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Top 10 Best Device For Audio Books Reviews in 2021

Best Device For Audio Books

We’ve researched best mp3 players for audiobooks who have great features like bookmarking features and long-lasting battery so you can pause the audiobook and bookmark it.

You may easily restart it afterward since battery life is no problem for modern mp3 players.

Mp3 players are fantastic for audiobook lovers since they’re portable and easy to carry around.

For your ease, we’re publishing a detailed, comprehensive review of the very best MP3 players for audiobooks available at the moment.

The Best Device For Audio Books

1. Apple Ipod Touch (32Gb) – Space Gray

Apple Ipod Touch (32Gb) - Space Gray

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  • You can never really go wrong with Apple. The ever-iconic iPod touch may have dropped a little popularity following the dawn of the iPhone, but this nifty, strong device stays the top audio and audiobook player available on the market. Upfront, it boasts a gorgeous, smooth body using a sizable 4.0-inch touchscreen which makes it a lot easier to sort, search, and get audio novels.
  • If you are really a sound book junkie, then using an Apple new product may work in your favor. As of September 2018, the business revamped their Apple Books program to provide you more convenience and accessibility to a range of available sound books. The program is a committed Apple only support, which means that you may expect exclusive access on the program via your iPod touch.

2. Soulcker –  Music Player With Fm Radio Voice Recorder E-Book 2.4” Screen

Soulcker -  Music Player With Fm Radio Voice Recorder E-Book 2.4'' Screen

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  • Apart from its simple layout, the Soulcker MP3 Player comes equipped with a fairly impressive built-in battery. The device features a whopping 55 hours of playback on a 2-hour charge, permitting you to enjoy your music books for lengthy periods with limited waiting time between charges. Seven simple touch buttons are organized throughout the device’s face, enabling outstanding ease of use to get noise-free operation.
  • Using a 2.4-inch display, OTG compatibility, along with an integrated speaker, handling, sorting, and discovering your own music book files could not be any simpler. Additionally, in an exceptionally simple cost, the Soulcker MP3 Player provides you everything you’ll want without placing too much of a dent in your wallet.

3. Cowon Plenue D High Resolution Music Player 32Gb

Cowon Plenue D High Resolution Music Player 32Gb

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  • The Cowon Plenue D Audio Player is just another hot choice if you are in the marketplace for a suitable audiobook device. Sleek and sophisticated, this player includes a more lavish aesthetic, with lovely metallic accents round the upper border.
  • The compact device comes equipped with controls over the side, such as a power button and volume rockers.
  • On the front of the device, a high-resolution display provides you all of the pertinent info on your own audio files. Display settings are easily tweaked via the participant’s interface where you will find a selection of choices for customization.
  • The touch screen is remarkably sensitive and responsive, permitting you to experience ultimate ease of usage and effortlessness.

4. Sony Nw-A45/B Walkman With Hi-Res Audio

Sony Nw-A45/B Walkman With Hi-Res Audio

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  • The Sony Walkman series has been around since the dawn of cassette tapes, being among the first franchises to start up the mobile listening marketplace. Nowadays, the Sony Walkman brand is regarded among the Apple iPod’s closest competitors, equipped with features that may make it even more flexible and convenient for many users.
  • The NW-A45/B in the Walkman series is the very best option for people who want an improved audiobook listening experience. The system provides Hi-Res sound which makes each word tremendously obvious. This may be further improved with the apparatus’s S-Master HX electronic amplifier which helps to create clearer sounds with crisper tones to get a much better, more immersive listening experience.

5. Creative Zen 8 Gb Portable Media Player

Creative Zen 8 Gb Portable Media Player

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  • It’s a small-sized device but has all of the required characteristics a fantastic mp3 player got. Its weight is 60 g. It’s a large-screen and hardware buttons for navigation.
  • To put it differently, you can save an infinite number of audiobooks on this device since 256GB SD cards can be found nowadays.
  • In addition, you may play audiobooks downloaded from iTunes. WMA, unprotected AAC and MP3 files are easily played. On the flip side, it is not compatible with macOS.

6. Mp3 Player, Ruizu X02 Ultra Slim Music Player With Fm Radio, Voice Recorder, Video Play, Text Reading

Mp3 Player, Ruizu X02 Ultra Slim Music Player With Fm Radio, Voice Recorder, Video Play, Text Reading

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  • It’s simple to press hardware buttons along with its user interface is quite minimalistic. It includes an FM radio so you could also tune in to your favorite radio stations if you get tired of listening to audiobooks.
  • It is undoubtedly a fantastic instrument for the price that you pay for this. You can take it anywhere without worrying because it’s a risk to take your expensive iPhone when you’re in charge of. It’s possible to carry this little player and it can do the job for you as you’re jogging on the track.

7. MINIGO – 16GB MP3 Player

MINIGO - 16GB MP3 Player

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  • The Minigo MP3 player is a highly effective device that solves all of the issues most consumers face. Having a 2.4-inch screen and a solid aluminum frame, it’s a feeling that is superior, but it’s somewhat slippery to hold.
  • The participant offers Bluetooth 4.1 that empowers it to join with Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headsets, as well as car stereo receivers. This permits the consumers to play their songs and audiobooks without the hassle of tangled cables.
  • The Minigo MP3 player gives customers a very long playback time of around 60 hours. This is a result of the ultra-low energy consumption, giving you the best performance when saving on electricity.

8. Tomameri – Portable Mp3 / Mp4 Player

Tomameri - Portable Mp3 / Mp4 Player

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  • The Tomameri MP3 and video player in a superb device for audiobook fans. Enclosed in a sleek, aluminum body, the system comes with a 1.8-inch screen with a tidy, premium end that’s astonishing to watch for such a reduced cost.
  • The Tomameri is unbelievably simple to use with an intuitive user friendly interface. The device will be plug and play also works easily with Mac and PC without needing third-party programs. It’s possible to copy your music files directly to the player from a PC and play them instantly as long as it is in a format that is supported.
  • The built-in lithium battery provides the device long battery life, excellent for the audiobook listener who can not be bothered with constantly recharging their MP3 player.

9. G.G.Martinsen Versatile Mp3/Mp4 Player

G.G.Martinsen Versatile Mp3/Mp4 Player

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  • The G.G. Martinsen MP3 player is a multifunctional MP3/MP4 player which also serves as an E-Book reader, audiobook player, audio player, photo viewer, voice recorder, and movie player. It Includes a 1.8-inch High-Resolution Real Color LCD Display and a 3.5Millimeter jack.
  • Together with the G.G Martinsen, it’s easy to download tunes and audiobook documents. The device is lightweight and mobile; it may handily fit into your pocket, handbag, or perhaps on your wallet. The tradeoff into the MP3 player’s portability is its own poor build quality.
  • The device is made largely from plastic and can be easily damaged when dropped or exposed to extreme changes in temperatures. The G.G Martinsen MP3 player enables you to download and access audiobook files immediately, and its own 16GB memory lets you store an extensive library of distinct of files.

10. Lecmal Portable Mp3/Mp4 Player

Lecmal Portable Mp3/Mp4 Player

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  • The Lecmal MP3 player is a lightweight and portable personal music and audiobook participant, which also plays videos and browses photographs, which makes it a superb multipurpose device.
  • It is made completely of plastic and comes with a 1.8-inch LCD using four control buttons which are somewhat difficult on the thumb. There is no escaping the low carb feel on this device. Nevertheless, it’s excellent sound quality, intuitive and simple controls, and includes a durable rechargeable battery that supports up to 6 hours of continuous playback time. It’s a handy audiobook player to get a minimal price.

Things To Consider When Buying Device For Audio Books

  • Portability: The situation that you would probably listen to audiobooks is on the go, for example, walking, running, jogging, or performing the exercise. If you don’t use the MP3 device in your home, office, or classroom, you need to make sure that you pick up one with a lightweight and compact size.
  • Display: As a gadget for listening to sound files, we might not have to watch the screen all the time. However, a big screen can allow you to operate the device and control the playback in a far easier way. Devices with little screens are more economical but that does not mean they’re with low quality. There may be the best MP3 players on the market with little displays.
  • Storage: Differs from a standard song which is just several MB incapacity, an unabridged audiobook may have as long as many hours length and several GB capacity. In order to load numerous audiobooks entirely, you need to make certain to have at least 4GB internal capability. It’d be better if your device supports external SD card.
  • Battery Life: whenever you’re outside listening audiobooks, a long endurance MP3 device with 10~15 hours endurance will guarantee you to concentrate on the things you’re doing without interruption.
  • Connectivity: The Bluetooth attribute with the help you stream audio from your MP3 players into other Bluetooth compatible devices easily in a party or share tunes with friends. A Wifi capability will permit you to download songs directly online without relying on the computers.


As technology evolves, it’s always sensible to keep yourself abreast of the top devices that will fit your requirements. With so many fantastic devices reviewed here, it’s not easy to say that’s the ideal MP3 player for audiobooks. We are confident that you’ll love any of these.

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