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Top 10 Best Bass Pickups For Metal of 2021

Best Bass Pickups For Metal

In this article I will be discussing the different types of bass pickups for metal and which ones are best. This is a guide to help you choose what pickups work best for your needs.
So if you’re looking for some recommendations on what type of pickup would be best suited to your rig, feel free to check out my list below!

What Is A Bass Pickup?

The bass pickup is an essential part of any bass guitar. It is basically a magnet that collects the vibrations that are created when the string or strings on your instrument move, and it turns them into electrical signals. These signals are then passed to the amplifier so that you can hear your music play through your headphones or loudspeaker.

How Do Pickups Work?

A bass guitar pickup is made up of magnetic parts that surround the string. The vibrations created by strumming your instrument are transferred to the magnet through the metal strings, and these signals are then turned into electricity which is sent to an amplifier so you can hear your song play. If you want to get a great sound out of your instrument, be sure to get a bass pickup that has been made from good quality parts.

Do I Need An Active Or Passive Pickup?

There are two types of pickup designs available on the market: ones with a battery and ones without batteries. The benefit of getting one with a battery is that you will be able to cut out background noise, but the downside is that you can’t use it with a passive amplifier. A bass pickup without a battery is called passive, and they usually rely on electronics built into the instrument for amplification. Most people find these types of pickups much better because they are cheaper and don’t need batteries to work.

Types Of Pickups

Single-coil pickups

The single-coil pickup is the one that you will find on most Fender bass guitars. It has a very bright and clear sound, but it also picks up an incredible amount of background noise.

Dual-coil pickups

If you want to reduce noise while still maintaining a really rich sound, then you should consider buying a guitar with dual-coil pickups in it. They also tend to be much louder than single-coil pickups, but they still have a vintage tone that many people absolutely love.

Humbucker pickups

This is the most common bass pickup you will find on instruments that are designed for metal music. It has an aggressive sound that isn’t too twangy or bright. It is also very forgiving and can deal with a lot of volume levels.

Metal bass pickups

If you are looking for the best bass pickups for metal music, then you should consider choosing ones that have ceramic or alnico magnets in them. You will get a much thicker frequency response and more control over your sound when these elements are included in your pickups.

It is important to choose the right type of bass pickup because they all have different tonal qualities and levels of durability. If you want a really bright and twangy tone, then you should get one with single-coil pickups instead. If you want something with a really heavy sound for metal music, then you should consider getting one that has a ceramic or alnico magnet.

Take into consideration where you are going to play, what kind of music you will be playing, and the budget that you have set aside for your bass pickups. Once you have done all of that research, then it should be very easy for you to make an informed decision about which pickups you should buy.

With the amount of time and effort that you put into this, it is easy to find yourself with a remarkable instrument that will last you for years. Just make sure that you do your research and buy from a reputable store or manufacturer as opposed to buying one off-brand name on the Internet.

List Of 10 Best Bass Pickups For Metal Reviews 

1. Fender Custom Shop ’62 P Bass Pickups

Fender Custom Shop '62 P Bass Pickups

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The plan of the pickup is heavily affected by the first 1962 bass pickups made by Fender. The pickup includes enamel-coated magnet wire for providing a balanced tone. Its flush-mounted Alnico V magnets further boost the operation of the pickup. Fender Custom ’62 was made to provide you with comparatively brighter tones and better sounds.

If you usually mix up some techniques, then those pickups are made as Fender Custom ’62 can’t just resist the onslaught but also manage to maintain all of the lines clear and precise. These pickups supply a completely different level of subtlety and elegance to your music using its exceptional performance.

2. DiMarzio Model P DP122 Replacement Pickup for Fender P Bass Black

DiMarzio Model P DP122 Replacement Pickup for Fender P Bass Black

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These high-power pickups are ideally acceptable for those who are seeking sounds with a strong advantage and a few mid-range growls. These are among the strongest Fender Precision Bass pickups around. Despite their focus on electricity, these pickups offer you crisp and clear sounds.

DiMarzio Model P DP122K includes a ceramic magnet that optimizes the output. This setup also provides exact signal reproduction, irrespective of the dynamic level. This two-piece pickup has hum-canceling attribute to supply you with clear sounds. You could even strum bass with strong tones, without hampering bottom end power. You could even mix and match this pickup with other people to play varied tones.

3. Seymour Duncan Nazgul High Output Humbucker Pickup – Black Trembucker

Seymour Duncan Nazgul High Output Humbucker Pickup - Black Trembucker

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If you prefer to play with a deep, heavy style of metal, using plenty of aggression and a great deal of hardcore guitar solos, then the Nazgul Trembucker may be ideal for you.

It’s outfitted with one of the biggest ceramic bar magnets that we’ve ever seen in a passive pickup, and its own winding is especially tweaked to deliver additional definition to the B and F# strings. The best part is that, however many strikes you use, the tones will probably remain very clear and crisp without revealing any noticeable loss in treble or midrange frequencies.

The super big bar magnet gets the tones around the Nazgul slightly hard to control, but as soon as you get the hang of it, playing with your guitar will probably feel like a completely new experience. Certainly one of our best picks for passive pickups for metal.

4. DiMarzio “John Petrucci Pickup Set Black For 43mm Nut

DiMarzio "John Petrucci Pickup Set Black For 43mm Nut

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To start with, this is really a pair of 2 pickups and has a neck in addition to a bridge pickup. Both of these humbuckers are made to be employed on 43 millimeter nuts (1-11/ 16″) and therefore are optimized to deliver good metal and rock sound.

Complete protecting on the circuits ensures that a distortion-free audio output, along with the solos with this pickup will seem extremely smooth and natural. Treble seems smooth and warm, although the bass is tight and punchy, i.e. the bass doesn’t drown the rest of the noise that’s quite great for any sort of music.

5. Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound P-Bass Pickup

Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound P-Bass Pickup

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The Quarter Pound P-Bass pickups are extremely popular and give a high-output, punchy, and in-your-face tone that’s ideal for heavier styles of songs. The characteristic quarter-inch diameter pole pieces that opens up the frequency vary from enlarging the magnetic field of their pickups.

This means for you is that there is more midrange frequency readily available that enables your tone to cut through the mixture simpler. 1 advantage of these being so loudly is that you are able to back off on the volume knob a bit to actually begin shaping your audio.

6. EMG H4A Passive Alnico Guitar Humbucker Pickup

EMG H4A Passive Alnico Guitar Humbucker Pickup

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Endowed with warmth, clarity and body, the H4A is a flexible high output pickup that’s ideal for everything from blues to rock to metal. The tone is quite well-balanced, with solid bass, conspicuous mids, and fat highs. The response of the passive humbucker is reached by using antique wound coils packed with Alnico V bar magnets that are completely shielded for minimal noise.

The H4A is frequently utilized at the neck area, and is often paired with its own ceramic magnet cousin, the H4 from the bridge to get an exceptional equilibrium of tones. The H4A excels with excellent clarity, complete body, and fragile responsiveness that can suit just about any type of music.

7. EMG 81-X Active Guitar Humbucker Pickup

EMG 81-X Active Guitar Humbucker Pickup

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Together with the additional dynamic control of the X Series preamp, the 81X carries the classic 81 into a new level of tone. Utilizing strong ceramic magnets and also close aperture coils, the tone has been created with comprehensive intensity, unbelievable amounts of high end cut, and fluid sustain. Traditionally utilized in the bridge position of the guitar, that this humbucking pickup will create your prospects slice through even the densest blend.

When utilized in both bridge and neck positions that the sound could only be called blistering. Other recommended pairings include the timeless 81X/85X setup along with the flexible 81X/60X combo. EMG’s solderless setup makes swapping your guitar pickups simpler than ever.

8. EMG J5 Active 5 String Jazz Bass Pickup Set

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Not like at least one active pickup option for great tone in regards to heavier bass noise would not be fair. A fantastic price, in addition to a very high-tech alternative, is exactly what EMG had in mind when they created this version.

As it is created for 5 string bass guitars, it is more than prepared to glow in regards to those growling lows. With a radiused ceramic bar magnet, the punch is combined with clarity to offer lots of output. As it is an incredibly versatile pickup, it is ideal for the two clean highs in addition to those rumbling and filthy lows.

Furthermore, EMG attempts to create installing their own pickups as simple as you can, amd these include solderless wiring connectors. Lively operation is made simple with the enclosed pots, therefore pruning at the ideal sound is completed right away. A clear choice for bass players who seek a more contemporary, crisp audio.

9. EMG Geezer Butler Signature P Bass Guitar Pickup Set

EMG Geezer Butler Signature P Bass Guitar Pickup Set

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Made by Butler, Black Sabbath’s main lyricist and bassist, the EMG Geezer is distinguished as conventional, low, and twangy that transfers you back in time to the 70s funk phase. Regardless of this classic sense, the EMG Geezer matches the standards of the majority of bassists even the pickiest ones. This is as it’s responsive and perfect for faster plays in addition to low-end dropped tones.

If you’re just beginning, then the EMG is perfect since it comprises EMG connector technology which makes it effortless to install. Even more seasoned technicians will value the non-existent hassle of installing them.

10. Black 4 String Electric Pickup Humbucker For Precision Bass Guitar 1 Pair From Kmise

Black 4 String Electric Pickup Humbucker For Precision Bass Guitar 1 Pair From Kmise

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Perhaps not the best pickups on the market but we contained them for all of the novices trying their hands at becoming guitarists or perhaps guitarist technicians. The performance on these is fine if you’re able to come around to installing them.

This is only one of the least expensive pickups on the marketplace. It’s similar to Kmise the maker had been giving them away so if you’re on a budget; then this might be your starting point. They’re practical. When there are several other better pickups on the current market, this lot music one does get the job done for significantly less.

How To Choose The Right One?

The type of pickup that you will need all depends on your specific needs. Most people find passive pickups much better because they are more affordable and they can plug directly into an amplifier without having to use batteries. However, if you have a setup that is exclusively for an active bass guitar, you are better off with one that has a battery. It will allow you to cut out background noise and give you a much cleaner sound. On the other hand, if your amplifier system does not support batteries, then it is probably best to buy a passive pickup.

What Makes A Good Pickup?

The quality of the bass pickup that you get is something that will definitely affect the sound quality. The best pickups are made with elements like Alnico magnets or ceramic magnets because they tend to be much more durable and efficient when it comes to collecting sounds. If you want your music to come out sounding great, then you should make sure that you get a pickup that has these kinds of elements in it.

If you are looking to improve your instrument, adding a bass pickup is definitely something that will make a big difference when it comes to sound quality. They are available for all different kinds of bass guitars and can be easily installed by yourself at home. You can even find them online for a really great price.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Pickup?

There are some steps you can take to make sure that your bass pickup lasts as long as possible. First, if you have an active one with a battery, you should keep it charged so it won’t die at a bad time during a gig or recording session. If you have a passive pickup, it will need to be buffered with some type of preamp in order for your signal strength to stay high enough for the amplifier.

If you want to protect your pickup from damage, then you should consider buying a case that is specifically designed for the kind of bass guitar that you own. You can even find some protective covers that you can put on the instrument to make sure it doesn’t get dinged up or scratched.

Some articles also mention:

The best bass pickups for metal will make a huge difference in the sound quality of your music. The first thing you need to do is consider what kind of pickup system you have and whether or not it will support a battery. You also need to think about whether or not your amplifier setup can accommodate one. Once you have figured that out, you just need to find the bass pickup that works best for you.

It all depends on what you are looking for in terms of sound quality and budget. There are many different brands of pickups out there, but it is definitely worth your time to do some research before you make a purchase.


Many bassists have a difficult time choosing between the various options of pickups. There are so many different types to choose from, and they all sound very different. This article will break down which is best for metal music in particular – as well as what you can do if you’re just not sure yet! We hope that this helps your decision-making process with finding the right pickup for your own needs. If there’s anything else we can help with, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!

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