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Top 10 Best Blues Harmonica Reviews in 2021

Best Blues Harmonica

Whether you”got the blues” or you wish to play with the blues, the ideal harmonica is vital to this soulful genre of songs.

To be able to play such as legends like John Lee” Sonny Boy” Williamson, Jason Ricci, DeFord Baily or Lee Oskar, you are going to need to begin someplace, and that is where we all come in.

Below we provide you some helpful tips and suggestions which can allow you to discover the best blues harmonica.

Find out how to discover the perfect one until you understand how to perform this, and you will be off to a fantastic beginning!

The Best Blues Harmonica

1. ARTHOMES H-01 Blues Harmonica

ARTHOMES H-01 Blues Harmonica

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  • The ARTHOMES H-01 is a streamlined harmonica in the key of C major, together with 10 holes and 20 tones. It’s small enough to fit in a normal size pocket, which makes it perfect for all those people who want to find a portable diatonic harmonica or even for younger musicians.
  • Matching its size is its worth, which ARTHOMES can attain without compromising functionality or quality.
  • Ultimately, this harmonica is bundled with a much bigger 4 holes 8 yarn necklace harmonica, a cleaning cloth and a carrying case.

2. Lee Oskar Harmonica

Lee Oskar Harmonica

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Because Lee Oskar is among those pioneers that the modular system, they supply replaceable and easy to install mountable reed plates for this specific harmonica together with the rest of their harmonica line.

The significant Diatonic harmonica includes Lee Oskar’s plastic comb that is much easier to wash and maintain.

Its recessed bed securely retains the reed plate so as to stop air leakage and job louder sounds.

3. Hohner 532BX-C Blues Harp

Hohner 532BX-C Blues Harp

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  • Hohner made this harp to take care of the seriousness of blues mode playing, using a sound which also matches what is due to the genre.
  • It’s a wood comb which can help shape its traditional tone, which ought to be at home with blues, rock, and similar fashions.
  • Why is this blues harp stand out is its”modular system” layout, which enables you to swap out its own components to alter the tone, such as its own spoonful, reed plates, and pay.

4. Suzuki Bluesmaster Mr-250 Harmonica – Key C

Suzuki Bluesmaster Mr-250 Harmonica - Key C

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  • This one is just another 10-hole diatonic harmonica. It’s made up of a plastic comb and thin phosphorous bronze reeds. It’s a wonderful appearance, provided by the stainless steel covers. The way it’s constructed makes it seem nice and hot. It is an inexpensive harmonica for novices and it may be used by specialists also.
  • The harmonica is nicely constructed and it allows airflow easily through it, although it does not demand a powerful blow to sound clear. It is acceptable for live audience scenarios or for learning how to perform this kind of instrument. The comb as well as the cover plate lineup accurately, as they need to, which makes it secure and simple to play.
  • The slim reeds can crack easily, but they might be replaced. On the other hand, the covers are durable and made for comfortably playing the tool. If it’s possible to prevent damaging the reeds using too much force, this harmonica can last you a very long moment.

5. Fender Blues Deville Harmonica, Key Of C

Fender Blues Deville Harmonica, Key Of C

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  • Rock and blues would be the two genres this tool excels at. When you see it, the matte gold and black completing grabs your attention. The phosphor bronze reeds along with the molded ABS comb make it to perform notes that are precise, using a rich tone and a transparent pitch. Durability can be guaranteed by the superior comb and cover plates.
  • For keeping it secure, you may use the hard plastic case it includes. If you think the reeds are getting older, you could always replace them with fresh ones.
  • The general tone is fine, the tool is airtight and it does not require a powerful blow for receiving the ideal notes outside. If you’re a student, you may want to understand the holes aren’t numbered. If abused, the harmonica may get ruined and will block you from getting the sound you desire.

6. Mugig Harmonica, C Key Harmonica for Beginners

Mugig Harmonica, C Key Harmonica for Beginners

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  • A standard diatonic harmonica, this one is tuned in the key of C and is acceptable for many genres — blues, folk, pop or jazz. It’s a tool that may be used for special occasions. For superior hermeticity and much more accuracy intones, this harmonica utilizes a 1.2 millimeter Thicken Plate.
  • The construction is constructed from solid stainless steel, built to survive and be comfy; what’s nickel-plated. The reeds are phosphorous bronze and constructed in. To minimize air leakage, the endings are airtight. As expected, this makes the tool safe and simple to play with. The harmonica is portable and it has a trendy case and a fabric for cleaning it.
  • It may be used for lots of functions, such as creating sounds for cartoons, soundtracks or other comparable amusement practices. Something that’s not typically found in harmonicas is that the comb made from aluminum.

7. Anwenk Harmonica Key Of C

Anwenk Harmonica Key Of C

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  • Among the best newcomer harmonicas in the marketplace for kids is your Anwenk Harmonica. Especially made for kids, it is a more compact tool for a comfortable grip. In case you’ve got a bit Blues wannabe at the home, this may make the fantastic Holiday gift this season. Since the Anwenk Harmonica is a diatonic one, it’s simple to learn on, meaning your kids will not find it hard to perform with.
  • It is not overly heavy, and it is explicitly optional for kids to have the ability to utilize. Anwenk has put a great deal into this harmonica, and the cover is smooth enough to provide comfort to kids while they perform. The method by which in which the comb was constructed will ensure the moisture will probably be minimal.
  • Kids will have the ability to learn on the Anwenk Harmonica and shine using a clean, crisp tone. The reed plates are made from copper, and you will find stainless steel covers to decrease air leakage. This allows for a harmonica which has simple tuning and a lively sound. It is a harmonica worth contemplating for your small music students, and it isn’t the harshest price available on the current market, either. Harmonicas that are created for kids will need to be delicate, and also the Anwenk Harmonica is a winner.

8. Fender Blues Deluxe Harmonica, Key of C

Fender Blues Deluxe Harmonica, Key of C

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  • This harmonica may be safe gift for each and every player since it’s designed to be very versatile and simple to play with everyone, whatever the degree of the participant. It is tuned in the key of C along with the pitch and tone it supplies are awarded by a body made up of a PVC comb and brass reeds.
  • It is available in a traditional shape so you’ll not have any difficulties in carrying it. This makes playing more comfortable. To make sure it lasts more, the plastic comb is moisture resistant. This provides a bright sound and tuning stability for this.
  • The reed plates are replaceable if desired. The chromed metal covers provide it a fashionable appearance. For keeping it secure, you may use the vented hard plastic case included. Supplying reliability for a long duration, this harmonica is fitted with 10 pockets offering a timeless sound.

9. Fulcrum Music Harmonica with Case – Key of C 

Fulcrum Music Harmonica with Case - Key of C 

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  • The next version in review is that the Fulcrum Music Harmonica with Case. Thus the title, this version, like lots of the other people, has a situation in which you are able to carry or transfer the harmonica readily.
  • The exceptional thing about this situation is it is the sole (of these reviewed) harmonica case that’s leather. Also like other versions, this harmonica out of Fulcrum Music is designed for any level player, beginner as well as up.
  • The harmonica comprises mainly metal structure, improving the standard of lifespan and sound of their harmonica.

10. Eastar Captain Blues Diatonic Harmonica 10 Holes C Key

Eastar Captain Blues Diatonic Harmonica 10 Holes C Key

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  • The final version in review is just another Eastar harmonica. Eastar is possibly the best blues harmonica manufacturer, offering top quality, durable harmonicas at inexpensive rates.
  • The Eastar Captain Blues Diatonic Harmonica is built with premium quality materials and is acceptable for all levels of harmonica players.
  • Additionally, as is true for the previously reviewed Eastar version, this harmonica includes a laser engraving on the cover plate — a helmsman engraving. Guaranteeing quality, Eastar supplies a 12 month product guarantee for this harmonica too.

How To Choose Harmonicas For Blues

  • Type of Harmonica: It is suggested for novices and for blues players to begin with diatonic harmonicas. They include 10 holes and are tuned to a major or minor scale of specific key. For example, if it is tuned into the key of G, then it is only going to play the G major scale. Even though you can play with blues on a chromatic harmonica, diatonic harmonicas are a befitting selection for playing blues, folk and country because of the further drawing and bending techniques necessary to make this”bluesy” sound, along with the missing notes in the scale.
  • Which Key to acquire : As stated earlier, harmonicas are tuned to a particular key. It is ideal to receive a harmonica tuned to the key of C in case you are just beginning. You will be able to play around 3 octaves on an C major scale. A number of the tunes you will learn will also be tuned into the key of C. Most blues harmonicas are played at what is known as a”second place” or also known as a”cross harp”. This means playing the harmonica tuned to a perfect fourth below the first key of the composed music by using the two draw hole for a root note rather than using the 4 blow hole used for the first position and original key. If the music is composed in G, then an C harmonica is utilized at the next position. This is the most usual position used for playing blues.
  • Construction: Comb Material, Choosing a comb material matters more in terms of upkeep. There are four types of materials produced: timber, plastic (ABS), plexiglass and metal. For novices, it is ideal to go with plastic as it’s easy to keep and is comfortable on the lips. Metal combs are also another option that is less prone to wear and tear because of screws, though they’re a bit more costly. Wood is also another common material produced and they’re a lot more prone to moisture, which may lead to swelling and can leave cuts into your mouth whilst playing the harmonica, yet some people today say that they provide a much”warmer” sound and don’t mind the attempts of keeping it.
  • Price: The quality of the harmonica are often is on par with the price, particularly with ones which are well constructed with high quality materials. If you are a hobbyist, a funding choice will suffice. If you’re seriously interested in learning, it is more challenging to learn about a inexpensive harmonica because its poor construction causes air to leak out making them difficult to play. It is ideal to put money into harmonicas which are within the $30 – $65 price range.


In summary, the best blues harmonica is the one that fits your style of play, amount of play, and budget the many suitably. There’s nobody model that’s best across the board.

Each participant’s abilities differ. In the same way, the relaxation of a specific harmonica will differ for varying people. The 1 thing to be certain of is that you’re shopping harmonicas which are acceptable for your gift level.

No folk or blues music could be complete with no heart-warming sound of the harmonica.

By assessing the numerous features of harmonicas available on the current market, we’ve made a detailed collection of information for ten harmonicas which is supposed to provide you some extra confidence in your hunt for the correct harmonica.

With these reviews below your belt, you’re ready to find the best harmonica to your blues. Get yours today!

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