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Top 9 Best Concertinas For Beginners Reviews in 2021

Best Concertinas For Beginners

When it comes to instruments, concertinas are a relatively new addition to the musical landscape. However, these small and portable instruments have been around for hundreds of years! There is a lot that beginners need to know about them if they want to enjoy their music-making experience at home or with friends. In this blog post, we will cover everything from what you should look for when buying one, how different types of concertinas sound, and general tips on playing your instrument. We hope you find it helpful!

The Best Concertinas For Beginners

1. Trinity College Concertina

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Representing the price and quality of a legend of the concertina world, this Trinity College Concertina (AP-2230A) is made of high-quality materials for care free play. With 30 keys on three octaves, this instrument has adjustable straps to hold comfortably and securely with plush lining for easy transport. It comes in a handy zippered bag with two carrying straps and is ideal for quick use and effortless handling. Operated by hand, it can be easily tuned thanks to its air release button that closes without noise at the end of every note.

2. Trinity College, 20-Key Concertina (AP-20A)

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Trinity College AP-20A 10 Note Concertina is an affordable option for newcomers to the concertina world – not quite ready for a full-scale accordion. The lightweight design includes 20 keys, two sets of reeds, and compatibility with common tunings!
The set comes in 16 different colors, so you can pick your favorite individual color or get one that goes nicely with your ensemble. Trinity College has been making quality instruments since 1871. They are known particularly well for keyed instruments like this combo pack!

3. Trinity College Concertina (AP-2248A)

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With the Trinity College Concertina (AP-2248A), you can explore musical expression like never before. From full volume for performances to delicate nuances in quieter sessions, the specially designed soundboard offers expressive playing potential unheard of with other concertinas offered today. As you tinker on 48 buttons, enjoy sophisticated tuning up to two and a half octaves without any seeable markings on what’s ahead or behind your fingers.

And with low-cut tones that give resonance an entirely new meaning, this instrument is perfect for passionate strumming. When it comes time to cart around all those tunes you’ve been collecting at home, count no more than three breaths’ worth before admiring the plush lining and padded adjustable strap upon your shoulders as it’s made for easy carrying. With its graceful appearance, you’d be surprised just how much this instrument fits into one little bag!

4. Rochelle Anglo Concertina, Quality Italian Accordion Reeds, Sqeeze Box

Rochelle Anglo Concertina, Quality Italian Accordion Reeds, Sqeeze Box

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Rochelle takes its name from our company founder, Rosa-the surname of the woman who worked so hand in glove with her husband to build Rochelle into what it became. It is fitting that this accordion combines old-world Italian craftsmanship with modern technology for one heck of a great instrument. The keyboard on the Rochelle Accordion features an Anglo-version Wheatstone layout, developed by Samuel Wheatstone in 1844. This gives you access to more notes at your fingertips than most other accordions (and their nonlinear layouts) can offer. And with 47 pages of sheet music included and playability accentuated by tone superior treble registers like never before, you’ll never feel constrained when performing or practicing.

5. Mirage C7001 20-Button 40-Reed Concertina Accordion

Mirage C7001 20-Button 40-Reed Concertina Accordion

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Are you a gifted musician? Do you love to perform? Then the Mirage C7001 is your perfect partner in crime! Whether you’re playing at a music hall or in your living room, this accordion has everything that a spectacular performance needs. The 20 button keys and 40 reeds give any song a rich, vibrant sound that will leave audiences demanding an encore from their favorite performer. With its durable hard-case, adjustable hand straps strap and key of GC, the Mirage C7000 will be with you for many years to come! So what are you waiting for? Get your own concertina accordion today!

6. Bonetti Concertina 30 Key, 60 Reed Natural Color Accordion with Case

Bonetti Concertina 30 Key, 60 Reed Natural Color Accordion with Case

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The Bonetti Concertina 30 Key, 60 Reed Natural Color Accordion with Case features a professional tenor voice and has every bell and whistle you need for any event. The case is covered in rich brown leather and it will not only look good sitting on your lap during the next Strauss waltz but also protect your instrument from harm. Our customers include families who want to pass down accordions as heirlooms for future generations, musicians that use this as their main concert performances or just people looking for a reliable workhorse because theirs finally kicked the bucket. At under $1000 we’ve got you covered before someone beats you to this awesome deal!

The Bonetti Concertina is a natural wood instrument that features 30 keys and 60 reeds. It comes with a hard-sided carrying case to ensure the protection of your instrument when in transit. The nickel plating produces a full sound unlike other instruments in its class, which you will appreciate in any performance setting! When it’s time for you to perform on stage, do so confidently knowing the Bonetti Accordion will take care of all your needs.

Play music without fear: You don’t have to worry about getting this product dirty because it comes with an excellent carrying case such as undercovers or truck bed covers. This gives peace of mind while still looking stylish and appealing at all times!

7. Johnson FI-120 Concertina – 20 Button Anglo Style

Johnson FI-120 Concertina - 20 Button Anglo Style

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The Johnson FI-120 Concertina is a beautiful 20 button, Anglo-style concertina suitable for beginners and professionals. It boasts a 2 ½ octave range with precise tuning to delight any musician or connoisseur. This instrument has a 10.5” hand-spun continental cone along with red Pearloid end plates that beautifully accommodate the full spectrum of tones needed in your music value. The bellows reinforcement ensures lasting liveliness every time you play it even when being vigorously played by multiple musicians on stage! You can’t go wrong investing in this luxurious concertpine today.

8. Trinity College AP-1120 Anglo-Style Concertina 20-Button

Trinity College AP-1120 Anglo-Style Concertina 20-Button

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Run out for your Trinity College AP-1120 Concertina! This 20-button instrument is perfect for any performer who wants to deliver their music with ease. The professional quality of this concertina showcases its sleek black fabric covered 11-fold bellows and shiny metal reinforcements, so you never have to worry about air leaks. Its two attached straps not only keep it safe in transit but also enable you to easily fit the entire thing into that well-padded carrying bag with one adjustable strap. With a wide range that spans 2 1/2 octaves, this product was made specifically for performers looking to deftly display all manner of musical capabilities; take advantage before it’s too late!

9. Wren 2 Anglo 30-Buttons C/G Concertina Accordion with Hard Case

Wren 2 Anglo 30-Buttons C/G Concertina Accordion with Hard Case

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The Wren 2 Anglo 30-Buttons C/G Concertina Accordion is the perfect instrument for music lovers of all ages. This chordophone comes with a generous size that both beginners and experts will enjoy, as well as an upgraded tonal experience that’s absolutely irresistible. The steel reeds offer a rich but bright sound, which enhances your enjoyment no matter what style you’re playing or listening to. Made from quality materials and care by our skilled makers, this instrument is sure to be a favorite among musicians everywhere.

The following factors should be considered when purchasing a concertina

Price & Budget 

How much are you willing to spend on your first concertina? For people just starting out, it is recommended that they spend $100 at the lowest. Concertinas can go up in price depending on how fancy or expensive it is. The best advice I can give you here is always get more than what you need for this will allow you to learn using a cheaper instrument and upgrade later if you feel like doing so. If you really want a better quality one then take advantage of discounts, sales and vouchers too! There’s no reason why not!


The size of the concertina you wish to learn on is important for it will depend on where and how you are going to play the instrument.

Key Color

The key color of a concertina determines its lowest note or tonic. A concertina with higher upper register keys (black/white ones) produces lower tones while one with a low upper register (red-colored keys) gives out higher tones. The white/black keys also require less air pressure while red-colored keys require more air pressure in order to be pushed down which offers clear sound, too!

Back & Frame Quality

Check if the back of your choice is made up of wood or laminate (sometimes part plywood/part plastic). Plastics make for an excellent choice as it is strong and durable.


The valves are located between each hand pad of a concertina, which is used to produce sound on the instrument. Better quality concertinas have more valves that do not stick after several years of regular use. If you’re going to buy online then choose ones with cheap shipping rates because some sellers might try to price gouge you so always look for promo codes or coupons and take advantage before checkout!

Sound & Volume

Another thing worth considering is the volume and tone of your instrument, will it be loud enough? Concertinas often come with six keys on each row. Their design discourages beginners from making mistakes while allowing them to slowly experiment with new techniques such as sub-bass, chordal accompaniment, and ‘Tone Chord’ playing.

Key Layout

Finally, check the key layout of the instrument you wish to learn on. This might not be a problem for some but if you have trouble with small objects then consider a concertina with larger keys! Also, I recommend choosing a concertina that’s smaller in size which makes it easy to carry around and put away whenever you don’t wish to play anymore.

Concertinas For Beginners FAQs

1. Is it easy to carry around?

Yes! Concertinas are easily portable, which makes them the best choice for beginners because you can take them with you wherever you go. They come in small sizes so you can simply put them away or hang them on your shoulder when traveling via public transport.

2. How much does a concertina cost?

The price depends on several factors such as design, quality of wood and framework, manufacturer brand, sales and promos offered by providers, etc. Make sure that the one you buy is worth its price by checking what other people think about it online before making your purchase. Be sure to only pay the amount that fits your budget because there are cheap brands out there too but don’t go too cheap or you might end up with one that doesn’t sound good.

3. What are the best materials for concertina keys?

The best material to go for is plastic because it is tough, durable, scratch-resistant, and light. Wooden materials are good too but often crack over time due to different changes in weather conditions. Plastic reeds last longer compared to wooden ones so if possible stick to plastic keys!

4. What brand should I buy concertinas from?

It all depends on your tastes and preferences where the price isn’t everything! Make sure you do some research first before making a final purchase decision by checking online reviews available about different products- not just musical instruments but anything that you’d want to buy! That way you’ll be safe from scams and bad buys.

5. Are there different kinds of concertinas?

Yes! There are many types of concertinas available in the market with each one having its own unique design, structure, and specifications. Beginners often get confused about choosing an instrument to start on because they don’t know which type would be best for them. The most common varieties are key-chord, diatonic, and chromatic but you also have bandoneons if you’re into that kind of thing!

6. Can I purchase online?

Most certainly yes! This is perhaps the easiest way to buy concertinas without having to spend too much time going around looking for a local seller who sells what you need at a price that’s worth every penny. I personally prefer buying online because it’s convenient and quick- you can find a product within minutes of putting in a keyword on your search engine!

7. What is the best brand?

The best-seller doesn’t always equate to the best brand. There are many brands available but not all of them produce high-quality products which will meet your standards, so make sure that you do some research before making a purchase decision! If possible read the reviews from people who have purchased from that specific brand or even watch videos of what they’re selling to help you decide if it’s worth buying from them or not.


If you’ve been looking for a way to add more sound and color to your music, concertinas may be the answer. Concertinas are small accordions that can sit on your lap or in your hands while you play it. They come with buttons like an organ keyboard and many of them have piano keys as well. When playing different notes, each button will emit sounds from the corresponding register (bass/treble). There is such a wide range of options out there when buying one; go ahead and explore what works best for you!

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