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Top 10 Best Cello Bows Reviews in 2021

Best Cello Bows

The best cello bow to your instrument will be dependent on your existing level of enjoying, the features of your own cello as well as the timbre that you wish to evoke. The bow is also a very significant part of a cello player’s arsenal.

By getting the perfect bow to meet your demands, you are going to perform more easily, enhance your tone and increase your general technique.

By learning about the various cello bow parts, you will be better able to generate a smart decision regarding the perfect bow to your requirements.

The Best Cello Bows

1. CodaBow Prodigy Carbon Fiber 4/4 Cello Bow

CodaBow Prodigy Carbon Fiber 4/4 Cello Bow

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  • The Prodigy is an excellent bow, but with slightly lower quality stuff to keep prices down.
  • It has an ebony frog, Mother-of-Pearl slip nickel silver fittings.
  • The Prodigy comes with a guarantee for the first owner, however, they simply provide 5 years with this version.
  • It is ideal for intermediate players.

2. Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Cello Bow 4/4

Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Cello Bow 4/4

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  • Great is Fidderman so much as cello bows are all involved. This one is ranked as one of the best to come in the brand. The bow is quite sturdy, as expected by each carbon fiber bow.
  • But this version from Fidderman includes a little difference, nicely crafted, light and exceptionally bouncy.
  • The brain behind the Fidderman Carbon Fiber Cello Bow designed to replicate the grade, curve, and weight of this expensive Pernambuco wood bow, so the very best on the marketplace.
  • Fidderman Carbon Fiber Bow includes a Siberian Horsehair and mounted ebony frog, two exceptional characteristics that specify its tenacity.

3. D Z Strad Cello Bow – Model 756 – Carbon Fiber Bow with Ebony Fleur-de-Lis Frog

D Z Strad Cello Bow - Model 756 - Carbon Fiber Bow with Ebony Fleur-de-Lis Frog

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  • The DZ Strad Model 756 cello bow is a curved stick bow made from durable braided carbon fiber.
  • Adding an Ebony frog using fleur-de-lis inlay along with abalone slide, it’s totally lined with nickel/silver plus has an exceptional 8-eye tensioning screw using an abalone button.
  • The handgrip is produced out of traditional leather wrap over silver lapping and can be outfitted with Mongolian horsehair.
  • Even the Model 756 is an excellent alternative for players looking for an alternate to conventional Brazilwood or even Pernambuco sticks.

4. VINGOBOW 4/4 Size Black Horsehair Carbon Fiber Cello Bow

VINGOBOW 4/4 Size Black Horsehair Carbon Fiber Cello Bow

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  • The bow has a more high-quality carbon fiber stick, it is more durable, lighter and much more secure compared to wooden bows. Adopting natural black Mongolian horsehair, it is going to provide you with loud and crazy sound amazingly.
  • Black ebony frog with natural wood grain has been decorated with classical Parisian eyes.
  • It is completely mounted by nickel silver. You are able to discover genuine leather clasp, tasteful nickel silver thread wrapped within this design. All components are fitted with an exact same seasoned maker from beginning to finish.
  • It’s a terrific balance and will supply you agreeable play experience. A fantastic bow to your selection.

5. D Z Strad viola bow Model 205 Brazil Wood

D Z Strad viola bow Model 205 Brazil Wood

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  • There’s a cello bow for every single degree of cello playing, and this is one for your cellist who’s still playing in the novice’s level.
  • The maker which designing this model ensures it’s a moderate to active selection of fitness, a design which provides that beginners utilizing this version are comfortable whilst enjoying smooth handling and quick play response.
  • The Strad Model 205 contains real and unbleached Mongolian horsehair that guarantee you get to enjoy an excellent sound and resiliency.
  • In reality, the bow comes with a precise balance which enables rapid reply and higher-level resiliency. Experience the maximum degree of playability when utilizing this cello bow.
  • A bow which could likewise be used by advanced players, also it has a high quality ebony frog that adds to its appropriate look.

6. MI&VI Brazilwood Cello Bow (3/4 Size) with Ebony Frog and Octagonal Silver Mount

MI&VI Brazilwood Cello Bow (3/4 Size) with Ebony Frog and Octagonal Silver Mount

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  • MIVI cello bows have been ALL individually hand-carved, subsequently hand scraped by specialist luthiers using just actual Mongolian horsehair. After primed using rosin, strokes could generate a gorgeous warm overtone.
  • The MIVI Fundamental Brazilwood Cello Bow is created to the criteria of this old-world bowmasters of yesteryear. Even the bowmakers and master luthiers supporting us are handcrafting those individually for decades.
  • We have curated the maximum quality stuff because of our bowmasters that handmade every bow stick. This guarantees a smooth structure and organic arch to offer the ideal balance time and weight distribution, leading to a more pleasing cello playing experience.
  • This flexible bow was designed to be lightweight and pliable, which makes it the ideal match with all cello makes and versions. Ideal present for both novice and professional cellists differently.

7. Vio Music #680 Full Size 4/4 Cello Bow Braided Carbon Fiber-best Gift for Cellist

Vio Music #680 Full Size 4/4 Cello Bow Braided Carbon Fiber-best Gift for Cellist

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  • If you’re searching for a fashionable yet easy bow that could provide you with the simplicity that you want if you are playing the cello, this can be for you. Made from carbon fiber, it’s a powerful stick which likewise does not weigh too much.
  • The Ebony frog and also fleur-de-lis inlay provide it with the timeless appearance which each bow ought to possess.
  • It is an excellent present for young musicians as a result of this gorgeous weight reduction and how simple it’s to use. It includes white natural Mongolian horsehair that provides great immunity.
  • All these make it comfy to hold light and well-balanced.
  • You will not be let down by the noise this bow can give you, since the horsehair will easily slip across the strings, and also with the proper rosin utilized bounce graciously.
  • Being manufactured from carbon fiber, it’s a lightweight bow that’s not hard to control.

8. The Piano Guys Carbon Fiber Cello Bow | Full Size 4/4 Bow With Inlaid Ebony Frog & Premium Horse Hair

The Piano Guys Carbon Fiber Cello Bow | Full Size 4/4 Bow With Inlaid Ebony Frog & Premium Horse Hair

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  • Coming within an all-black layout, this bow is traditionally called Bruce, following the fantastic Kung-Fu master Bruce Lee, and it’ll allow you to elevate your abilities and reach the”black belt” of cello playing.
  • The Piano Guys wished to earn a distinctive bow and they were able to do this with this particular version.
  • Because of the distinctive design, this can be a great-looking model with a custom made ebony frog which has a particular pearl touch. Additionally, it will come with black nickel twisting and lizard grip.
  • Let’s not forget the hair can also be dark and it’s Mongolian Aduu horsehair.
  • The sturdiness of the bow is provided from the carbon fiber it’s constructed from. Its consistency and composition provide a trusted and very clear tone that’s excellent news for players of any music genre.
  • What’s more, from the procedure for creating this particular bow, a great deal of focus is place into particulars to make sure the resulting product is a powerful one.

9. Carbon Fiber Cello Bow Full 4/4 Size Natural Mongolia Horsehair VINGOBOW

Carbon Fiber Cello Bow Full 4/4 Size Natural Mongolia Horsehair VINGOBOW

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  • The bow is created by seasoned bow-maker. It will give you hot and crystal clear tone and can be suggested for advanced players.
  • The stick is much stronger and stronger than wooden bows. Quite convenient as a backup bow or practise bow. It’s nicely bounce and terrific flexibility.
  • Additionally, it is a lightweight bow, near 80 g. And also approx. 71.5cm such as the screw, quite simple to play.
  • We use unbleached Mongolian horsehair with this version, aiming to get good durability, be a lot easier to rosin.
  • As you probably already know, balance point is quite vital for a bow. Wonderful equilibrium stage makes the bow a lot easier to control. Our manufacturer always corrects it for many times to make sure its purpose will be in the ideal range.
  • The bow is completely made out of traditional handcraft skills. Straight stick, clean function, prepared to perform.

10. CodaBow Diamond NX Carbon Fiber 4/4 Cello Bow

CodaBow Diamond NX Carbon Fiber 4/4 Cello Bow

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  • Although this bow is still on the pricey side with this listing, the high quality and attributes of the bow more than create the price worth the investment.
  • The sturdiness of the bow isn’t anything to be concerned about; the center is created from Blended Kevlar — the exact same material you’d see in bulletproof vests! Look wise, this bow comes with a slick-looking diamond weave end.
  • A combination scientist, aerospace engineer, and also bowmaker are accountable to the foundation of CodaBow. The weaving with those very significant backgrounds contributes to a really high-quality carbon fiber cello bow.
  • This bow (in addition to each other bow made by CodaBow) is made in the USA, and also the audio quality is tricky to fit — even by a number of those high-end wooden bows available on the market!
  • Individuals who have utilized this bow recommend it to the two innovative players as well as advanced beginners, and praise it for the ease of handling, fantastic sound, and also just how well balanced it is.
  • 1 tip from somebody who has bought and utilized this bow is it is going to require a whole lot of rosin once the hairs in the bow are fresh.

Buying Guide For Cello Bow

  • Weight: A cello bow vary from approximately 65 g to over 80 g. Heavier bows need more effort and also an exceedingly heavy bow could be tiring to play. On the flip side, their really heft will help create more sound than light bows, and ironically, occasionally with less effort. (Lighter bows are more maneuverable, but need extra effort to generate a sustained forte
  • Balance: A cello bow using a balance point closer to the tip would feel heavy, and might even lead to wrist issues. A bow balanced closer to the frog might feel lighter, but also make it impossible for you to”dig in” and create significant tone or volume.
  • Strength and flexibility: Strength and flexibility at a bow are particularly intertwined. A stiff bow might have a extremely speedy response, but appear to create only surface sound — narrow and thin. Softer, more elastic bows are effective at creating richer tones, but occasionally at the cost of the reaction.
  • Material: The maximum, most significant section of the cello bow is known as the”stick,” and may be composed of three distinct materials: Pernambuco, high-grade wood from Brazil, carbon fiber, and Brazilwood, which can be a standard term for many kinds of hardwoods from Brazil.


The bow comes with a rich, complex history which has grown immensely over the centuries. It is ok to be picky if attempting to obtain the best cello bow for the price. Irrespective of your budget, then consider some opportunity to check out as many as possible. In the end, once the budget was contemplated, go with your own gut. You will understand which bow leaves your cello sing!

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