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Top 10 Best Cymbal Bags and Cases of 2021

Best Cymbal Bags and Cases

The cymbal bag is possibly the most essential case a drummer may own as protecting the cymbals is generally the maximum priority. It does not take a whole lot to scratch a cymbal, therefore it’s crucial to safeguard then during traveling. As most drummers invest a lot of cash and time to discover cymbals, shielding them satisfactorily is of extreme importance. Luckily, there are lots of distinct cymbals bags and cases to select from on the industry.

The Best Cymbal Bags and Cases

1. ChromaCast CC-CPB-BAG-20 . 20-Inch Padded Cymbal Bag

ChromaCast CC-CPB-BAG-20 . 20-Inch Padded Cymbal Bag

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This cymbal bag makes transporting your cymbals secure, Easy and comfy. The rugged ChromaCast bag keeps your cymbals protected while front outside pocket has enough space for all of your random drum keys, sticks, music sheets along with your mobile phone. It’s 10 mm thick padding around the inside of the bag to make sure your cymbal makes it to the gig with no obnoxious dings or scratches along with the shoulder strap provides you the chance to be hands free so that you may carry everything you’ll need in your own gig.

2. Sabian 22″ Basic Cymbal Bag (61035)

Sabian 22" Basic Cymbal Bag (61035)

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Even the SABIAN 22″ Basic Cymbal Bag is a great and economic way to protect and extend the durability of your cymbals. Nylon construction, foam cushioned to shield cymbals up to 22″.

Extra space and padding to your cymbals. The black nylon exterior is dual stitched 600D PVC. Internal padding and scratch-free short-plush soft interior liner

3. Zildjian 24″ Super Cymbal Bag

Zildjian 24" Super Cymbal Bag

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Super heavy-duty, extra-rugged structure around make this ultimate cymbal bag! Reinforced double power stitching at all stress points. Main compartment comprises built-in cymbal dividers, which matches cymbals up to 24″. Zippered side pocked matches cymbals up to 16″ while the other zippered side pocket easily fits big stick bags.

4. Reunion Blues RBXCM22 Drum Cymbal Bag

Reunion Blues RBXCM22 Drum Cymbal Bag

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Reunion Blues has been producing a number of the world’s greatest gig bags for nearly 40 years, and also the brand new RBX gig bag lineup represents a combination of our enthusiasm for quality and also the urge to produce a reasonable, lightweight, and more protective gig bag ideal for musicians on the move. The basis of this passion is represented in it is the sleek aesthetic layout, in the Quilted Chevron outside to the padded Blue Luster lining.

The RBX protection platform comes with a lightweight multilayer foam surround using strategically positioned impact panels, along with a dense foam neck cradle and endpin rest that maintain the sound safe and protected. Padded back straps, incorporated subway traction, and Reunion Blues touch Zero G handle make getting around town a breeze. A large but very low profile pocket comprises a cable loop and organizer and supplies ample storage without adding bulk.

5. MONO M80 22-Inch Cymbal Case 

MONO M80 22-Inch Cymbal Case 

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The M80 cymbal package includes The Boot – a contoured ABS panel which keeps every one your cymbals centered and resting over the thick foundation padding. All of M80 cases contain a hard-wearing sole and piping made from Hypalon – the identical industrial rubber utilized to make inflatable army rafts. This usually means the M80 cymbal package will not wear throughout the edges as many cymbal bags do.

Hi-hat is a vital ingredient in your music, and also the clutch is the crucial ingredient for the hi-hats. That is the reason why we included a dedicated clutch sleeve in the hi-hat pocket. There is also a drum key clip for safe keeping. Dedicated pockets for both hi-hats (up to 15 inches) and splash cymbals (up to 10 inches) maintain these smaller cymbals safely split.

6. HARDCASE HN12CYM24 24″ Kit Cymbal Case with Dividers

HARDCASE HN12CYM24 24" Kit Cymbal Case with Dividers

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High Impact & Waterproof Material; a moderate density polyethylene can be used which provides high impact strength at low temperatures yet is quite sturdy and springy at ambient temperature. The polyethylene employed by HARDCASE won’t absorb moisture and it’s resistant to many frequent oils and chemicals. The Overlapping Compression Design can insure different”depths” with one case. High density 0.4″ thick closed cell expanded polyethylene foam with heavy duty adhesive backing can be utilized to provide great, compressive traction to maintain the drum in position and resists wear and tear.

A selected wheel layout with polypropylene centre and a grey rubber outer tire giving great advantage, great grip and silent rolling. Applied on bass drum cases, hardware cases and a few cymbal cases. A few cymbal case pull grips use a 0.4″ diameter solid steel bar that’s used for greatest strength and contains an anti-corrosion zinc coating. The hand grip is closed cell enlarged Nitrile rubber. All cases are backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

7. Protection Racket Deluxe Cymbal Case 22″

Protection Racket Deluxe Cymbal Case 22"

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This case will take 22″ Cymbals. The outside compartment will take 15″ Hi-hats. This case includes removable Profile dividers at the two outer & main compartments. Separate 4 x cymbals in each compartment. The foundation of this case comes with a 12″ Poly-proper protector sewn between outer Racketed & internal Prop add to cymbals will not proceed through foundation of the case. The ideal cymbal case you could possibly own.

8. SKB ATA 24 Cymbal Vault with Handle and Wheels

SKB ATA 24 Cymbal Vault with Handle and Wheels

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The SKB CV24W Rolling Cymbal Case is your ideal cymbal case for the cymbal transportation needs — such as the 24-inch ride! Roto molded of rugged Linier Low Polyethylene using a welded center post, the CV24W Rolling Cymbal Case retains as much as seven cymbals, such as the newest 24 inch ride cymbals.

The newest Rolling Cymbal Case equipped having a molded-in ergonomic carrying grip, inline skate wheels and an additional powerful pull out handle, is the best transport for the cymbals. SKB CV24W Rolling Cymbal Case Features Holds up to seven 24 inch diameter cymbals Four padded dividers for security Industrial power pull out handle In-line skate style wheels for effortless transport Stacks with SKB Roto-X drum cases It includes a handy storage pocket plus four cymbal pads for security therefore the cymbals will traveling without rubbing together.

Molded using the X design that the new 24 inch cymbal case will stack together with all the SKB-Roto-X Drum Cases and comes with a strong, high-tension slide release buckle using heavy duty web straps for effortless closure.

9. Gator Cases Protechtor Series Classic Cymbal Case ; Fits up to 22″ Diameter (GP-PC302)

Gator Cases Protechtor Series Classic Cymbal Case ; Fits up to 22" Diameter (GP-PC302)

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Gator’s this addition is among the greatest selling rotationally molded cases also it’s very renowned for premium quality, enhanced durability, higher strength and appealing outlook. Its weight is 8.5 lbs and its dimensions measurements include 27 x 24 x 6 inches.

This is highly suitable for optimal protection along with the case corners are safeguarded via the practice of rotational molding. The case is made resistant to water which averts the possible harm. Try this for you personally and you’d be pleased since it comes at a really reasonable rate.

10. SKB 1SKB-CV8 Roto X 22 Inch Cymbal Vault

SKB 1SKB-CV8 Roto X 22 Inch Cymbal Vault

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The SKB CV8 cymbal case is roto molded of Linear Low Density Polyethylene having a welded center post which will hold seven or more cymbals. Total with four cymbal pads along with a storage pocket, and the cymbals will traveling with no strain on the sound edge.

How To Choose A Cymbal Bag


There clearly was a demand for a cymbal bag, and that’s the reason you are still here. That means you need to ask yourself exactly what you would like with the cymbal bag for. Do you require a bag that will carry cymbals on a daily basis? Or one which can function for single rapid usage? Or one which would be utilized to house the cymbals when traveling abroad? These are all questions to ask because you will find cymbal bags made for all of the purposes mentioned previously.

You may be interested in reading this informative post about the very best cymbal packs.

The objective of the cymbal bag decides that the substance employed in creating the bag, and the rest of the elements the bag may have. These elements incorporate the grips, the substance employed in creating the grips, the contour, the reinforcements, etc.. If you’re a drummer that must carry several cymbals to a gig, then you need to select in for a cymbal bag which could be carried as a backpack. The identical notion applies for choosing other cymbal bags.


As you now understand exactly what you want that a cymbal bag for, then it’s expedient you think about the size of this bag you require. You wouldn’t wish to take a 16 inches cymbals using a 22 inches bag, and vice versa. Size of this cymbal bag has a significant part in the choice of this cymbal bag which will suit you require.

There are various sizes of cymbal bags which you may select from, and a few brands create a single bag which arrives in various sizes. Some bags come in useful and are very such as handbags, although others may be carried such as backpacks. Their straps are made out of various materials, and the caliber of this material is dependent upon the sort of strap utilized.


The efficacy of this bag matters a lot. This implies whether the bag is acceptable for heavy duty usage or to get just one Some cymbal bags are best for long distance journeys, and occasionally for flights. Some are only for carrying around to gigs from the surroundings. So it’s anticipated that understand exactly what you want the bag for prior to making any other decision.


After placing all die consideration in place, you need to make certain you select one which is in your budget. Price comes last in creating any choice because a great deal of folks, not just drummers, error costly for what they require. Some believe the costlier a product is, the longer satisfactory it could be. Cymbal bags arrive with various purposes, and it’s likely that the bag that will suit your requirement would collapse beneath the more affordable part of cymbal bags.

The most significant factor is the financial plan. It’s likely that the bag which is suitable for your need may fall beneath a pricey category.


To sum up it, you need to place a whole lot in place prior to making your final option. Your budget, your taste, the amount of all cymbals you want carrying, these are all important in choosing a cymbal bag. After all of the tips would make certain you don’t wind up wasting money, particularly on one that’s too much for whatever you want using it for. Your discretion is required in making the choice of this cymbal bag that will suit you.

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