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Top 10 Best 2×12 Guitar Cabinets for Metal of 2021

Best 2×12 Guitar Cabinets

The cabinet you pick for your guitar speakers influence your performance significantly. So to make the ideal choice and selecting the proper one isn’t quite as simple as it might sound. Many aspects should be considered to be able to make the perfect purchasing decision. These can be found in several of various choices in a variety of colours and in addition, they vary in functionality and design.

Beneath, you can have a peek at a few of the top 2 ×12 guitar cabinets now available. These are selected after considerable investigation and evaluation of consumer testimonials in addition to specifications.

The Best 2×12 Guitar Cabinets for Metal

1. Laney Amps Guitar Amplifier Cabinet

Laney Amps Guitar Amplifier Cabinet

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The Cub-Cab is an open-backed extension cupboard fitted with a pair of custom-designed 12″ HH speakers. Even the Cub-Cab is the perfect companion to most Cub amplifier versions.

Engineered and designed in Great Britain, the Cub-Cab is filled with a set of specially made 12″ HH drivers providing a tight lower end and a sleek mid range on account of this open backed cabinet layout.

Finished with the identical styling as the remainder of the Cub range and fitted with link and input jacks on the rear panel, the more Cub-Cab is ideally suited to use with all the Cub-Head but may be utilized with almost any Laney head.

The Cub series provides pure, classic tube tone in small structure, lower wattage components supplying classic vintage sounds without complex control designs or excessive volume levels.

2. Seismic Audio – Empty 212 GUITAR SPEAKER CABINET – 2×12 PA/DJ PRO AUDIO

Seismic Audio - Empty 212 GUITAR SPEAKER CABINET - 2x12 PA/DJ PRO AUDIO

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Seismic Sound is a really reliable name and it is one of the very best manufacturers who are favored because of their high construction quality and matchless performance. Anyway, its whole variety of cabinets provides excellent value for money.

It doesn’t incorporate some woofers or speakers however, it is possible to load it using all the speakers depending on your selection. In addition, the structural layout features the front panel of 5/8 plywood plus it’s black carpet together with metal corners in black. The existence of complete metal grill along with this sturdy metal grips make it a much more favorable alternative.

These are designed to survive and supply a trusted and suitable experience. As with other versions, this one is designed to improve your performance and provides outstanding tonal quality. It measures 15 x 29 x 14inches and its overall weight is 31 lbs.

3. Yamaha THRC212 300W 2×12″ Cabinet

Yamaha THRC212 300W 2x12" Cabinet

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Especially designed to be an ideal companion to THR100H Double, the THRC212 features mismatched Eminence Legend1218 along with The Tonker 12″ drivers to present the ideal balance of clarity, punch and vintage warmth. With switchable mono or stereo performance, you are able to select which driver to associate with which amp for a different amount of tone personalization.

Guitarists require great tone in the amp whether or not they are playing at home or even on stage. THR amp heads reproduce this tone correctly even when heard at low volume via headphones, and provide remarkable sound pressure together with dynamics and response which may inspire some guitarist. Try out this all-new method of producing a sound that is all your own.

4. Boss Katana 150-Watt 2×12 Inches Cabinet

Boss Katana 150-Watt 2x12 Inches Cabinet

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The BOSS Katana 150-watt 2 x 12″ extension speaker cabinet was created to match with your BOSS Katana Amp Head. Its double 12″ speakers are custom-voiced to provide pristine tone, however, you’ve got the amp set. Along with also the Katana 2 x 12″ cabinet could be converted into either an open- or – closed-back layout, a characteristic that’s GearNuts players excited to listen to this cab on all their amps. Along with also the BOSS Katana 150-watt 2 x 12″ speaker cabinet is engineered to be lightweight — a welcome advantage during loading in and out.

5. Wampler Bravado 130W 2×12 Extension Guitar Speaker Cabinet

Wampler Bravado 130W 2x12 Extension Guitar Speaker Cabinet

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Wampler is a famous title of America that focuses primarily on guitar pedals and amplifiers. For people who want exceptional audio and high performance functionality, this is a wonderful option. The wonderful outlook, easy layout, exquisite construction and solid construction makes it among the most suitable alternatives.

This one includes a closed-back layout and it’s handmade in the united states. Anyway, it includes 16-ohm speakers. Thinking about the building quality, this can be an unrivaled choice. It includes Baltic birch wood which makes it a powerful selection which makes it last longer.

Though it’s somewhat pricey but its standard and operational efficacy are not worth spending the cash. In any case, its white and black color combination looks attractive to your eyes and advertisements on its aesthetic appeal. The size measurements of the cabinet comprise 32.5 x 23.5 x 15 inches and its overall weight is 57.9 lbs.

6. EVH 5150III 2X12″ Cabinet

EVH 5150III 2X12" Cabinet

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5150 III 2×12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Ivory. The newest EVH 5150 III 2×12 cupboard is the ideal companions for its newest EVH 5150 III 50-watt mind, providing pure EVH audio and electricity in a compact bundle.

The 5150 III 2×12 cupboard is rated at 16 ohms and can be loaded with 30-watt Celestion Heritage speakers. It’s just half of the cubic dimensions (by volume) of its 4×12 huge brother. Characteristics head-mounting mechanics and tilt-back legs.

7. Fender Super-Sonic 60 2×12 Extension Cabinet

Fender Super-Sonic 60 2x12 Extension Cabinet

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The Super-Sonic™ 60 212 enclosure partners perfectly with all the Super-Sonic 60 headset along with other excellent tube amplifiers. Unlike the majority of other 2×12″ enclosures, this traditional Fender® design comprises an oversized baffle board using a small tilt and inner insulating material for a visually rich and resonant reaction. Offered in 2 classic cosmetic remedies, Black/Silver and 1961-style Blonde/Oxblood.

8. Orange Amplifiers electric-guitar-amplifier-cabinets

Orange Amplifiers electric-guitar-amplifier-cabinets

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Much like Orange amps, both PPC cabs are designed to last using exceptionally solid construction and production methods. 13-ply, high-density, 18mm birch plywood is utilized throughout. Unique foot design will help acoustically couple the cab into the stage for tighter bass response and also full-range definition. Equipped with 2 – 12″ Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. 120W handling, 16 ohms.

The 120W Orange Amplifiers PPC212-C guitar speaker cabinet is created with 13-ply high-density 18mm birch plywood during like every Electricity Projection Cabinet (PPC). Orange speaker enclosures, for example Orange amplifiers are designed to last with production methods that guarantee extremely solid construction.

Orange’s exceptional’slide’ layout feet help to acoustically few cabinets into the point to offer a better bass response and complete array definition. All of Orange Amplifiers’ speaker enclosures are all equipped with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers and are outfitted with comfy flush cupboard handles.

9. Seismic Audio – 2×12 GUITAR SPEAKER CAB EMPTY – 7 Ply Birch – 12″ Speakerless Cabinet – 212

Seismic Audio - 2x12 GUITAR SPEAKER CAB EMPTY - 7 Ply Birch - 12" Speakerless Cabinet - 212

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This expert taxi was constructed to the maximum standard, then included space for 2 x 12-inch speakers, which you’ll be able to match and replace your self. What we love about this cupboard is that you could load this up with speakers in the front or in the rear. This usually means that you’ll have complete flexibility in regards to loading up your drivers, also you won’t need to fiddle about in tight spaces just like you want with other traditional speakers.

This is thanks to the capability to pop up the front grills away when you want them off along with the easy-to-remove rear back panel. Within the taxi, you will also find loads of cable to produce all of your relations, a ring handle, in addition, to create transferring it even simpler, and metal flush corners to safeguard the life span of the gadget. Overall this is only one of the very mobile speaker cabs on the market, weighing in at only 36.9 lbs, ensuring you will have the ability to move it easily without hassle, if you are hosting it in your home, at your studio, or even as you will live on stage.

10. Hughes & Kettner 2×12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Black

Hughes & Kettner 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Black

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The Hughes & Kettner 212 120W comes packed with just 2 mythical 12″ Celestion Vintage 30s which are behind a number of the most well-known tones. The 2×12″ layout is created to adapt a TubeMeister 36 mind once the cab is piled vertically, and regular sizes when it is horizontal.


When you are picking a 2 ×12-inch guitar cabinet for your band, or as a solo artist, then it is safe to say there is a lot of options out there that it might become overpowering. But, any of those four cabinets above are all ideal. It is irrelevant whether you are purchasing the cupboard itself to fit your own speakers, a fully-loaded cupboard that is prepared to go when it comes, or maybe a loaded cabinet that you may then substitute with your speakers, there are lots of choices available for everybody.

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