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11 Best Bamboo Speakers of 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Bamboo Speakers

What makes bamboo so unique? It is a fast-growing wood that, unlike most trees, is a natural resource that regenerates itself, giving it an environmentally sustainable material for a variety of applications. Furthermore, these bamboo speakers look amazing and produce excellent sound quality for music downloaded from your phone or sent from a device if you take a look at them. Here is a comprehensive and in-depth comparison that will help you select the best bamboo speakers available.

List of 11 Best Bamboo Speakers Reviews

1. Kanto YU4 Powered Speakers with Bluetooth and Phono Preamp

Kanto speakers provide crystal-clear, informative sound that can be enjoyed by all. Its Class D amplifier, which has a peak capacity of 140 watts, seamlessly fills your space with deep, spacious music. You will experience high-quality playback from the palm of your hand thanks to built-in Bluetooth with Qualcomm aptX technology.

Yu4’s 1″ silk dome tweeters and 4″ Kevlar drivers are handcrafted in MDF cabinets that stand 8.7″ tall and offer crisp highs and a finely balanced mid-range. Auto standby and power-up modes help save energy when you’re out while still ensuring you don’t lose a beat when the music begins playing. Yu4 can be conveniently attached to any antique or new turntable thanks to its built-in phono preamp. There’s also a built-in phonoPreamp, so you can listen to your favorite vinyl.

2. Sengu Handmade Hi-fi Bamboo Portable Multifunctional Mini Card Speakers

Bluetooth speaker that deals with USB, MP3, MP4, IPAD, TF card, and other MP3 and WAV-compatible computers. The music mode can be switched between standard, POP, ROCK, JAZZ, CLASSIC, and COUNTRY music. The high, middle, and low voice can be best shown by using an electronic frequency 2.0 stereo design. Antimagnetic and anti-interference loudspeaker device of high quality. The lithium battery used is eco-friendly, rechargeable, and has a high energy transfer rate.

3. Gemini BRS-330 Bluetooth Speaker with Bamboo Finish

At a great price, Gemini’s BRS-330 bluetooth speaker blends the sharp good looks of a modern quality design with the rich remarkable sound. This pair of handcrafted bamboo double speakers lets out a solid 30 Watts RMS of high-quality sound. The built-in long-lasting rechargeable battery keeps the party going, and the in-built microphone lets you be the party’s speaker. Play music from any Bluetooth-enabled device, or link to any source using the USB playback capability and 3.5mm Aux input, and then sit back and relax.

4. KitSound Diggit XL Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

The KitSound Diggit XL has a 100-foot length, a 24-hour battery life, and the capacity to multipair up to eight speakers. It has an IP66 grade, which suggests it can withstand water jets. Has a 10m wireless range and can link to most bluetooth devices.

5. Kanto YU6 Powered Bookshelf Speakers

The Kanto YU6 has a built-in phono preamp and a simple remote control. Music can be downloaded from the palm of your hand thanks to built-in Bluetooth and Qualcomm aptX technology. A powerful Class D amplifier with a peak output of 200 watts. Crisp peaks and finely balanced mid-range are delivered by 5.25″ Kevlar drivers and 1″ silk dome tweeters, faithfully reproducing all of your beloved songs. The Kanto speakers have a look that is based on two contemporary design principles: a simplistic form factor and the use of high-quality materials. T he Kanto speaker package contains a remote with volume, input, sound, and balance controls, and also playback options.

6. Solar Speaker, Portable Wireless Bluetooth Bamboo Speaker

The only solar-powered bluetooth speaker made of bamboo on the market. It can be seen outside in the sun or on a window ledge indoors. The battery life of 12 to 15 hours encourages you to listen to music all night or on a rainy day. When the sun isn’t out, the internal lithium ion battery stores charge for later use. Charges smartphones, tablets, and other electronic equipment. You will listen with confidence due to a one-year warranty. The speaker also acts as a portable battery, allowing you to charge your phone when listening to music. The bamboo speaker is made of solar panels and recycled bamboo. It’s our most successful commodity and the most environmentally friendly option for your music.

7. ARCHEER 25W Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker

The ARCHEER A320 indoor Stereo adds the breath of nature and calming melody to your leisure and comfortable entertaining period, thanks to its high-quality natural bamboo and skin-friendly rewind fabric content. It is an essential interior adorn for rooms decoration due to its warm colors and antique look. As a result of the far-reaching influence of classical aesthetics, it blends effortlessly into your space and suits the texture of your wood furniture. With two crystal clear tweeters and one solid subwoofer, this latest breed of HI-FI home stereo prioritizes sound quality.

8. Audioengine A5+ (Plus) Powered Speaker

There’s no need to set up a network, input codes, or press keys. The A5+ Driven Speakers have real bass, which is very similar to the original-recorded audio. For perfect stereo sound for any space, connect your phone, monitor, TV, turntable, or any other audio equipment. Audioengine speakers can be conveniently wired to your television’s audio output. The soundstage is larger and the imaging is greater than other sound bars. Guaranteed to be a brand new artistic experience.

9. Tempi Bamboo Speaker

A cotton carrying bag, USB cord, recyclable packaging, and directions are included with the Tempi Bamboo Speaker. In your next trip to the pool, singing in the shower, or quietly dancing behind your office desk, this wireless and compact device is ideal. Bluetooth, auxiliary, and USB connections enable you to connect to almost any computer. For worry-free comfort, the battery is pre-charged for a 10-hour battery life. Voice-guided instructions make it easy to use. With the natural beauty of bamboo, you can relax and enrich every climate.

10. Gingko Mi Square Pocket Bluetooth Speaker

Natural Asian bamboo or American Cherry and Walnut wood are used to make the Gingko MISquare Pocket Bluetooth Speaker. A long-lasting integrated rechargeable battery powers the unit. Gingko created this concept to embody our design style and devotion to contemporary, chic designs.

11. Fluance Fi20 Speaker with Omni-Directional Sound

Fi20 emits music in all directions, ensuring that you hear incredibly precise sound no matter where you are in the room. Powerful omnidirectional sound of bright tops, clear mids, and rich bass that puts you right in the middle of the show. A carrying handle, LED light, speaker phone, aux input to connect all your electronics, and intuitive touch controls are all included in this elegant style. The Fi20 is the ideal companion for any audiophile’s lifestyle; you’ll be listening to live music in and around your house for years to come.

Why should you choose a bamboo speaker?

When it comes to purchasing speakers, you have more opportunities now than at any other point in history. On the market, you’ll find speakers made of about any substance you can think of, from wood and metals to plastics and rubbers. You’ll find speakers that function underwater, speakers that levitate, speakers that fit into virtually any car you can drive, and speakers with an infinite range of other features intended to entice you into buying them, no matter how amazing they look.

Why should you choose a bamboo speaker

So, when you’re narrowing down your options, why do you pick bamboo over another material for your speaker’s construction? Simply placed, bamboo is one of the most dependable, robust, and protected materials for speaker construction. If that wasn’t enough, bamboo still has a high artistic appeal, giving your sound system or portable Bluetooth speaker a touch of class.

What makes bamboo such a wise pick, though? For starters, it’s one of the world’s toughest forests. This means it can endure years of heavy vibration when pounding your beloved tunes and is more able to withstand impacts than virtually any other speaker wood. Bamboo is also known for its natural antimicrobial properties, which is why it is so good for cutting boards.

Although you’re unlikely to prepare raw vegetables on the side of your speaker, its antimicrobial properties can help it avoid mold over time, which is useful if you live in a humid climate. If you’ve ever opened up an old pair of speakers at a garage sale to make sure all the wires were still connected, you may have discovered a disgusting amount of mold. A bamboo speaker is much less likely to suffer from this form of deterioration.

Which bamboo speaker is right for you?

When it comes to bamboo speakers, there are a lot of options. Knowing just what you want your speaker(s) to do will help you narrow down our options to a handful that are worth considering.

Any versions on the market, for instance, are built to be compact. Most of them connect via Bluetooth to a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, allowing you to listen to music on the go. Some are lightweight enough to hook onto a belt loop with a carabiner or slide into a purse or backpack. Others are made to improve audio quality, and as such are somewhat more costly. Even so, the compact options on the market are all lightweight enough to carry around with you.

Other bamboo speakers on the market are made to work with a stereo or home theater setup. Their RCA ties, as well as the occasional standard speaker wire clips on their back faces, help to recognise them. These speakers usually deliver improved audio quality than their portable counterparts because they rely on wired connections. Many come with tweeters and woofers, which work together to create a more natural audio profile.

There are a few extra things to search for, whether it’s a portable or stationary model. One of the most relevant of these may be a kind of on-board equalization. You’ll have an easier time customizing your sound if your speakers allow you to monitor the treble, midrange, and bass levels without having to delve into the EQ settings of your applications or TVs, or invest in a stand-alone equalizer.

On portable models, battery life and charging time are crucial factors. Obviously, the longer your battery lasts, the more music you can listen to without having to charge it. And the less time it takes to charge, the faster you can start listening to your music at full volume. While stationary models do not have power problems, it is a good idea to verify the length of the power cords that come with them. And well-insulated speaker wires can be vulnerable to interference when they come into contact with power cords, so look for a system with the right length cable for your stereo setup without having to think about it.


As you would suspect, the use of bamboo goes back at least 7,000 years in China. This is when we find signs of its use in building materials and the manufacture of weapons such as arrows. Bamboo species grow all over the world, so long as the temperature is not too harsh, but builders and craftsmen in the Far East are beginning to use it in a variety of ways. much before the rest of the planet was aware of it.

Bamboo has recently gained popularity among Western architects and manufacturers as a durable and long-lasting alternative to almost all other forms of timber. This is due in part to bamboo’s remarkable longevity, which has been known by Chinese and Japanese artisans for thousands of years. Westerners would be oblivious of these realities until substantial study into the existence of grass began in the 1920s. A quantity of similar bamboo can grow in as little as 60 days, while a typical tree can take up to 60 years to reach maturity.

Today, bamboo products can be used in a wide range of sectors, allowing customers to engage in cleaner, more durable fabrics for anything from home construction to meal preparation.

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