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Top 10 Best Alto Saxophone Mouthpieces Reviews in 2021

Best Alto Saxophone Mouthpieces

One of the entire family of woodwind instruments, an extremely popular one that is widely utilized is that the alto saxophone. It’s been in use as the previous times and it was initially made by Adolphe Sax who’s a really famous instrument developer.

This tool was created from the 1840s and ever since that time it’s used widely in various genres such as Jazz, chamber music, concert band and army bands etc..

It’s a remarkable tool and you’ll certainly enjoy playing with it. Either you’re a new player or you’re in the learning stages, you truly have to learn how important it’s to make the ideal choice in regards to purchasing the Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece.

Everything you picked could influence your level of functionality. Furthermore, your learning efficiency also depends upon which mouthpiece you’re using.

The Best Alto Sax Mouthpieces

1. Glory Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Kit with Ligature,one reed and Plastic Cap-Gold

Glory Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Kit with Ligature,one reed and Plastic Cap-Gold

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  • If you’re trying to find a Jazz Alto saxophone mouthpiece, within this budget, there isn’t any additional mouthpiece that compares. It’s fabricated by Glory, also it has a protective vinyl cover to keep the mouthpiece and reed secure, during traveling.
  • This kit also includes a single reed. It offers excellent sound, and it’s excellent for novices, owing to its performance and cost. It includes a brass shield, which can be utilized to hold the reed securely in place.
  • Many customers love this mouthpiece, however, there are a few who’ve had problems with the grade of the mouthpiece.
  • It’s suggested for novices, but when searching for a mouthpiece to develop together with you, customers have discovered this one generally needs to be substituted to develop in expertise level.

2. Meyer MR-402-5MM Rubber Alto Sax Mouthpiece

Meyer MR-402-5MM Rubber Alto Sax Mouthpiece

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  • Next up is that the Meyer alto sax mouthpiece. Here really is the mouthpiece I obtained when I was around 12 years old and began becoming more serious about playing the saxophone.
  • I took out this one and played with for the very first time in years, and that I was somewhat amazed at just how good it seems.
  • I am considering getting this one altered to some 6 tip opening that will hopefully allow it to fit my needs much better.
  • It’s simple to play with and has a sleek sound but there’s only the perfect quantity of advantage inside for me personally.
  • It is a medium room mouthpiece that may be utilised in most playing situations. It is not overly bright, and not too dim.

3. Vandoren SM711 AL3 Optimum Series Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

Vandoren SM711 AL3 Optimum Series Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

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  • The SM711 AL3 Optimum series was created and fabricated by Vandoren, and it’s intended for acting classical music. It’s a rounded form and a moderate long facing. It’s compatible with all reeds, however, it’s intended to be utilized with Vandoren #2.5 — #4 reeds.
  • In general, customers have reacted favorably towards this particular mouthpiece version. The only key criticism is it is unable to play at the altissimo register, all that nicely, but it nonetheless provides quality audio for enjoying classical music.
  • Classical music requires a unique finesse, and it requires an excellent mouthpiece to make certain it performs nicely. Therefore, order this mouthpiece version if your interests are concentrated on enjoying and playing classical music.

4. D’Addario Select Jazz Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

D'Addario Select Jazz Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

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  • D”Addario”s Select Jazz Mouthpieces combine classic inspired design with contemporary manufacturing methods to offer the ideal balance of tone and texture.
  • Expertly-designed and produced by a group of top engineers and musicians, the Select Jazz Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece is hammered, not modeled, from solid rubber, utilizing D’Addario’s precise computer-controlled mouthpiece-making tech.
  • Entirely machine-finished, these mouthpieces include moderate chambers and confronting spans, and are offered in 3 tip openings (5, 6, and 7).

5. Selmer S-80 C* Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone (S402C1)

Selmer S-80 C* Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone (S402C1)

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  • The Selmer S-80 C is also an alto mouthpiece of exceptional craftsmanship. Its room includes a rectangular cross-section which boosts the sax response. This piece is acceptable for pretty much any genre which requires an alto saxophonist.
  • The tip opening is 1.70mm although the facing length is 22mm. This mouthpiece might be somewhat expensive but it’s also perfect if you would like your solos to reduce the tool outfit.
  • It makes it possible for you to create a piercing tone, so get a decent note separation. And above all, tool separation.
  • By all reports, the sturdiness of this mouthpiece is just short of striking as well as the sleek shiny finish makes it an eye attachment accessory also. The mouthpiece will need buying a ligature.

6. Vandoren SM713 AL5 Optimum Series Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

Vandoren SM713 AL5 Optimum Series Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

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  • If you wish to become top-notch mouthpiece in a reasonable cost, this is the choice. It gives excellent tone, remarkable sound attributes, and enhanced durability and also you won’t need to spend a chance to find this one.
  • It’s about 1.6 oz weight and its dimensions is 1.8 x x 1.8 inches whereas its tip opening is a little bigger.
  • Several other specifications comprise moderate long confronting, a true articulation, enhanced control at multiple ranges that are dynamic, and accurate intonation.
  • Anyway, it’s exceedingly responsive. Grab this to get more enjoyable playing experience.

7. Vandoren SM833 B7 V16 Ebonite Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece

Vandoren SM833 B7 V16 Ebonite Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece

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  • The entire world of saxophones goes beyond alto, soprano, and tenor saxophones. Baritone saxophones could be harder to grasp but they could play an enormous role too. That is why I believed enough to add a minimum of one baritone mouthpiece inside this article.
  • This version includes a 2.75millimeter tip opening and a moderate long facing. It’s been made for 2 to 3.5 Vandoren V16 reeds. Though additionally compatible with JAVA or even ZZ reeds, moving complete Vandoren with this mouthpiece must provide you with a superior setup.
  • Among the most consistent things concerning the SM833 is that the projection throughout all registers. The sound might be somewhat edgy but not overly piercing, but as the entire purpose of this SM833 is to offer an even tone round baritone sax range.

8. Andoer Alto Sax Saxophone Mouthpiece Metal with Mouthpiece Pads (8C)

Andoer Alto Sax Saxophone Mouthpiece Metal with Mouthpiece Pads (8C)

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  • This alto sax mouthpiece is just another appropriate choice for those intermediate and beginners players. It gives excellent quality and outstanding intonation and remarkable tonal quality at a really low cost.
  • It’s also quite light weighted and carries just 4.8 oz.
  • Talking of the measurements, it comprises 5.6 x 4.2 x 1.9 inches. High-quality brass is used as the production material that guarantees improved durability.
  • Last but not the least, this comes complete with 2 pads and a single cap. The 2 pads allow you to pick the most suitable one and also the cap retains the mouthpiece clean.

9. Otto Link OLM-402-5S Super Tone Master Metal Alto Sax Mouthpiece

Otto Link OLM-402-5S Super Tone Master Metal Alto Sax Mouthpiece

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  • Are you interested in finding a top-notch mouthpiece for sax? If you’re a professional, then you can not fail with Otto Link OLM-402-5S.
  • The maker produced a metal mouthpiece that’s remarkably durable and provides excellent tone quality. Not everybody may prefer the plan, but the very crucial and favored issue is functionality.
  • That’s the point where the producer proved it and deserves user confidence once more. The quality of the audio which you’re able to create is excellent, and it’s going to be simple to impress the audience the moment you get ahold of the way to perform the instrument.
  • The cost could be somewhat higher, yet this mouthpiece can make up that by lasting for quite a while.

10. Yamaha Alto Sax Mouthpiece 4C

Yamaha Alto Sax Mouthpiece 4C

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  • This is just another mouthpiece for alto saxophone, yet this one has been created by Yamaha. It’s somewhat like the former unit, though it includes somewhat longer confronting, and briefer tip opening.
  • Yamaha used exactly the same strategy as Selmer and made a tenor mouthpiece inside exactly the identical series. As for this particular item, it’s flexible and appropriate for novices and experts alike.
  • Novice musicians should not have a problem learning how to play and keeping a balanced and clear tone.
  • On the flip side, professionals can appreciate the power of playing any musical style, along with the sound quality. The product might be more lasting, but remember it is an inexpensive model.

Buying Guide For Alto Saxophone Mouthpieces

Its no exaggeration to state that the selection of mouthpiece for your sax is extremely important, or more so, compared to the true sax itself. Should you think about the air flow that goes to make up a note, it moves from player, to mouthpiece/reed mix into the saxophone itself and that pretty much sums up the exact order of significance in making your general sound. Primarily the player themselves, followed by the mouthpiece room – in which their breath becomes the concentrated column of air that becomes the note – then on into the body of this horn that will throw and cast the sound outward.

There are plenty of factors in general sound and responsiveness – both of these can differ in either lower or high enroll on any specific sax. Additionally, the ability of a player to play with the bit in song – which should not actually be a issue with the majority of contemporary mouthpieces on modern horns but using quite wide mouthpieces may be somewhat tricky for inexperienced players. Vintage horns may be a bit what temperamental in regards in mouthpiece compatibility. Other components which may, or may not be, a problem would consist of simplicity of harmonics, reed friendliness, the capability to cut through amplification on stage, bodily relaxation to perform, in addition to effort required to find the piece to actually’spring to life’ (normally known as resistance).

A fast word regarding materials – almost all mouthpieces are created from either ebonite (vulcanized rubber) or metal (usually brass, bronze or stainless steel). Generally metal pieces have a tendency to be louder, brighter and have more’oomph’ than ebonites but there is a tiny myth here. Its simple to conclude, incorrectly, this metal is just louder than ebonite – but actually there is something slightly different happening. The kind of designs that project nicely are simpler to create from metal (therefore Jody Espina once claimed, at a workshop that he conducted for us). Two identical pieces, one made from metal and another of ebonite, if sound near identical. We have subsequently managed to test it and this sounds pretty much accurate – there seemed to be fractionally more advantage to the metallic variant but significantly less than expected.

Having said all that, to some extent the entire area of’that mouthpiece’ is just as straightforward or as complicated as you, the player, wish to produce it. And in a great deal of instances – there are default option choices that ought to work nicely for more or less any player in any sax.


You should not be afraid to receive the best alto saxophone mouthpiece right off the bat. As a general guideline, almost anything available on the market is an upgrade over the stock mouthpiece.

The mouthpieces within this article aren’t only popular but also striking. And, because you may see, there are sufficient choices for almost any kind of play, level of expertise, and musical genre.

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