup System

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  • Headway’s The Band is really a simplified and handy form of the typical cello pickup.
  • Using wi-fi to keep on the tool, it doesn’t need any musical thing modifications; substituting it’s a breeze, and transferring it between devices need to prove no problem for any user.
  • Additionally, it’s a passive pickup, also, therefore, does not need batteries for power. The unit is durable since it’s big enough to remain in sight and slender enough to keep securely.
  • Users will discover that it’s ultra-easy, and also will love the choice for a replacement for a whole instrument.

Buying Guide For Electric Cellos

  • Physical Points of Reference: Provided that their seated playing posture, cellists have a tendency to need (or at least be comfortable with) a tool that touches all the very same points of touch because of an acoustic cello. These points include the reduced bouts in which the knees can touch, the bottom of the neck where the thumb rests at centre positions, the rear of the cello close to the bottom of the neck where it breaks against the chest, along with also the upper bout/shoulder of this cello body.
  • Portability: One big benefit of this solid body electric cello is that because it doesn’t rely upon acoustical properties for tone generation, the body of the cello could be a lot more streamlined. The advantage here is maintaining the device lighter in weight and much more stowable in cars, airplanes, tour buses, or for storage. Some cellos we take are intended to be quite little while playing, while others break down or fold upward from playing dimension to get smaller in storage.
  • Quiet Headphone Practice: A wonderful feature of strong body cellos is your capability to practice through headphones. While some solid body can be plugged to a practice amp, effects processor or headphone amp to be used with headphones, these cellos have incorporated headphone jacks and onboard battery powered preamps, which makes practice everywhere easily


Whether you’re searching for best electric cello for novices or you are a real professional, then the version we have reviewed are acceptable for a variety of requirements and we have even nominated the strengths of the personal cellos.

The substance is also significant as well as the tonewood utilized to produce the cello. We have also looked at things such as the burden as it ought to be portable.

Additionally, the guarantee the manufacturers offer was considered in all our cello reviews.

Our reviews are presented as a summary table using nominations, complete reviews and a purchasing guide that will assist you to understand the attributes needed when purchasing an electric cello.

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